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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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FYI, although I'm newly registered I had an account in the old forum.

Because I was a gangstalking victim many years ago and had to strangely obey every command I can tell you what the vaccinations do.

All my coworkers in the company that I work for now call me a conspiracy theorist and get an agressive tone and don't have their own opinion. What ever they inject seems to block a receptor in the brain that makes you an adult. You are basically a child - severe cases like me even turn "transgender". You will never be back to normal but it wears off after years.

The secret is, that a child (or young animal) is imprinted by the parents with a behavioral pattern in order to assure survival. The child has to believe everything the parent tells them. This is a secret known since ancient times, this is why politicians or priests wear a special robe or have a "title".

This is also the very reasons why drugs are illegal - Meth can kick you out of it with light speed. However,  if you do not know what was done to you, you can get severely addicted because you never get rid of the original cause.


In Austria many people believe this bullshit blindly. They even say - well, there are to many of us around so some have to die.

I wonder how many have actually counted the number of people. CO2 & climate change ditto, they make suicide seem mandatory for our survival.


Austria has ordered 8 Million doses of vaccine already and I'm sure they are not planning to throw that away.


Below is a video from Australia(NOT Austria)  about the utter dehuminization.

They speak of decades in "homeoffice" and how to clean your sex toys to prevent covid from spreading.


Do the people think this is a childs game or a joke? This is life in hell.




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43 minutes ago, MR-E said:


"If this goes on almost indefinitely"

"Its not about closing businesses for a period of time ....... its closing them for good"  



Jesus Oz is fucked. Just what exactly is he claiming is the benefit of closing everything indefinitely and destroying local business forever? Would the people of Australia not rather take a very small risk of contracting a not very deadly virus that face the certainly of losing their businesses and livelihoods? 

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52 minutes ago, MR-E said:


"If this goes on almost indefinitely"

"Its not about closing businesses for a period of time ....... its closing them for good"  



that tip-toe totalitarianism that DI speaks about.

wreck their livelihoods and make them to be dependant on the state and their social credit system which will be enforced

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On 8/8/2020 at 3:59 PM, FinallyAwake said:

Exactly! Definitely not saying there is no personal choice involved, but there is a heck of a lot more to it than that. People grow up in very different financial circumstances than people would actually believe. People might look on in disgust when they see fat people taking their kids to McDonald’s or filling the supermarket trolleys with pot noodles and processed food, but what they might not know is that those parents work 14 hour shifts and get paid peanuts. Also, I have come to believe that a lot of the obesity epidemic is by design from big Pharma. Get them fat, get them ill from all the toxic food, then they rake in millions from obesity related conditions that need medication, and we’ll blame them for being weak and lazy and tell them they are destroying the NHS. I reiterate that yes people do need to make better choices, but, there are many things that can contribute to this. I’m really glad I’ve seen this, I’m thinking of making a post about it in the health board.



So true @FinallyAwake and the Government could properly deal with obesity if they really wanted to except they're only interested in lining their pockets.  This must be the most corrupt Government ever.


Shall look forward to reading your post in the Health section.

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it all actually feels and looks like the final stage and last move of an evil cult : collective suicide... it's also called 'scorched earth' politic : since we can't beat the emerging superpower then let's deprive them from their customers, let's kill the market and shut down all businesses, meanwhile some sneakily make deals with the BRICS and you're sure not told a word about it in the MSM... for the public it's just mythology and 'viruses'... 


Everything is always so double-sided and over-twisted it's really hard to spot what's actually being happening… maybe our billionaires are being once more betraying their mother Western civilization by discretely dealing with the BRICS before to bring down the whole Western economy to get things easier and more profitable for their new 'host'… these super-rich people are all nothing but parasites after all…



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2 hours ago, Given To Fly said:


that tip-toe totalitarianism that DI speaks about.

wreck their livelihoods and make them to be dependant on the state and their social credit system which will be enforced

Not if millions of people are growing food and uniting. Alkaline food that rebuilds cells, none of this tomatoes and orange carrots and spinach crap. If people aren't sick they don't need to go to the doctor for big pharma poison pills. This corona move is them trying to make people stay dependent upon their system.


Grow food or be dependent upon them, they own all the grocery stores too.

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It's 2025 and the measures of 2020, that we thought were temporary, to contain a virus, turned into weeks, which turned into months and months, to years and now it is the "new normal" and we are all "enjoying" the "contactless pathway."




"The days of sitting there hammering away on a laptop are gone - you can do that from home," says Dale Sinclair, architect and director of innovation at AECOM.


"What's really exciting is that going into the office will be for collaboration, generating ideas with colleagues."


Mr Sinclair is one of the many architects predicting vastly more automation in offices, particularly "touchless technology" or "contactless pathways" and a greater use of data.


"Buildings are going to have a huge amount of technology: people using their phones to navigate through them, face recognition, voice activation. And we'll see many more robot assistants and sensors picking up data," he says.


"This whole area is going to really take off. We're already using this technology in hospitals – and Covid-19 is massively accelerating the move towards using it in other places."


Information from fixed and wearable sensors could be used to adjust air temperature and humidity in the fight against some pathogens.


Air conditioning systems using UV light to kill bacteria and some viruses are already in use, with light sources in the coils at the centre of the system or in the ducting.

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HEALTH officials are scrambling to trace 70 customers after a coronavirus outbreak linked to a pub BBQ in Birmingham.

