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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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"and then one day he was shoot'in at some food when up from the ground come a bubbl"in covid...virus that is..pharma gold..."


"C'mon granny we mov'in to the high society".

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3 hours ago, Dickwan said:

I only posted this to show that's there a whole world out there that doesn't know or care about "Covid". I do charity work with developmentally challenged youngsters. Interestingly enough my 'charge' today was a very autistic young lad who'd had his 'jab', and he was curious why I hadn't had mine yet. He's got a social worker who presumably took him for said jab without consulting/informing him. 


It's like another world in the inner-cities. On the way home I took the bus and I put my mask on out of habit.. yet I was the only person wearing one (until we reached the city centre). Two obvious drug users boarded the bus at the same time as me and the driver didn't hassle them, both maskless. 



Jesus Christ, put your mask away man. Burn it.


You are complicit in this shitshow. 

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