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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 minutes ago, banjo dog said:

That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it. 



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8 minutes ago, banjo dog said:

That reminds me D.I was talking about some mind virus he was looking into a few months ago. Some thing he had heard about from native American Indians. Cant remember what it was called but they had a specific name for it. 



I was discussing something similar with someone (awakened) today.


Society has a collective mental illness.

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20 minutes ago, perpetual said:

Gareth is right you know.


It's probably not funny to those that are involved...delayed parcels and all that but this is a sign.

We've been talking about sea and this news came.

Block the hell out of the cabels plan. Disrupt using only your mind. Thought crime isn't illegal...yet so use it while you can. ;)

what did Gareth say about this?

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9 hours ago, bamboozooka said:



This is likely their òut` - too many not wanting the vaccine..... Get people to agree to the spray... by prescription... keep pumping this shit up their noses. Right into the area of the olfactory bulb and cribriform plate.... genius...


It will likely be put in other medications for respiratory problems and no one will notice...


They just want this in your body... they dont care how. 

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22 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

Yes! Your link explains the pathways. Appreciate your putting it up. From your link;








Thanks for unpacking that!


I knew I'd read somewhere, years ago, there was an actual scientific reason why, out of all the 5 physical senses, smell is the only one that can trigger a memory "taking you back there" instantly, without having to 'try' to remember and then being 'taken back"


- like the smell of an ex's favourite perfume you smell wafting as you walk through a crowd and she will instantly come to mind; compared to


- hearing a song and then thinking about that time when you were young; or


- seeing a photo and then thinking about that time.....


does that make sense? [no pun intended]


Something to do with it by-passing the logical part of the brain too, by memory.



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7 hours ago, Truthspoon said:

God not this again.


Who washes their hands with hand sanitizer?


That's not called washing your hands is it?


Have you heard of soap?


Seriously what has happened to your brains?


Feel like the whole world  has literally gone mad.





I am going to gently weigh in here. 

Many people are `washing`their hands with hand sanitizer. You see it everywhere...at most stores, most public places at entrances and within. You see parents dousing their kids in it. They have it in their pockets, in their handbags in small handbag sizes. If you havent seen this I have to ask `where have you been for the last 12 months`  


Soap - yes you can get some natural soaps... but they are very expensive in comparison to the shyt soap that most can afford.  Soap can cause skin problems, not everyone can use soap. So pushing soap isn`t always a win win. 


However, hot water and friction on skin can remove mostly everything. What it cant remove likely wont matter. But the crap like sanitizers and chemicals in soaps often does matter. One of my kids had eczema and could use nothing but water and a natural barrier cream for many years. A family member had dermatitis on her hands... could not use anything..in fact cotton gloves were a mainstay until the realization that soap caused it.


I worked in a hospital for years... before todays  hand sanitizers were rolled out. We washed our hands with a natural soap....and encouraged to use chlorhexidine which smelled like hell - so not all would use it. I never saw any ward based infections, not one. We used natural soap and water. Wounds were irrigated with salt solutions not chemical solutions. 


I dont believe our bodies need to be assaulted by chemicals. We have built in immune systems and if cherished they will work for us.


With this so called `covid`bodies are being attacked by bacteria (masks), sanitizer ( chemicals) `vaccine` ( God knows the full extent of that beast) Swab tests ( EO ). Immune systems must be in a constant state of frenzy. I believe it is a frenzy by design.


I dont think anyone is taunting you or corralling you - I think they feel that you are missing the obvious... this is frustrating.  Maybe just take a look at your posts in an objective manner and instead of feeling under attack...maybe think that maybe people actually care that people fully grasp that not everything is in black and white. Most of the time there are varying shades of grey... and the truth is often within those hues.

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1 hour ago, Fluke said:

@Mr H Yes!!! I was thinking the same. They have changed. Something very inhuman about most people today. But there was a massive change in 2020 and its like we are a different species to them now.. 


Yeah we disagree on things but i believe we actually need a sort of tribe to survive this insanity. Because many are still sentient. They might not go to protests or be truther types but i am sure there are thousands that feel the same way.




I dont like chill charlie turn coat but this video from 2009 made me sad. 


Note the 3 silly young girls at the begining. I am not a dirty nonce or anything but the first thing that struck me was they seemed to have souls. They were not taking the piss, and were just fucking about. Just kids, innocent and not caring. Now they would be older than me now.


But in 12 years look how much has changed. Not only was everybodies energy in the video more upbeat, something seems a lot darker about society. 



1 hour ago, Mr Chinnery said:

Do you know why they give kids drugs... to control their minds



So for whatever reason I cannot put this above the multiquotes.  And have to make do with underneath.


I want to apologise for my post mocking Truthspoon last night :


It was supposed to be a throwaway joke but I see the parralells to cancel culture. I'm sorry. Not that you or anyone else noticed it.


