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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, banjo dog said:

In Tesco's recently the burly security bloke asked me to put a mask as I entered. "No mate I'm exempt for medical reasons". He then asked me to use some hand gel. I picked up the bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel, looked at him as I put the bottle down. "no mate don't think I will bother with this anti-bacterial stuff". Got into a bit of a conversation with him as I left. Turns out he was at least half awake and as he said it wasn't him who put the hand gel there and he was only doing his job but had no right to force any one to use it or put a mask on.

The FDA currently has a list of over 200 hand sanitizers considered dangerous - https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-updates-hand-sanitizers-consumers-should-not-use

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On 4/8/2021 at 11:02 PM, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Were the judges named? How hard can it be for international police investigative forces to look up the names of those judges and crosscheck them for pharma stock market shares. A conflict of interest of that degree would nullify the ruling. Then the big job would be finding a judge that does not have these ties to pharma. 


All I know about police/court relationships is that cops never cite a judge found driving while pickled. I know of stories about judges retaliating against cops for not playing along. Giving tgem a rough time in court. Making them wait all day to be heard. Pressure tactics. They play very dirty.


“Europe rights court rules that there are no rights”


I don't want to just kbow their ties to pharma, I want know what ideologies they believe in and then expose them to the world. Wishful thinking, I know.


Edit: The longer people keep thinking this is solely about profit and not power, the longer we keep getting screwed in the arse by an elite clique of supremacists.

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When the Sturgeon announced on Friday we could go out, finally, but to stay local, I jumped straight on a train to London!


I was asked once on the train by staff if I was exempt from wearing a face-covering and I replied with a resounding "yes!"


I was never asked again. There were no police patrols or covid marshals at Euston Station, no-one batted an eye-lid on the bus and not a single shop-keeper mentioned a mask in all the shops I went into, throughout my stay. Some people wear them, some don't and nobody cares. No-one is policing this, people are policing themselves!


I'm back home now and nobody knows I even went....





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11 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


Good points. It will be less enjoyable.


I expect where people still have money there will be custom for pubs.


Even after a year of lockdowns and restrictions, businesses have learnt nothing and will continue to bend over backwards to comply with all the overelaborate COVID rules, designed to destroy their independent livelihoods.


I see pubs getting ready to re-open, the ones that have not permanently gone out of business, and I wonder how long before they will have to shut again?


I don't indulge businesses with even the pretence of following COVID rules - i.e. Track and Trace, masks, hand gel, traffic lights, direction arrows, distance markers on floors, cashless payments.   I must print a laminated card with COVID BULLSHIT EXEMPT.








Pub landlords don't realise that following the regulations is an exercise in utter futility. They can jump up and bite their own arses for all the good it does them.


Come mid September - maybe earlier - they'll be pouring gallons of beer down the drain yet again.


The Emperor's New Clothes 'pandemic' is just the pretext for the agenda.


The agenda is to close SME's and let the high tech megabuck companies takeover - the vaccine mutants can drown their sorrows with booze  from Amazon!



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8 hours ago, oddsnsods said:




A real Conjob 19 fanatic.


She looks like Melisandre from Game of Thrones, the high priestess who had unbelievers burnt at the stake.


Oops, shouldn't have said that, best not to give her any ideas..

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10 hours ago, DarianF said:

Face mask exemption sees some belittled for going without



@skitzorat New Zealand still mask crazy it seems.

Fortunately I dont have to catch PT on a regular basis and I live rural so I havent seen mask madness personally. Although when Auckland was in its previous lockdown and the rest of the country was in "level 2" which mandated masks worn on PT - I happened to stop at a BP service station and found it quite an odd sight to see the workers wearing them!

Given they're behind plastic panels I openly asked the guy why he was wearing a mask to which he replied "company policy" - So BP was skirting the actual Laws to force them on its workers.....

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11 hours ago, DarianF said:

Hey @skitzorat not sure if you've seen this yet [ https://www.tga.gov.au/covid-19-vaccine-provisional-registrations ]. Pfizer jab in Australia going under name COMIRNATY - BNT162b2 [mRNA].


Any info on this jab from the NZ Government yet? I know you're following it closely.


Anyway, here is the product info from TGA [ https://www.ebs.tga.gov.au/ebs/picmi/picmirepository.nsf/pdf?OpenAgent&id=CP-2021-PI-01092-1&d=202104101016933 ].


