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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

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This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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I have now been called to the final vaccination deadline as a health care professional. I informed my employer that these vaccines are not technically vaccines, but are "gene therapies" as they employ

You wont believe this.   I just went down Lidls to get some steak.   Security guard calls me out as I walk past & I ignore him. Gets my steak walks to the credit only till

EXPLAIN PLEASE........   People expect so many answers without giving anything back in return.   If the "tin foil hatters" are so nuts, how about the rule followers give some answe

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The BBC (not the populace) are asking the question, what are we ALLOWED to do now?


The answer is as clear as mud and entirely different, depending on which part of the UK you reside.


In England and Ireland a social-distance of one meter is sufficient, because the virus can't reach as far in these regions as it can in Scotland and Wales, where it remains at two meters.


The Welsh and the Irish are only compelled to wear face masks on public transport, but in England and Scotland they must be worn in shops, museums, hairdressers and aquariums. The virus in Wales and Ireland doesn't affect such places, apparently.


You can entertain at home in this stifling weather, but preferrably outdoors and if it's indoors, open the windows and doors, the virus doesn't like ventilation. But don't handle food, it's crawling with coronavirus.


The English can meet six people from multiple households outdoors, or up to 30 people from two households. In Scotland, the limit is 15 people from up to five households. This virus is very specific on the number of people it can tolerate in groups.


Hancock has been given exceptional powers to close down premises, stop events and shut down places like parks. This could be used to close beaches or beauty spots if there are concerns about crowds potentially spreading the virus.


Dr Julian Tang, an “expert” in respiratory sciences from the University of Leicester, said that while the risk is lower when meeting people outside, there are things to bear in mind.


He said: "If you are within 50 to 70cm you are at what I call garlic breath distance - if you can smell what they've been eating then you're almost certainly breathing their air.


"If you're on a really crowded beach where people are less than 1m apart, then the sun and wind may not have time to kill or blow away the virus before it is inhaled by the other person."


He also suggests if you're talking to a friend on the beach, it's better to both be looking out to sea rather than facing each other, because talking face to face is dangerous in the open air..


The numbers of people allowed in houses and private gardens in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland differ, while indoor meetings are not allowed in Wales, in England, two households of any size can meet up indoors.


Holidaymakers are advised to "take particular care to maintain excellent hygiene - washing hands and surfaces - and avoid using shared facilities like bathrooms wherever possible."


You are also advised not to share private swimming pools, paddling pools or any sort of garden equipment with anyone outside your own household or support bubble. Sharing water and lawnmowers is deadly.


This virus is very fickle, having varying properties in different areas, climates and surfaces. If anyone believes any of this crap, I suggest you see a doctor, pronto, and get your head examined.


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I think this article by Katie Hopkins deserves to be highlighted. I wish Fiona Hine the best of luck in her court case on the 19th August. The same goes for Piers Corbyn, our forum member and anyone else also arrested on the 16th May at Speakers Corner. Hopefully human rights and sanity will prevail.





Meet Fiona.


She’s a lovely English lady with a happy family, hard-working parents and a firm belief that as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else and resect the law, you should be free to live your life as you please.

Whether you choose to work like a demon, live off-grid, or identify as a cocktail sausage on a Wednesday, frankly, Fiona couldn’t care less, as long as you pay your way and mind your own business. 

Fiona is also a test case in the UK.

She is due to appear in Westminster Magistrates Court in London on 19 August and her charge sheet reads as follows:

‘On 16th May 2020 at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London W1, without reasonable excuse, during the emergency period, other than as permitted by Regulations, you participated in a gathering in public place of more than 2 people’.

As criminal offenses go, we are not exactly talking Al Capone. But Fiona is now charged with "gathering" without a "reasonable excuse." How very dare she?

Sitting in rural Cornwall, a farming region in the far Southwest of England (about as far as it is possible to get from the madness of London), we chatted about her decision to attend a Freedom Rally in Hyde Park after lockdown was imposed on the UK on March 26.

"I didn’t go on a whim. Way back in March I started to wonder what was really going on with COVID and the more I read, the more I started to question all the new rules being imposed on us. The more I researched, the more I realized nothing about lockdown made any kind of sense.”

Privately, I am relieved. It shames me to say this out loud, but I am reassured to hear this smart, educated woman talking so coherently about her beliefs. Bluntly, our side does attract its fair share of whackos and I am relieved to find Fiona is not one.

