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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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29 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

Sir Elton John, Liz Hurley and Sir Lenny Henry..


Don't  know about anyone else  but I always go to old celebs for medical advice.



The first Elton John picture doesn't even look like him,  a lookalike? 



"The vaccine doesn't  contain a live virus" says the Lenny lookalike.. was anyone under the impression it did?

Strange  behaviour and video.


'Sir' Elton looks positively cadaverous, and 'Sir' Lenny looks more aged and crumbly than Nelson Mandela at 90.

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4 minutes ago, alexa said:

More stupidity from celebs:classic_rolleyes:


Dame Judi Dench will eat 100 Maltesers in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore’s 101st birthday


Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2021/04/30/captain-tom-moore-birthday-dame-judi-dench-joins-100-challenge-14500987/?ito=cbshare


And David Beckam to do 

100 keepy-uppies




Reading stuff like this makes me think we deserve everything that's coming to us. 

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44 minutes ago, alexa said:
  • Celebrities have taken part in new NHS advert urging people to get the vaccine
  • Stars such as Sir Elton John, Sir Lenny henry and model Liz Hurley all feature
  • More than nine in ten over-45s have now received at least one dose of the jab

Officials hope the two-minute clip will help to keep the momentum going 



Pure Bull & Evil,

hey this would make a good name for a pub where MP's could hang out..........


Worth watching just for the first few frames. In the small print Imperial College aka Bill Gates College.


The opinions expressed are therefore worthless, as the formerly renowned Imperial College has sold itself for Gates $$$$. Ditto the D listers on the video.

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4 minutes ago, alexa said:

The sculpture of Tommy more nearly finished :classic_rolleyes:


Andrian Melka puts the finishing touches to his two-metre high clay statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore at his home studio near York


Is this for real?


One can hardly tell the difference between reality and parody these days.


I do feel that there is some barely concealed mockery of the elderly here - the establishment in caring mode? I think not!

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3 minutes ago, pete675 said:


Is this for real?


One can hardly tell the difference between reality and parody these days.


I do feel that there is some barely concealed mockery of the elderly here - the establishment in caring mode? I think not!


Ha, yes it's for real :classic_biggrin: I know it's hard to believe the stupidity of it all.



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5 minutes ago, pete675 said:


Is this for real?


One can hardly tell the difference between reality and parody these days.


I do feel that there is some barely concealed mockery of the elderly here - the establishment in caring mode? I think not!

Amazing isn't it?

The whole thing about this guy is a joke from start to finish. 

Just think how easily the populace is fooled in the UK when instead of having a go at the government because they have underfunded the NHS they turn it around and get everyone to focus on Tom, quite brilliant if you think about it.

Then you have the trip to the Caribbean over xmas, getting an old man on a plane in the midst of a pandemic for a all expenses trip..... 


And don't get me started about his family.

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9 hours ago, Beaujangles said:


Your last line is rather impudent. Some of us know people in India and from my source there is still no covid pandemic there. I can agree that this excuse for a vaccine is likely causing some brutal side effects and death, but that, I believe, was in the plan. The song the Indian police are singing is pathetic.  Im wondering why the call of the cuckoo in the song....what symbolism lies there.


No-one is here to teach you anything...it is a forum where people share their views, opinions and very often they will share facts that they find. If you are looking for absolutes, this is not the place, although there are many facts here and factual documents...however I think if you read and research what is posted you may find yourself intellectually richer. I believe sharing knowledge and opinions is how we grow intellectually and personally. I`d rather research info supplied to this forum than believe anything that is said on the News.



A bird that occupies other bird's nest - an invader and usurper.


A common sound made when mocking somebody acting mad.


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1 hour ago, pete675 said:

To paraphrase Oscar, one would have to have a heart of stone not burst out laughing.


Conjob is an establishment phantasm - let us remember by all means the poor old blokes with pneumonia and respiratory diseases from mines and steel works, grans starved and drugged in elderly killing centres aka care homes, but not as part of a mega lie.


Worst idea from St. Paul's since they allowed Thatch's carcass in there..as an aside, the tiling looks very Masonic..



It's a haunt of demons that has bugger all to do with Jesus's definition of what a church built by Him is.


There ain't no bricks, seats, windows, pulpit, roof for starters.

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On 4/30/2021 at 1:35 AM, RobinJ said:


I saw someone from India today sating that images of people dying now that are claimed as CV are from an old gas leak. Having said that the Indian leader has definitely sold out to their puppet masters.



Yes this is correct. Photos and video have been used of dying victims from the gas leak from years ago.



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12 hours ago, perpetual said:


I don't know how old your kids are but there are parents who are successfully educating them.

It can be done. I had to fight with a sword in one hand and books in the other at the same time i.e. jaggling between fighting and studying at the same time. Really, it's not time for studying when in war but if that's what it is to keep afloat, that's what you have to.

Not my kid you lunatic....other peoples kids. we need to try n save them. anybody whos got kids on here are educating there children to the real world.its are duty to give them something i for 1 was not given from young......the truth



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On 4/30/2021 at 1:08 AM, Slickster said:


Wouldn't surprise me.

I returned to work in July after the first lockdown and never had a problem.

Since the Jabs were released I've been close to two people the day after they had it and twice I've felt rough the day afterwards, nothing major just the feeing of the flu coming on and not being able to get warm for a few days.


That was a couple of months ago, this week I had the same sort of symptoms and wo and behold today one of the lads I work with mentioned he'd had his second top up jab the day before I started to feel the symptoms so there was nothing placebo about it.






This is only my second post so go easy on me, firstly I'll reiterate what I put in my introductory post - thank you to everyone on here for all the information sharing over the years. Its been a place of sanity in a mad world, I've finally taken the plunge to actually post now as I cant just stand by anymore.


Thank you Slickster for this post - I was going to say the same thing. I have experienced something similar and actually even wondered whether my colleagues were "transmitting" something, this was before the talk of "shedding" and "transmitting". I too felt unwell despite not having the injections - all my "vaccinated" colleagues have been unwell in one way or another some with long term illness since having their injections. They of course are happy about this as they see it as the jab working.🤨


Several ladies have severe disruption to their menstrual cycles - one stated that her Dr had said its a direct effect of the "vaccine" and is because it disrupts hormones, my colleague seemed very blasé and accepting of this fact !

The worst thing is since they have been jabbed - my periods are disrupted and now my daughters too - irregular periods twice monthly, cramping and ultra heavy flow when this hasn't happened previously. I have no proof whatsoever that this is connected and of course could be an absolute coincidence but it is very strange!

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