Media has switched big time to this one now. Astra being dumped. They definitely want this mRNA shit in our bodies more than the other it seems.

yup - NZ is calling it that too. 

The fucking bastards are also saying this about PREGNANT WOMAN!


If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding

Pregnant women can become very sick if they get COVID-19. If you are pregnant and choose to get vaccinated, you can get early access.


COVID-19: Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) vaccine


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Just now, skitzorat said:

Why are they dragging that old ***T out? 

Didn't seem to have a problem sitting next to known pedos in Thatchers Govt...no conspiracy....in her own fkng words....



And she gave Jimmy Savile the keys to Broadmoor Psychiatric Hospital - said he was very persuasive and talked her into it!

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16 hours ago, Jikwan said:

Cruise ship rescue only those that are vaccinated




Well there one good thing about our green satanic land we call Britain, we don't get earthquakes, hurricanes &  volcanoes, well not yet. OK we may get the odd tremor of an earthquake, but nothing to shout home about.

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10 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Why are they dragging that old ***T out? 

Didn't seem to have a problem sitting next to known pedos in Thatchers Govt...no conspiracy....in her own fkng words....




It's not surprising.




We can't be certain that people like that view our children as human.

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So finally managed to find some enviable death and destruction from the NZ roll out of the death shot.



Over the past month, NZ has witnessed the rollout of the new, experimental COVID-19 Comirnaty vaccine from Pfizer to border workers, frontline staff and their families.

The government and media report that there has been high uptake from within this industry and there has been no mention of ANY adverse reactions in the news. But this is not what we are hearing behind the scenes from people within the industry.

We have spoken with border workers up and down the nation and they report that many of their colleagues have made the choice to delay or decline this vaccine. In some regions, that number is close to 50%.

We have also heard about vaccine injury.

Jane* has recounted to us the distressing story of her experience with workplace coercion and of suffering an adverse reaction to the vaccine she was administered back at the beginning of March.

Here is her story…

Jane is a healthy young mother of three children. She is the breadwinner for her family and whilst she didn’t actually want to take the COVID-19 vaccine, she was left with little choice – to take the vaccine and keep her job, or decline and be unable to continue in her role within the organisation. Voices for Freedom have confirmed that this same messaging has also been communicated to border workers (in the same role) in another part of the country.

She described the speed with which the rollout took place within her workplace and how she felt ill-informed and rushed into a decision prior to the administration of her vaccine.

She tried to look up information surrounding the potential adverse reactions, as well as other reactions experienced by people in NZ and Australia but came up against brick wall after brick wall; this information, it seems, is not easily accessible to members of the public, especially if you don’t know where to look. All we get are the generalised mild reactions described in the Ministry of Health’s brief, glossy handouts. The SMARS database doesn’t yet appear to have the COVID vaccine option listed in its search criteria either, despite reactions having been lodged with CARM (the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring at Otago University).

When it was Jane’s time to receive the vaccine, she was given the brief “information” pack, asked a couple of questions about previous reactions or allergies, and was required to sign the consent form. This entire process took about 5 minutes. She did not feel informed.

So, what happened to Jane?

Below is an account of the timeline of events that unfolded after Jane received her jab…

The vaccine was given on Tuesday, March 2, 2021.

Jane became really tired, had blurred reactions, and couldn’t think clearly. She drove home from work and fell asleep.

Jane still felt weak. She couldn’t form a fist and described having no strength. She was ON FIRE internally with burning pain in her bones and organs

Jane’s body said “no more” and she needed to rest all day. A sore throat and cough began in the afternoon. She experienced fever and sweats all night long. 

Jane couldn’t get up in the morning; her symptoms continued and she STILL had no energy or strength.

She had a mild temperature, body aches, a pounding head, noise and light sensitivity, a tight chest and TROUBLE BREATHING. She called Healthline in the early evening and explained her condition. Healthline advised she be seen immediately and they dispatched an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

When the ambulance arrived one of the ambulance officers was incredibly hostile and told her there’s “No way you’ve had a reaction to the vaccine”. The ambulance officer refused to go inside to help the patient but was reprimanded by their partner and forced to assess Jane whilst wearing full PPE.

