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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Liberty said:

Every organisation we thought of as good is now being run by evil. It’s all inverted. Care system keeping people in isolation when it is known having loved ones around aids recovery. The mandatory DNARs in the beginning. People dying being put onto iPads for loved ones to see. The police not there to protect but to enforce the evil. The churches turning a blind eye and allowing a house of god to be turned into big pharma vaccination sites. Not many in all these organisations are awake. And I didn’t previously like that word because it implies the rest are comatose   It also implies superiority over those who can’t see. But it might be fitting. 

Good description

Police are enforcers of evil

Its got a nice ring to it

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13 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


How many vaccines are they going to require? This is beyond ridiculous now. Do they expect us to believe that there is a new threat of viruses that is going to last for the foreseeable future? 

Good point. People generally know that a pandemic can't go on forever. How long can they drag this out? 

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20 minutes ago, Coldrum said:


Lol, well timed kitty 🤣

Filling in the forms for my child's new school today, 2 questions really annoyed me. 

1. Gender at birth (M/F)

2. Preferred pronouns.

ffs. At birth???!! 

Preferred pronouns. 

I thought at least they didn't write, M/F/Gender neutral.

I mean, some people are born with 6 fingers on each hand. Does that mean all gloves should have 6 fingers?

Although that will be next I guess.

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On 4/9/2021 at 9:28 AM, vinny79 said:

Paywall locked


what if you don’t have a phone


 if covid is real lol, they want to touch my phone?




anyone have full article

 If you disable scripts, you can read telegraph articles without a subscription. It says that you can still give contact details on paper, but they can refuse entry if they think you have given false info - how would they tell? Probably impossible to comply with this and GDPR

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1 hour ago, perpetual said:


What will the 2nd, 3rd...7th angel bring then? 😯

Does the bible say anything about people who don't get the mark of the beast?


You'll have to read Revelation for yourself, there's too much to put in just one post.

It say's a lot about the people who haven't had the mark 📙🙂

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2 hours ago, perpetual said:


What will the 2nd, 3rd...7th angel bring then? 😯

Does the bible say anything about people who don't get the mark of the beast?

It will be easier if you have a look here as this helps to explain it:


The bible has plenty to say about those who don't get the mark.

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5 hours ago, Thewoodsman said:

The only place you find any churches speaking out seemingly is in the USA,  not all but some


Europe forget it. The church has failed miserably here. Truly sad. I know people within churches here who are on the ball with this but I can assure from direct experience that the leaders from the churches in Europe are completely on board with this. Truly scary stuff.


I cannot express how sad this makes me. Mind you I've said for years the church must collapse and the real church now in the west is in home churches. 

The middle east, africa  and Asia the church is going strong. These Christians know all too well the face of oppression 

God's Kingdom must suffer as Christ suffered if it is to grow and be effective. In general, the visible church in the West is heavily compromised and controlled from the top down (religious hierarchy). She has abandoned the Gospel (with the persecution that comes with both living and preaching it) and has been seduced by other spirits, thinking herself rich.


Christ has already called it out as poor, blind, naked - and downright wretched.


My particular fellowship has readily followed the spell spoken over this nation and (not for the first time) I find myself alienated. 

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