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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Outsider said:



I do wonder if Harry detached from the royal family to allow him to spread the agenda to a different age group...he keeps banging on about it in the media.

I think he's been given a very important role to play, with the wife as his handler.


No shortage of photographs where he's giving the hidden hand signal.

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59 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:

because they are so thick, they think that is the reason for "Vaccine hesitancy

They are speaking to the vaccinated and those eager to be vaccinated


Repeating to them what they were told many years ago, comforting them with mothering tones 

The zombies have been put in the mentality of children.


Vaccine hesitancy is created for the zombie brain



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1 hour ago, Mr Chinnery said:

Who is this tw@t?




Holy crap, Pfizer injection for kids from babies less than 6 months...!!  they really do want to kill as many as possible. And they keep repeating the narrative 'vaccines give herd immunity' which is of course total bullshit. And the way they say 'IF" it gets approved, like its not already. 

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19 minutes ago, truth_seeker90 said:

Photo sadly not true, it's from 2018, but good turnout still.


I was just about to question the validity of the picture.  There have been pictures posted before purporting to be taken at 'anti-lockdown' protests , then finding that the photo was actually taken at an entirely different  demonstration.  It's very annoying.

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1 hour ago, DarianF said:

The Depopulation Weapon Exposed



Scientists Across The World Confirm COVID Vaccines Are Deadly Bioweapons


i appreciate that the scientists are saying this and that and reporting it is good for information but to underpin those morons


they have no fecking clue how paracetamol works but tell people to pop em daily


they have no fecking clue how vaccines work but they know it stops the illness


these peoples currency is talking bullshit and convincing people of their insane ideas



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4 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

Finished by a Hogan leg drop and a Rik Flair woooooooooo for good measure. 

always preferred 'the stunner' with the claymore a close 2nd

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