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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 hours ago, DarianF said:

"If trials proved they were safe, I would vaccinate every child old enough to receive it, as a condition of receiving a state education."


The ‘no jab, no job’ for care workers is a start – but the government needs to go even further


No state education without a jab. Sounds like a win win situation to me👍

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5 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

Follow the science!! Its all in the "Grandmother Hypothesis"







It starts and ends with grannies 🤣

My experience of Italy taught me that grandparents are the rock on which the whole society rests. Always looking after the children, feeding etc, whilst the parents work and play.

I do see the funny side, but IMO removing the possibility of meeting your own family, is a deliberate act to break down the family dynamic. No need for families and loved one the government is your family

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23 minutes ago, jack121 said:

Hi. Am desperate for any links to vids showing empty hospitals which reveal the  " nhs is being overwhelmed " lie.


I'm talking to the sheep today and all my evidence keeps disappearing from the net. I had one vid but it got taken down, then i found another and it quickly disappeared.


Many thanks.


Please do not reply with fuck off and go do it yourself





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Kirsty Miller, a Band 5 NHS nurse, has resigned as she cannot stay silent any more over Covid.


She says that the NHS has not been overwhelmed and hospitals have been quiet throughout the pandemic with lockdown restrictions causing more damage than respiratory illnesses. She says that other staff want to speak out too but are afraid of losing their jobs. But some healthcare professionals are, like her, willing to start coming forward to speak out. 




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40 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Reread nineteen eighty four the other day. First time since I was at school. So good thirty years ago.

Remembering the story and then rereading I have come to the conclusion that no one can be that bloody right about the future, surely.

Woke has brought 1984 into being with the media temples of big brother.

The world is also pretty much divided into three parts. East, west and the rest. With areas of Africa seeing more strife as they fight over their resources. Most African countries should be enormously wealthy.

Whatever you believe to be the true covid narrative. Third world countries are still taking it in the backside as usual

We should support a developing Africa as it worries nwo so much.


Winston should have pushed his wife off the cliff.🤣

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2 hours ago, zArk said:

There was a documentary on Theodore Herzl a few years back. It did street interviews using quotes from Herzl and all the Israelis thought they were Hitler quotes..


He hated the common Jew especially orthodox Jews. 


Agreed the final solution apartheid within a an apartheid is a puzzler & the silence from world Jewry is deadly.

Its definitely looking like anudda shoah.

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Remember Jordan Maxwell used to go on about the birth certificate number & how we are all traded on the stock market..

I never really bought into that, but with the new id2020 Great Reset I think we will all become assets & traded like slaves.

You will be valued on your social credit status & allocated DNA upgrades or CRISPR maybe to stop your dying from the increased toxic environment.





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1 hour ago, Velma said:


The Vaccine Minister plans a September roll-out of booster vaccines for the over-seventies to protect them from variants.


Therefore, we must assume that if the first two doses of vaccine did not offer that protection, against variants, then do they have a different vaccine that does and how were they able to develop it in a matter of weeks, since these new variants appeared?


I could have ‘covid’ right now, according to Hancock, but don’t know it. So, that’s fine by me, since I feel perfectly healthy. However, they claim you can transmit it to the “vulnerable groups” who will die and you will be a killer. But, these people are all vaccinated now, so my asymptomatic transmissible covid, will affect no one, except me and it doesn’t.

i think at this point it doesn't matter....people listent to media and obey 

goverments will say what the cult ordered them to....


they are pushing it in intervals from the start,if it is a major holiday or start of fall/winter....you know the narrative 



sowing fear and paranoia through media

killing people while calling it " we are taking care about you"

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9 hours ago, Matistuta said:

I can't help but wonder about the circumstances of Alan Watt's death, news of which hit me quite hard.


To lose him at such a pivotal moment seemed like a devastating blow. For my money, he was the best of the best.


It's as if this material plane is finally being merged with their technological, Through the Looking Glass sub-reality.


It seems an absurd thing to say, but I'm beginning to feel as though the time has come to make peace with the idea that our days are now numbered. I'm not doctrinally religious by any means, but I feel very strongly that to accept their New Normal is to tether one's soul to this realm of the fallen.

I've long since known that this "reality" is just a vibrational field within a greater reality, and this shit show for sure is to somehow vibrationally entrap and control certain fields of consciousness. Which is all we are ultimately. 

But where to go with this from there is the question.


The vaccine really must be pivotal to their evil plan, as they have put everything into making people beg to be jabbed.

But what nobody anywhere has raised, that I can see, is how it could, theoretically, affect not just coding DNA but also non-coding, so called junk DNA.

The key difference between us as humans and all other life on this planet is our "junk DNA", 98.5% of our DNA. This is our link to source, our ability to think, imagine, co-create, our intelligence.



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