Highly educated, a respected professional and a former First Class British Airways crew member, I hope her obvious credibility will provide some kind of armor for her in the weeks and months ahead. She is very clear that she is not your typical protestor.

“You know, I have never been to a protest before. I am not a protestor; in fact I’d say I was the opposite of a protestor. I believe in law and order. My mother and father brought me up to believe that if you work hard and play fair you will be ok. But these are rules without reason.”

And isn’t that how so many of us feel? We respect law and order and support the police. But when did a virus become a matter for law enforcement?

The Speakers Corner Freedom Event on 16 May attracted a small mixed crowd of freedom-loving libertarians -- some opposed to lockdown, others fearing mandatory vaccines and most, the curtailment of personal freedoms.

Fiona says; “The rally was about as apolitical as you can get, ethnically mixed and as far from right-wing as it is possible to be. It was a gathering of ordinary well-meaning people who are worried about the imposition of rules and controls which we have no say over.”

Fiona’s legal representative tells me that similar gatherings have been held across the UK and "other police forces have allowed these to proceed, in contrast to the Met Police, as they believe that the right to protest was an overarching Human Right that the Covid Regulations had not forbidden. So there is some sense exercised on this occasion."

When the police moved in to disperse the small crowd, Fiona was arrested and put into the back of a waiting police van together with around twelve others, including Piers Corbyn, brother of the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Held in a dirty police cell for twelve hours on a Saturday evening, Fiona passed the time drinking tea, chatting with the friendlier members of the custody team, and trying her best to ignore dubious reassurances from the inept solicitor on-call who said he would "try and have her out by Monday." She was finally released in the very early hours of Sunday morning and her charge sheet followed shortly after in the post.

Listening to Fiona chat happily about her beloved father (an army veteran) and his belief that we should "live and be merry…. and never let your bollocks dangle in the dust," I do wonder whether hours in custody was strictly necessary for one well-spoken British woman for an offense that is non-imprisonable. Breaching these regulations would normally attract a small fine, so why the heavy-handed arrests for Fiona, Piers and others?

Just fifteen days later, tens of thousands of activists gathered in Trafalgar Square to protest the death of George Floyd. For weekend after weekend, thousands more started into the streets en masse, signing off each time with thuggery and violence.

One observer of the BLM protests, Reverend Sally Hitchiner, commented on the sheer numbers turning up. "I am surprised to see so many people here, they do not appear to be following social distancing rules. But I think there is a huge amount of passion and that is overriding their concerns."

You will spot the obvious double-standard. Guess how many BLM protestors were arrested and held in a cell under Covid Restrictions.


There is much more that could be said. But as my friend Tommy Robinson knows only too well, there are reporting restrictions regarding ongoing court cases in the UK and "contempt of court" penalties are particularly harsh for Conservative journalists documenting the challenges faced by white British nationals. I am restricted from commenting on the case itself.

But the broader questions raised by Fiona’s arrest and detention remain unasked:

What purpose does it serve to arrest and hold an otherwise law-abiding citizen in a cell for 12 hours and pursue court action for the non-imprisonable offense of peacefully gathering in a public park?

Why is it that COVID laws appear to apply to one group of tens of people but not another involving tens of thousands — could it be that the Metropolitan Police are actively discriminating against those politely standing up for freedom?

What takes precedence -- Human Rights or new Covid Regulations? The Human Rights Act 1998 (specifically Articles 10 and 11, the freedom of expression and assembly) gives Fiona the right to stand at Speakers Corner. Does Coronavirus take those freedoms away?

But perhaps the most troubling question is a more esoteric one. Given only the bravest few are prepared to take any kind of stand against the systematic removal of our personal liberties, do the masses even understand freedom or deserve it? It has already cost Fiona her jobs and any hope of future employment. It will not end there. Most would rather steer clear.

And so the simpering majority continue to comply, as if siding with those who steal their freedoms will buy them special privileges from their captors. Their willful ignorance is overwhelming.

It is not enough to shake our heads about it in private. Or excuse our own inaction. Or be bought off by the state with furlough cash.

A few good men need to make a stand and Fiona is one of them. I wish many more had the moral courage to stand by her side.




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41 minutes ago, Velma said:

If you're on a really crowded beach where people are less than 1m apart, then the sun and wind may not have time to kill or blow away the virus before it is inhaled by the other person."

