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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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In LaLa Land "delivered" means "administered". The subliminal suggestion here is compliance and vax safety. If 10 million got it then I can have it too. Pretending he has to cope with vax overstock because of some logistical error while most of those other 10 million doses were paid for but never delivered. The highest profit is in pretending to deliver millions of doses. A few pictures of cargo planes moving it around and politicians claiming reception of these goods and throw in a few vax center extras getting shots and you have a nearly perfect crime. Maybe the chickens that laid all those 11 billion eggs over 80 years to incubate vaccines are secret because they dont exist. Through these years nobody can attest that the lion's share of vaccines was ever delivered. Could they have created a lucrative racket of selling illusion for a king's ransom?



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7 hours ago, Human10 said:

Interesting stats from deaths UK. 

Since 2011 however, the annual number of annual deaths in the United Kingdom has steadily grown, with the number recorded in 2018 a high for the provided time-period.


So what happened in 2011? Any suggestions? 🤔





We discussed death statistics in depth, you need to look at what is called age adjusted death statistics. 

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19 hours ago, Human10 said:

The problem with this voting it's illegal. It's about your body integrity and medical intervention which is beyond the common law and human rights. Majority could vote to behead Bill Gates but it still would be against the law... It's not how democracy works. There are still limitations of it.


Of course, a democracy in constitutional form involves limitations on the powers of political branches of the state, and there is judicial independence, and so on.  But in Britain, we do not have a formal separation of powers and equality of the different branches of government.  This means that primary legislation can override the judiciary and the judiciary will often defer to Parliament.  In short, if the majority agree that a certification scheme or vaccines or whatever should be mandatory, and if there is sufficient support for this in the House of Commons, it is difficult to see what could stop it.  


Again, of course, you are correct that the ultimate veto is bodily sovereignty.  If they come for me, I could fight them, or try to flee, or I could kill myself.  Nevertheless, I believe the majority in those circumstances would obey and comply.  I will not be one of them, but I am not typical.  

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11 hours ago, Macnamara said:


Good observations! This is a very interesting area that the guys at the UK Column are turning the microscope up on at the moment in their 'dissidents guide to the constitution' series where they are discussing the problems with 'democracy'. The most recent segment: Episode 5, part 1 really digs into it:

A Dissident's Guide to the Constitution: Episode 5, Part I — Democracy: a British value?




Thanks.  I will take a look.

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55 minutes ago, Shake said:

Passports for shops. Absolutely mental.. I guess the local shops won't adopt this policy?


It's easy to "link" one thing to another. Example:


Water linked to cancer!! 




Because studies showed that every single person who's ever gotten cancer drank water. 

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52 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

Where was the first place the queen visited after her lockdown period ended? Starts with porton and ends with down.

Now why there of all places.? 




Something in the Express about Russian interest in royal visit to Porton: https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1352010/Queen-news-russia-hacking-porton-down-royal-family-latest


Interesting bit in the article about a 'classified chemical' used in the development of a Covid 19 vaccine. So PD were presumably involved in 'vaccine' development. If that doesn't set the alarm bells ringing, I don't know what will. How can people be so foolish?


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Free Rapid Covid tests available to the Inhabitants of Switzerland at chemists from today!!☹️😡👎

You have to show up with Health insurance card and you‘re allowed up to 5 Tests a month!


FREE??? Tax payers money more like !


My Answer will be:




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1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

If I base my calculation on the number of in-person discussions I have had with people from many countries asking how they felt about their leaders I might estimate nearly 100% are dissenters 😅 Of those I would say a good 50% are simply resigned and see no hope in resisting. But be certain most of those people had some kind of horror story to tell at the hands of the state. They poison everything they touch and people have long memories. Just look at the more recent townhouses in the UK built as if some windows had been bricked up. They did that to remind the government that they had not forgotten the "sunshine tax" many centuries ago.



They won't soon forget covid-19.

Window Tax ! For moment I thought Bill Gates was starting a new payment system for microsoft!

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