There were discussions and phone calls within the system to decide which hospital they could take her to.

Once in the ED, the Medical Officer of Health called and spoke with Jane on the phone. He told her that he was “So sorry this has happened” to her. He also spoke with Jane’s mother and placed both houses on their property into lockdown. This interaction is in Jane’s discharge notes.  

Jane was still experiencing body sweats, noise and light sensitivity, her organs continued to feel like they were on fire and she had a headache that made any movements difficult. She begged the doctors for pain relief. She was given medication and discharged from the hospital to recover at home. 

Important note: While Jane was in the hospital another patient in the same area of the building alerted us to the fact a border worker had been admitted following a serious adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. This person witnessed Jane’s condition from an adjacent room, the staff discussing her vaccine reaction, and multiple admissions of the fact the two events appeared to be related. Voices for Freedom contacted the hospital the following morning and the Communications Manager stated that there was no such patient fitting that description in their care.

There is no record of the vaccine reaction in Jane’s hospital files.

Jane continued to experience quite severe pain in her body and head. She had a persistent dead leg that came and went, which at times caused pain in her lower abdomenShe experienced insomnia from day 12 and a feeling of anxiety from day 15. Her cough and extreme fatigue persisted and only began to ease three weeks later. She continued to experience daily sweats, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, blood in her urine, and cold sores that covered her entire chin area up to her nose, again easing at the three-week mark

Jane’s GP simultaneously suggested that her condition was viral, and that her adverse vaccine reaction was “good” and that it “meant her body was responding”. Jane challenged her doctor on the viral infection claim, and asked: If this was viral, how come none of the other close contact family members had caught it despite VERY close living? The doctor didn’t have an answer to her question.

Jane insisted that her GP add her vaccine reaction to her file and she self-reported her reaction to CARM as her medical centre refused to. Remember: her reaction began three hours after the administration of the vaccine and continued from that point for three weeks. 

There has been no further follow-up from the hospital or the Medical Officer of Health after Jane’s discharge from the hospital.

This afternoon (Thursday 25 March), following an interview with Peter Williams on Magic Talk yesterday morning (watch below), Jane was finally called by a doctor from CARM – two weeks after reporting her reaction.

Jane has questions and obvious concerns:

  • Why are the people we’re meant to trust (medical professionals and authorities) failing to acknowledge, or worse, hiding adverse vaccine reactions?
  • Why can’t we access information surrounding these reactions in NZ like people can overseas?
  • Why is nobody hearing about the stories from those who have had adverse reactions? Why is the majority of the mainstream media disinterested and silent?
  • We hear about the negative health effects in COVID patients, but why not vaccine recipients?
  • What happens to data collection when reactions aren’t acknowledged or reported as part of post-marketing surveillance?

It took until AFTER the vaccine for Jane to realise that:

  • The Pfizer vaccine is still in trial (until 2023).
  • The Pfizer vaccine doesn’t stop infection. 
  • There are more reactions to this vaccine than there are listed on the consent forms.

Jane has requested help from Voices for Freedom to share her experience. She hopes that by reading her story, the NZ public can make an informed decision about whether to accept or decline the COVID-19 vaccination. She isn’t telling people not to get the vaccine, rather she hopes that they educate themselves on what this product has to offer them in terms of limited personal protection as well as the potential risks and adverse reactions that are possible.  

Made it onto National Radio



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And a potential death



NZ’s Outdoors Party has noted the report of the death of a port worker in Tauranga two days after taking the Pfizer injection. (Sincere condolences to this family).
* (Link to MD letter to FDA at the end)


A comment on Facebook also confirms a ‘port worker from his street’ having died, citing alleged coercion by his employer.


If after looking at possible side effects to this jab, you decide you would prefer not to take the risk but know your employer may insist, learn about your rights of refusal by listening to NZ Lawyer Sue Grey at the link.


Whilst it is frequently pointed out there is no proof that the jab is causing the adverse reactions world wide (see comment below by NZ vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris) why are we not seeing autopsies regarding the 1500 odd deaths (now 1700+) and 31,000 injuries to date (with only 1% reporting) to get to the bottom of this bizarre ‘coincidence’? After all is not the purpose of VAERS to report a post vaccination injury?

No proof of cause and effect cannot surely be taken as proof of safety can it?





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