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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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NZ Mainstream media has had to finally acknowledge the High Court challenge! (which I'm taking as a win for the people of my country, for now) And, surprisingly, the article was pretty based and clear cut with only a little jab back from some Dr Helen Petousis-Harris bitch.


However some very small reporting giving some numbers about rollout "but some areas lagging" is code, like in Aussie, for people aren't rollin' up their sleeve - but as I'm refusing to believe any 'numbers' from any govt, they prob not right... but no doubt they're still jabbin' some up because I'm seeing people chattle about deaths..



Proceedings filed in the High Court questioning the legality of the vaccine roll out

23 Apr, 2021 08:21 AM3 minutes to read
High Court coat of arms, Wellington, New Zealand. Photo / Ross Setford

High Court coat of arms, Wellington


The legality of Aotearoa's vaccine roll out has been called into question in proceedings filed in the High Court at Wellington.


Documents put forward to court by Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Ihu Inc claim the Medicines Act was breached and seeks a declaration that the vaccination rollout is unlawful.

They also state that there is a lack of coherent research on the effects or risks of the Pfizer vaccine for use on elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant women or people using medicines.


But Auckland University vaccines expert Dr Helen Petousis-Harris said after 100 million doses, the vaccine was hardly experimental, and the idea that it could be was nonsense.


Counsel for the applicant, Nelson-based lawyer Sue Grey, said she has done a lot of investigating on behalf of the group of "concerned citizens" and said she identified "serious legal failings" in the way the vaccine had been approved in New Zealand.

The action has been brought against the Minister of Health and the director general of health, as well as Jacinda Ardern, among others.


Proceedings were filed in the High Court at Wellington last Thursday and Grey said they had a teleconference with a judge on Monday and Wednesday this week.

The High Court at Wellington has confirmed there is a substantive hearing on Wednesday, May 12.


Grey said their opposition to the rollout includes how it was approved under provisional consent, which she said was intended for cases with a limited number of people. She claimed the Government had focused on a PR campaign and made "misleading and deceptive claims".


"The idea that everyone must have it, and they must have it or they'll lose there job is a huge change from how other treatments have been approved in the past."

Grey said the group was made up of people from around New Zealand, and said it had sort of become a hub of people to question the what some say is "propaganda" from the Government.


The plaintiffs also seeks the Government to halt the vaccination rollout plan.

As well as this, the document also states there was a breach of the Fair Trading Act, and is in breach of the Bill of Rights.


Petousis-Harris told the Herald this action was extremely unhelpful and deeply disappointing when there is no data to prove what they're saying.


"It's been through the same size clinical trials as is desirable for vaccines."


She said more than a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines had been administered globally to date.



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My  mistake it was this showaddywaddy guy.


Dave Bartram, from Leicester and now living in Nottinghamshire, said he tested positive on 20 January, and "for a month it has been debilitating". He said: "It bears no relation to flu whatsoever....



I had it, and it felt like weak flu to me.🤷‍♂️

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Perth going into another 3 day lockdown! - conveniently timed for ANZAC national long weekend!  Fucking cants ruining business' and peoples holiday plans!





Trans-Tasman bubble: Travel paused between New Zealand and Western Australia due to Covid-19 outbreak



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19 hours ago, skitzorat said:

Holly Molly - I have no words - 


Edit: just had a thought - she could be one of those 'influencers' getting paid to shrill... this whole thing is so evil beyond words.





Imagine haven't such a meaningless existence that you would be excited for getting a needle stuck in you. It's sad at best, perverted at worse.


I was always quite ashamed of myself as a boy because I was always scared of needles and remember quite vividly twice crying my eyes out and a vaccine shoved in my arm and at one point if I remember correctly my leg. I was then told "good boy very brave". 


I'm quite proud of that now. Similar to my first day at school and I was lining up and I would run back to my mum crying. And then I was shamed for it. Always knew instinctively it was wrong... 



The lady in this video will be dead in 6 months. 




While I don't share Thomas optimism that all of those who have been coerced and caught up innocently will be okay. There's definitely something to this imho. I didn't like the fact he didn't illeterate we should say no at nearly all costs if not all. Although difficult with job coercian and whatnot.  


The vaccine is the line even if it's safe. It's principle and common sense.




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5 hours ago, alexa said:

Here we go!🤬


Four-month-old kitten has to be put down after catching Covid from its owner: Study confirms two cases of cat-to-human transmission in Britain during 2020's first wave


A study by the University of Glasgow pinpointed two confirmed cases of human-to-cat Covid transmission in the UK, which led to one cat suffering critical lung damage.



What an absolute load of fucking bollocks.

Poor mog.

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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

God I hope there is something to this. Imagine waking up to the news that these pricks have just been arrested and taken into custody. It would be a huge cause for celebration. I'm not a drinker, but I'd go and get absolutely wrecked if this happens due to all the stress and psychological warfare they've put us through. 


Mind you, the normies would probably start a petition for their release, cunts. 


Sadly, this will come to nothing.

More chance of Southend United winning the Champions League than these cunts being arrested and/or charged.

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2 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Sadly, this will come to nothing.

More chance of Southend United winning the Champions League than these cunts being arrested and/or charged.

We'll see Zigs, if this case is given a claim number, then it's game on. Because that will mean that the Judge will have to enforce the 90 day memotorium on all flu and convid jabs being stayed whilst a trial commences. Although, I do agree that it could well come to nothing. I wait with bated breath. Here's hoping. 🤞

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4 hours ago, Bullion said:

So it’s Perth’s turn now for a lockdown, albeit 3 days only. I guess the next lucky capital city in the lottery will only have a one day lockdown, following that a one hour lockdown should be sufficient 😂



Damn. That's all I'm writing at the moment :(

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1 hour ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

Some instructions for those thinking of attending the Glasgow rally tomorrow. I have posted a similar set of instructions for the London rally in the event's calendar thread.





Out of likes, thanks

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3 hours ago, Fluke said:


The vaccine is the line even if it's safe. It's principle and common sense.

You got that right

Like these morons saying "wearing masks and following the rules will get us back our freedom" "if it means our freedom, it's worth it"

It's the principle the gobshits miss

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On 4/14/2021 at 9:54 AM, campanar said:

At least they did an allergy test before giving the BCG vaccine (unless it was faked of course). Do they still do that?

It wasn't an allergy test. It was an immunity test to see if you were already immune to TB. Several people in my class were. They used to do allergy tests in the 60s and early 70s before flu injections, so I never had one.

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6 hours ago, oz93666 said:

Important 17 min  video , alexa .... Klause Shwarb and others warning of a cyber attack in the midst of the covid crisis ... no petrol , no food , collapse of society .... this has been on the cards for years , but the fact these guys are warning of this now is significant . 

This makes covid look like a minor irritation in comparison ... no food in supermarkets ! What will you do? 


 Out of likes oz, I guess we'll have to starve, maybe this is when the Anti-Christ arrives on the scene to save the day, this is when many will bow down and worship him, but not those in the know.

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3 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


I already avoid them as much as I can and when I HAVE to talk to them I ask them to stay two metres from me.

I've been called a nutter for it but we'll see who has the last laugh.


Out of likes Zig 👍, good on yer......... So do I, but it will soon become hard to spot the ones who've been vaxxed.

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