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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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10 minutes ago, perpetual said:


Does Human Rights bill define HUMAN?

I was thinking, human don't have moneky's DNA though we may share some. So the vaxxed are theoretically non-human or hybrid that the bill may not apply to them. I think consequence could be great. Hence they will usher in a change of Human Rights bill to accommodate the hybrid which will probably makes it less protective for the unvaxxed.



For what its worth they had to amend the agriculture bill last year because vaxxed humans are now GMO. The amended was specifically de-regulating GMOs.


Dolores said about this, though I don't know what bill she was referring to specifically.


Possibly this:




The Earl of Lindsay said: “I believe this Bill is an opportunity for the Government to adopt an amendment that would enable future access to precision-breeding tools such as new gene-editing technologies”.


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17 hours ago, pete675 said:


I'm usually quite cautious with debatable material. But this might be genuine. The claimed researcher posting the comment knows the right jargon and seems at least somewhat plausible. A  researcher would have very good reasons to keep quiet, of course.


There are some things said by this "clinical lab scientist" that I wouldn't necessarily disagree with. For example, I do believe Covid-19 to be flu rebranded, as is suggested, and that deaths have occurred mainly due to co-morbidities. Also, what is said about the genome of the virus being extrapolated from 37 RNA base pairs is also correct as far as my understanding goes, and I agree that SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated in pure form. So I can see why some people may have been persuaded that this is genuine.


But it is the part about Koch's postulates that is a big red flag for me and which is what caused me to doubt the claims when I first saw the post in December. This "clinical lab scientist" and his "team" claim to have tested the supposed Covid-19 samples through Koch's postulates and then under an electron microscope. It is then claimed that two other viruses were identified - influenzas A & B - rather than SARS-CoV-2.


Firstly I would suggest that the way it is phrased sounds pretty unscientific to me. But, more importantly, it is my understanding that no virus - including influenzas A & B - has ever been isolated according to Koch's postulates which is why mainstream science now relies on sequence-based microbial identification. I posted about this in another thread here.



It was from watching a Dr Sam Bailey video that I became aware of the actual paper that called for a reconsideration of Koch's postulates and which is now relied on by scientists who dispute that Koch's postulates are the gold standard for proving the existence of microbial pathogens. It is because of this paper that sequence-based microbial identification is now preferred by the mainstream.




As I said in the other thread, the paper openly acknowledges that Koch's postulates cannot be used for viruses because it is not possible to isolate a virus from other genetic material. This would include influenzas A & B.


So, if these lab scientists really have managed to find a way to isolate a virus according to Koch's postulates, this would be a huge achievement that has never been accomplished before! In terms of the methodology provided in the statement (supposedly now from a Dr Derek Knauss), they "did not use the BS PCR test" to do this but where is their paper outlining how they did accomplish this feat that has eluded all other scientists?


It is also claimed that they are suing the CDC. Where is the evidence for this? Why has there been no update on the progress of the case which supposedly started in December or even before?


And why is this same statement being recycled and recirculated over and over again - with different alleged authors - when it is now 6 months old?

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2 hours ago, The Illuminator said:


Exact same thing is happening to a friend of a friend who has been fully vaxed. Fit and healthy late 30s bloke.



A guy off a forum I read has posted that his best mate and his wife have both got corona and are very ill with it at the moment, that's despite both of them having the jab 3 weeks ago. Not one other poster on a thread that is very active has questioned this or indeed mentioned how he has contracted the virus after having the jab or even how he has become so sick, I thought the whole idea of the jab was to stop this. 


It's truly mindboggling and I just can't get my head around what people are thinking (or not as the case may be). 

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UK Police break front door in due to breach of quarantine even though the person is asymptomatic and has not been sick.

Few lies under pin these lies, the asymptomatic spread lie and the lie that "the virus" has an infection delay, where you could be infected but not show symptoms. While historically if you get sick you get symptoms the two are linked exclusively.



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7 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

Sounds horrible.  

I feel bad for the people duped by this vaccine.

Sounds too awful :(   Why or why didn't these people check when something wasn't right. They didn't want to listen.

And with half or more of the population sick the healthy will have to take care of them, but we won't have the vaccine passports, so will we be allowed to shop I wonder? Supermarket are going to lose a lot of business.

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3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:



I saw people warning against this alleged Mike Yeadon quote on Telegram yesterday. Apparently he is trying to spread the word that he did not say this.


I have now taken a look at the link cited and what is said bears very little resemblance to what is being suggested in the image above. Perhaps others may like to cross-check too.



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13 minutes ago, Pina Colada said:


I had heard that it was a tranny but to be fair, I wasn't convinced.

But ....


It's all swingin along....


its an odd thing how an evil woman is not accepted and videos are edited to suggest shes really a man.

because as we all know, bollocks and a penis = evil psychotic rapists :S



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6 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Investigation – UK Government model states the fully Vaccinated will dominate Deaths in 3rd wave and they will blame Children and Unvaccinated for it



Same strange doc Frank posted few days ago.

Yes, a great example of pre-emptive arse covering isn't it?


The effects of the Covid vaccines medium to long term are likely to be Antibody Dependent Enhancement, so when the "vaccinated" encounter coronaviruses in the autumn winter 2021/22, their bodies will go into overdrive, causing organ failure, etc, as described by Judy Mikovits, for other vaccines, but to cover their backsides, they will say it's Variants of Concern (VC 22 3, ie 66) and BLAME the unvaccinated, including CHILDREN.


That's my assumption anyways.


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