First its alive on surfaces, then its inert, then its alive again.

Magic virus.!

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A Polish Canadian group says it severed ties five years ago with a Polish-language newspaper that published an anti-Semitic tirade suggesting Jews are behind the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Toronto-based publication twice ran an article that contained an array of anti-Jewish slurs. As well as linking Jews to the coronavirus, it said the radical Islamist group ISIL was a Jewish creation to reduce the population of gentiles, that Israel is “the cause of all the world’s woes” and that Jews control the world’s stock markets.


B’nai Brith Canada, which first brought the article to light, has filed a hate-crimes complaint about the piece with Toronto police.




Hmm... have Canadian Poles been talking to Wiley?

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4 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:




going back to the 1980s the police were fitting up people on charges for just walking about or roaming


after 40 years its time to assert oneself, not speak to the police and avoid the nonsense of magistrates courts



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On 8/6/2020 at 11:59 AM, CyprusAvenue said:

Just to add that poor people will be unable to afford decent quality food, much cheaper to buy (nutritionless) cr*p.

Exactly! Definitely not saying there is no personal choice involved, but there is a heck of a lot more to it than that. People grow up in very different financial circumstances than people would actually believe. People might look on in disgust when they see fat people taking their kids to McDonald’s or filling the supermarket trolleys with pot noodles and processed food, but what they might not know is that those parents work 14 hour shifts and get paid peanuts. Also, I have come to believe that a lot of the obesity epidemic is by design from big Pharma. Get them fat, get them ill from all the toxic food, then they rake in millions from obesity related conditions that need medication, and we’ll blame them for being weak and lazy and tell them they are destroying the NHS. I reiterate that yes people do need to make better choices, but, there are many things that can contribute to this. I’m really glad I’ve seen this, I’m thinking of making a post about it in the health board.

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People aren't 'contracting' anything, because there is nothing to 'contract'.


Same goes for the use of the word 'infected' in the same context.


More people are being 'tested', by these fake testing kits that cannot confirm the presence of a 'specific' virus.


I wonder out of all these 'new cases' being recorded how many people are actually 'asymptomatic' and aren't actually ill? Probably most of them, and the few that are probably just have a bit of a cold or hayfever.



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A shopkeeper may refuse to serve you for a number of reasons but they CANNOT refuse to serve you for not wearing a mask if you aren't doing so in accordance with iirc section 3 of the regs. Regardless of what you think about all these crappy "laws" they (the government) will be instructed that to do this they require people to go along willingly (remember the dark behind this CANNOT break freewill). The laws have opt outs and loopholes everywhere if you understand a little about the law and bother to read them (I know some are long and boring - intentionally). 


Anyone that refuses a service in such a manner is breaking the Equality Act 2010 (Old DDA act incorporated) and may be prosecuted for discrimination. 

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To add a comment to Velma's post at the top of this page. Vernon Coleman in a recent video talked about blood donors. They have been told in England to wear a mask at all times. Not to wear a mask in Wales. Vernon said he didn't know what rules had been set in Scotland but they would probably be different again.

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21 minutes ago, Principiis Obsta said:

A shopkeeper may refuse to serve you for a number of reasons but they CANNOT refuse to serve you for not wearing a mask if you aren't doing so in accordance with iirc section 3 of the regs. Regardless of what you think about all these crappy "laws" they (the government) will be instructed that to do this they require people to go along willingly (remember the dark behind this CANNOT break freewill). The laws have opt outs and loopholes everywhere if you understand a little about the law and bother to read them (I know some are long and boring - intentionally). 


Anyone that refuses a service in such a manner is breaking the Equality Act 2010 (Old DDA act incorporated) and may be prosecuted for discrimination. 

That may be true, and thank you Principiis Obsta for pointing it out, but there are unethical police and businesses who are not respecting that. We've seen the videos of managers and police throwing customers out. These people who are on camera and being thrown out should cite that law, and follow it up with mentioning Pizzagate and the secret space program, and william cooper's book Behold a Pale Horse, etc. Get as much information on record as possible for people watching to go, Huh, what did he/she say?

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If you're a glutton for punishment then feel free to read this corona virus thread on the BMXmuseum. These are some of the most ignorant dumbed down brainwashed scared males on the planet. So many of them defending masks and lockdown, it's pathetic.



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