Those kids had heart didn't they talking of above, this is all messed up.


Lastly that film was a good watch, not common lately, have a look I'm sure you won't have anything better to do for an hour and a half soon. And after looking it up I see it's 17 years old at this point hardly recent, christ. I got there late.


If you can't be bothered to find and watch it here's the sippy cup hush little baby version your mummy would have served you. If she hadn't abandoned you after birth.





PS Charlie is showing up on Marti Blagboroughs channel lately getting love for being a fantastic guy. Maybe put a note in there for the old bastards, he was convinced 911 was legit by looking at lego bricks thanks to the BBC.

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On 3/26/2021 at 8:04 AM, Truthspoon said:


Too Lazy for Make-up

In Japan, it’s pretty much common sense that you’re always dressed up and put on make-up as a woman, even if you just go out to the supermarket around the corner.
But sometimes you just don’t feel like putting on make-up or are too lazy. Or maybe a big pimple is annoying you.
Then, the masks come in handy.














😂 Vain much. 

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Well.  Waited for them all to get pissed up and disoriented before setting on them. 

flower power and flirting didn’t work after all. 


I support them but this is coming from the universities. No acknowledgement of how Labour have just backed the tories for extra powers at all. It’s all just Tory v Labour still.  

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1 hour ago, perpetual said:

32 minutes in. 


There is a global shipping crisis (prior to the Suez shambles) and 90% of goods are moved by ship. Creative destruction - if you want to create something new, you destroy what is already there.

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21 hours ago, oz93666 said:

It's understood that nano chips have been in food for over 10 years , we supposedly all have these in our bodies transducing signals carried on 3/4/5G into a form that is accepted by the subconscious mind , sending background suggestions " trust government" etc ....

I agree, they've also been added wholesale into all the pharmaceuticals we take; antibiotics etc, not to mention kiddie vax - building little antennas inside us.. I'd imagine the mRNA jabs will have something to do with, among other things obviously, assisting/finalising the process before 5/6/7G Star-link is switched to 'go live' at the Global Level.-gotta get it "in enough arms" as all the talking heads keep repeating ad nauseum before then though.....may take a little while longer yet before this occurs though, but that's when all holly hell will break lose.


-I dare say a focused trial 'activation' will be happening in The Holy Land soon though: hence mega jabs so fast and the complete closure of all airspace, no commercial planes in or out.





Elon Musk's Starlink to beam 'ultra-fast internet' to USA this year – with  GLOBAL coverage in 2021 promised


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We only have their word that the vaccine eradicated this disease. First its important to note in our time how they shuffle the name of things to create illusions. Seasonal flu became covid. 


Lets think like a satanist for a moment and imagine cities being attacked with this pathogen in water or food. A poisoning with a seasonal type outbreak pattern. Then the miracle vaccine is developed and the disease goes away. People are grateful and hopeful at the prospects of this powerful potion while the truth is they removed the toxic agent from the food/water after they had what they wanted. The illusion of another medical holy grail.


Its just a theory born of my understanding of how they are handling covid. 100% deceit.


Again, at the risk of repeating myself, these ghouls have no interest in our health. There is no profit in robust immune systems. 


The notion of creating a crisis to become its savior is a topic often discussed. A very old recipe.


See how hooked on vaccines these nearsighted masses have become in 70 short years.



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27 minutes ago, Saved said:

32 minutes in. 


There is a global shipping crisis (prior to the Suez shambles) and 90% of goods are moved by ship. Creative destruction - if you want to create something new, you destroy what is already there.

1 solitary ship goes off course and blocks one of the busiest shipping routes in the world! Utter bullshit!...and it draws a cock and balls on its navigation map!

The word gullible needs to be redefined as one of the most common characteristics of the human race.


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19 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

The belly of the beast. The witches covin.



Have you seen this?

Published Jan.2017






and heard this interview about pfzer?


about how the labs making Pfizer's mRNA  was compromised and how genes could be 'switched on and off'


This is Hearing No. 37 of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee with \ Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krueger, beginning at minute 3.56.38 of the hearing to the end.


Some responses at the end


Dr. H: That’s criminal, unbelievable. Terrifying.



VSK: Yes, that’s exactly how I see it. They have a deadline of the end of July of this year for these investigations, and then the decision will be made as to whether the vaccine receives final authorisation or not; it only has a temporary authorisation at the moment from what I understand. The problem is that all these analysis techniques, protocols, all these commitments they have to make, it’s all running parallel to the vaccines actually being administered – that’s what’s so disastrous.


RF: If we wait until July we won’t have any Israelis left as far as I can tell. Holy Shit.

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4 minutes ago, Outsider said:


The word gullible needs to be redefined as one of the most common characteristics of the human race.


That cock n balls though . . Derrr. That's a funny coincidence.



Tits! Arse! Where's the latest on that?!

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