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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, alexa said:

This will kindle Gods wrath.......


Help us remember the loved ones we lost: Magnificent memorial to 127,000 Covid victims is to be built in St Paul's Cathedral - with your help

Help us remember the loved ones we lost: Magnificent memorial to 127,000 Covid victims

Each life lost to coronavirus is a tragedy. And today the Daily Mail launches a campaign to help create a memorial.




Fucking disgraceful.

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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

For all those that think people are dropping like flies in India 👀

Clown world of bull shit. 


Incidentally the gas leak was the consequence of lack of maintenance as it happened on the first day the plant was reopened after lockdown. So the gas casualties are indeed 'Covid' victims in the sense of being the real results of the fake disease.

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3 hours ago, GOYK said:



Why would someone take Ivermectin to protect them from jabbered??


Whatever the jabbered will be spreading or shedding, it wont be the bullshit virus.


I think this is pushing the fear virus personally.

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6 hours ago, alexa said:

More stupidity from celebs:classic_rolleyes:


Dame Judi Dench will eat 100 Maltesers in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2021/04/30/captain-tom-moore-birthday-dame-judi-dench-joins-100-challenge-14500987/?ito=cbshare


And David Beckam to do 

100 keepy-uppies






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The whole mask thing has now reached peak cult behaviour. 


They have invented their own fraudulent science that states masks are not unhealthy and that they prevent the spread of virus. Pushing them on to children even after the virus so called cases and deaths drops to low levels. Removing studies that expose their lies and even mask manufactures state on their boxes that it doesn't stop the spread of virus. It truly is a clown world now and the government's are too blame. 

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“The expression of this mRNA is literally the spike protein from two deadly retroviruses that are in our own viral gnomes.  We have been using aborted fetal tissue and other vaccines.  When you add this mRNA vaccine, you are literally putting the blueprint into every cell of the body and you are making this highly pathogenic (disease-causing) protein.  You will kill people who are already compromised and you will sterilize young women who get this vaccine.”

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11 hours ago, pete675 said:


Not necessarily. Covid is a fake, maybe the 'vaccines' are too. The primary objective is to ramp up the fear levels and keep them really high. This is true whether you are talking Trilaterals/ Bilderbergers/Grand Orient/Illuminati or Ahriman/Yaldabaoth.


Personally, I think the vaccines have been designed to be the killer from day one. The so called virus is just a means to get the population jabbed with poison killer. Micheal Yeaden just released another video saying that most people who are jabbed will not last more than 2 years. The jabs are not just about death, they are about transformation of the human body into synthetic cross breeds so they can be fully controlled by the 5G grid etc.


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