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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Fucking psycopath. There is no pre-pandemic life to return to. She is complicit in selling The Lie.


What's it in for the public? Let me guess.


Well, maybe a free doughnut for the jab. And then a long goodbye.


the jabberwocky will fuck you long time 


Fucking useless society of useless professions climbing the status ladder to the divine seat of ultimate twattery.

What a bunch of full retard cunting bastards.


Now I've got that off my chest Ill get back to me knitting ;)


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4 hours ago, gibby said:

most of majority are in fear


fear is what got us here


even the govt / witty et el are fearful


its out of their control  always was


the big boys are in charge now

The big boys have always been in control 

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Same as the hand sanitizer recalls. They wait until everyone has been thoroughly poisoned before pretending to wake up. Wtf is graphene doing in masks? No charges of criminal misconduct either. Hand sanitizer manufacturers in Mexico hid the fact they put methanol instead of ethanol in their products. Injuring many. Killing a few idiots that drank it.


The sheep graze oblivious to any notion these poisonings were deliberate. Its all covid now even the poisonings.


There was no pre pandemic supervision of the safety of either of these products. The governments acts coy as if having been "had" too.

Keeping their left eye on the stock ticker.



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Picking up prime commercial real estate for dimes-on-the-dollar. In case a few were wondering how the jews feel about false pandemics. A gold rush for them. Many think the FEMA camps are for us..they are for them. Just like WW2, a safe cluster of compounds to protect them as the streets become war zones. They dont want to keep us in captivity. If they had their way they would drop us naked in some winterland within 100 meters of a wolf den.

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Soon they will claim that 2.5 billion deaths outweighed the risks. When down to 500 million survivors worldwide they will honor those heros that fell so they could live. Those brave souls that marched to their death to save them from covid and her serial variants.

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Show me a judge that has not got shares in pharma stock. The gesture is honorable but an expectation of redress is just wishful thinking. Unless you are one of those that can summon legions of free tribally affiliated lawyers on demand. A dju.

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This may sound crazy but like most people I go to my local restaurant and have them prepare me food. Something else happens at the same time, a contradiction, on one hand I feel like a selfish prick for letting this guy poison himself with a mask to serve me and on the other hand I want to support them, they are good people. I hate that the state has created such contradictions in my mind. I feel the same way about all those labouring day in day out killing themselves serving us. They could suffer just as bad if we boycott and they become destitute ☹ its hard not to imagine them hostage to covid.

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11,000 doses that will create the kind of chaos to justify putting lockdowns on an indefinate holding pattern for hundreds of miles all around.


The Africans know the vax ghouls are importing disease and death.  African have been murdered and crippled by vax for nearly a century of pharma cure bs.


Amazing how the distribution networks are smoothly operating. The Grim Reapers are in town and they roll out the red carpet to greet them.

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How much would it cost to stage this? Maybe the owner was payed in pharma stock to play along. Now why would anyone stage such foolishness, actually pay to produce it?


The kind of people that understand how a single publicized incident like this can convince thousands not to follow suit and resist.


When my kids were kidnapped for homeschooling the major newspapers came and were willing to do a piece but our talks about how our experience might scare away those on the verge of taking that glorious leap led us to question that path. We agreed not to publish. We prevailed without them.


Just to show that what we discuss here and all the intricacies we expose could induce some to comply because we inadvertantly made them think resistance is futile. I could be wrong but some of the stuff we toss around can be very intimidating without our realizing it because we are hardened, us web trench warfare veterans 😁

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