The Soho Foundry in Smethwick, West Mids., was forced to temporarily close after three people tested positive for Covid-19.


Yes,  three people..

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UKColumn today reported that 'at the beginning of lockdown, all senior staff at a hospital in East Kilbride (Scotland) were invited to a meeting where they were told that patients aged 45 or older were to be classed as DNR.  


They were threatened with their jobs if they went public.'


If that isn't fascism then I don't know what is.

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23 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

so fauci had to hire bodyguards because of death threats. shouldn't laugh but this no way outweighs his sinister agenda.

probably media lies to get public to feel sorry for him, like he's doing this great job bla bla 

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On 8/9/2020 at 11:38 AM, MR-E said:



Or a doctor, or a nurse, or a teacher, a lawyer, .....the list is endless. On top of occultist already having normal jobs.


A person is pretty innocent (which is better) when they dont understand what most people would do when promised just a promotion. The elites dont always throw millions up in the air, and they dont have to. Realizing how much filth and toxicity follows the elites throwing just promotions around. Dollar store money to them. lol


We are dealing with a society sick with people that would bag you for a promotion and a bag of cocaine. Thats the reality. 


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Here's the BBC showing their complete bias for the scamdemic:
I will highlight in bold the value-laden BBC reporting style which is in complete bias to the BIG LIE:

Coronavirus: Is the world winning the pandemic fight?

By James Gallagher Health and science correspondent

It is little more than six months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the arrival of a new virus a global emergency.

On that day, at the end of January, there had been almost 10,000 reported cases of coronavirus and more than 200 people had died. None of those deaths were outside of China.

Since then the world, and our lives, have changed profoundly. So how are we faring in this battle between the human race and the coronavirus?

If we take the planet as a whole, the picture is looking rough.

There have been more than 19 million confirmed cases and 700,000 deaths. At the start of the pandemic it was taking weeks to clock up each 100,000 infections, now those milestones are measured in hours.


"We're still in the midst of an accelerating, intense and very serious pandemic," Dr Margaret Harris, from the WHO, told me. "It's there in every community in the world."

While this is a single pandemic, it is not one single story. The impact of Covid-19 is different around the world and it is easy to blind yourself to the reality beyond your own country.

But one fact unites everyone, whether they make their home in the Amazon rainforest, the skyscrapers of Singapore or the late-summer streets of the UK: this is a virus that thrives on close human contact. The more we come together, the easier it will spread. That is as true today as when the virus first emerged in China.

This central tenet explains the situation wherever you are in the world and dictates what the future will look like.

It is driving the high volume of cases in Latin America - the current epicentre of the pandemic - and the surge in India. It explains why Hong Kong is keeping people in quarantine facilities or the South Korean authorities are monitoring people's bank accounts and phones. It illustrates why Europe and Australia are struggling to balance lifting lockdowns and containing the disease. And why we are trying to find a "new normal" rather than the old one.          (***what?  who is trying to find the new normal? not us?)

"This is a virus circulating all over the planet. It affects every single one of us. It goes from human to human, and highlights that we are all connected," said Dr Elisabetta Groppelli, from St George's, University of London. "It's not just about travel, it's speaking and spending time together - that's what humans do."

Even the simple act of singing together spreads the virus.

It has also proven to be an exceptionally tricky virus to track, causing mild or no symptoms for many, but deadly enough to others to overwhelm hospitals.

"It's the perfect pandemic virus of our time. We are now living in the time of coronavirus," said Dr Harris.

Where there has been success, it is through breaking the ability of the virus to spread from one person to the next. New Zealand gets the most attention. They acted early, while there were still few cases in the country: locked down, sealed their borders and now have barely any cases. Life is largely back to normal.

Getting the basics right has helped in poorer countries too. Mongolia has the longest shared border with China, where the pandemic began. The country could have been badly impacted. However, not a single case requiring intensive care occurred until July. To date they have only had 293 diagnoses and no deaths.

But countries that have got on top of the virus - mostly through painful, society-crippling lockdowns - are finding it has not gone away, will spread again if we relax our guard and that normality is still elusively distant.

"They're discovering it's more challenging coming out of lockdown than going in," said Dr Groppelli. "They haven't thought about how we can co-exist with the virus."

Australia is one of the countries trying to chart a path out of lockdown, but the state of Victoria is now in "disaster" mode. Melbourne went back into lockdown in early July, but - as contagion continues - has since imposed even stricter rules. Now there is a night-time curfew and people are expected to exercise within 5km of their homes.

Europe too is opening up, but Spain, France and Greece have all reported their highest number of cases in weeks. Germany has reported more than 1,000 cases a day for the first time in three months.
The rest of the shitty page can be found here:




Me now:

So - there's been 700,000 deaths, if you divide that by the worlds population, which is 7.8 billion (7.8,00000000)
Then, as a percentage - it is: 0.009 percent of the worlds population have died from this   -  PLANDEMIC




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8 minutes ago, AndyJ said:

I wonder how they will enforce this? Hire a team of Cuntact Tracers?




Ahh so funny aren't they?  In a tragic way obviously,

Love this one andy:

Talk about COVID-19 before having sex, just as you would discuss consent......

Imagine the scenario:

"Well darling,  before I duth venture south, I wondered if I coughed on your cunny would thou take offence?"

"not as long as you're wearing your clit-tickler face napkin Romeo"

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