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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, Bombadil said:

Reread nineteen eighty four the other day. First time since I was at school. So good thirty years ago.

Remembering the story and then rereading I have come to the conclusion that no one can be that bloody right about the future, surely.

Woke has brought 1984 into being with the media temples of big brother.

The world is also pretty much divided into three parts. East, west and the rest. With areas of Africa seeing more strife as they fight over their resources. Most African countries should be enormously wealthy.

Whatever you believe to be the true covid narrative. Third world countries are still taking it in the backside as usual



I have re-read it several times, and it gets move relevant as time progresses.


Brave New World is good too, but almost more of a consumerist, lotus eaters angle to it.


The other classic school novel, Atlas Shrugged,  is a tome and half!

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3 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Its definitely looking like anudda shoah

Had to check that phrase cause I genuinely hadn't read it before

Ended up on Adl site explaining it but at no point in the speel did they write another shower in plain English or phonetically explain the phrase 

Apparently it's meant to be another holocaust but sho ah...show a , shower ...shurrrelly? 

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12 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:








We only have their word that the vaccine eradicated this disease. First its important to note in our time how they shuffle the name of things to create illusions. Seasonal flu became covid. 


Lets think like a satanist for a moment and imagine cities being attacked with this pathogen in water or food. A poisoning with a seasonal type outbreak pattern. Then the miracle vaccine is developed and the disease goes away. People are grateful and hopeful at the prospects of this powerful potion while the truth is they removed the toxic agent from the food/water after they had what they wanted. The illusion of another medical holy grail.


Its just a theory born of my understanding of how they are handling covid. 100% deceit.


Again, at the risk of repeating myself, these ghouls have no interest in our health. There is no profit in robust immune systems. 


The notion of creating a crisis to become its savior is a topic often discussed. A very old recipe.


See how hooked on vaccines these nearsighted masses have become in 70 short years.



There were diseases that disappeared without vaccines - it's a miracle! ;)

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7 hours ago, Bullion said:

I thought that too, about the number of places the guy went to, more than most women I know 😂. It is a pet hate of mine to see so many men wandering around shopping centres👎.

When I was a kid it was a rare occurrence during the week and not much different on the weekends. Now you can’t get bloody men out of the shops. If they haven’t got a job I wish they’d stay home with an apron on and knit something for Chrissake!


It was all predicted by The Two Ronnies over 40 years ago.😆



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4 hours ago, jack121 said:

Hi. Am desperate for any links to vids showing empty hospitals which reveal the  " nhs is being overwhelmed " lie.


I'm talking to the sheep today and all my evidence keeps disappearing from the net. I had one vid but it got taken down, then i found another and it quickly disappeared.


Many thanks.


Please do not reply with fuck off and go do it yourself

Go to Bitchute and put 'empty hospitals'  in the search box.

Loads and loads of videos.

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41 minutes ago, zArk said:

Had to check that phrase cause I genuinely hadn't read it before

Ended up on Adl site explaining it but at no point in the speel did they write another shower in plain English or phonetically explain the phrase 

Apparently it's meant to be another holocaust but sho ah...show a , shower ...shurrrelly? 


Yeah, holocaust & just over 6 million in Israel last time I checked, all jabbered up exclusively by Pfizer.🥴





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This is an excellent analysis of the Covid mortality rates using a year's worth of NHS England mortality data against ONS population figures.


The NHS data used can be found on the link below. The file used in the video was the one called COVID 19 daily announced deaths 18 March 2021.




And the link to the ONS population estimates are here - the tool used can be found as figure 3.




I have screen-grabbed the results which compares the chances of dying "with" / surviving Covid per age range for those with pre-existing conditions and those without. It is the odds column that is perhaps most revealing showing that even the most vulnerable only have a 1 in 62 chance of dying from this so called deadly disease.





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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Artificial wombs could soon be a reality. What will this mean for women?



Get your clone baby grown with CRISPR upgrades.

"It could offer a safer alternative to traditional pregnancy and childbirth and provide a healthier environment for the foetus by eliminating the risks of drugs or alcohol and providing an ideal balance of nutrients, temperature, movement and sound."

According to the article.

Aldous Huxley eat ya heart out.


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6 minutes ago, perpetual said:


Oh....so they have moved to 'double mutant' now, have they?

Expect a very very infectious unstoppable 'triple mutant strain' in the future.


Just as they are coming up with creative names for mutant, variant, we should start saying we are immune from Covid.

Tell them that your god protect you and if they challenge that you could say that it's a religious discrimination i.e. against your belief. yes, belief....that is all it is based on...the whole thing....is it not?


alexa would know a scripture somewhere in the bible that god protects his believers. lol


2 Samuel 22:4 "I called to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and have been saved from my enemies."


Psalms 23:5 "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows."

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3 hours ago, Basket Case said:


I added another link that's live still but it won't last long. 

Can you upload it to Bitchute or Brandnewtube and post a link ? 

(if I was on my laptop I'd do it myself) 


Edit; Bitchute link for when this is removed - https://www.bitchute.com/video/4PT9sy8ljY0p/ 



So sad after watching this, i know quite a few people who work for the NHS and only 1, a consultant gastroenterologist, agrees with me about this being BS, the rest are totally either stupid or lying.

The consultant wrote a thesis years ago on the PCR test, interestingly enough.

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This above article is interesting, shows what the mainstream seem to be saying about Guillain- Barre syndrome, which anti vax people like me associate with vaccine injury.


From the article:


Several microorganisms have been associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome, most notably Campylobacter jejuni, Zika virus, and in 2020, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. 





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