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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Hey @BossCrow following up on our Blade discussion. Just remember, he was way ahead of his time on gender equality. All were treated the same 😆...



😆 Reminds me about another Snipes film I need to watch again - Demolition Man. Think I saw a bit of it on tv in the 90s.


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1 hour ago, DarianF said:


Whoever wrote that script knew something 😉

Have you heard of 'The Tripods'? It was a BBC series from 1984, based on novels written in the 60s. They aired it in the Dr Who slot about 6pm. Clip here -




I was reminded of it at start of covid with talk of forced vaxxes. And again with Event 201 (fictional CAPS virus). And then Musk's brain chip-





the BBC removed most Tripods clips from YT a few months into the lockdown.


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7 hours ago, Saved said:

If the Great Reset is their next main stepping stone, perhaps they need to be in a position where they can openly blame Covid for the world economic collapse.


Summer 2022

"We tried everything for two and a half long years, everything! We sacrificed all we could to beat Covid, from lockdowns to strict social distancing, vaccines - and as a result the Western world is near bankrupt.


We are almost there but the economic devastation caused by trillions of hours of lost working hours, furlough payments running into many hundreds of billions, bailouts for businesses, jobs gone in their tens of millions and no spending power has all but killed any chance of recovery


We must reset. We must sacrifice one more time. In decades past people laid down their lives to defeat fascism. This enemy has no political face and is indiscriminate. 


I reiterate that we are almost there. We simply have to reset the economy - not just here but everywhere. Tens of millions of you cannot pay your mortgage or pay your rent. We understand the gut wrenching uncertainty that you are all feeling.


I reiterate the need to sacrifice. Your country needs you. Those struggling to put food on the table need you.


We must reset"


They are going in all or nothing.


When you take a step back and look at it this seems to be where we're heading. 


When you watch films about the future where the population is under total control,  I often wonder how it got to that stage. How the human race accepted a situation where theirs lives would be completely dominated by a few, and not only that they demanded that this should happen.


Sadly you only have to look at where we are right now to see how this is going to play out.


The last line in @Saved post is the only hope I have left, by that I mean they are going to push it so far and hard that people will snap and start to at least, look at what's really going on.


My Mother is 74 and throughout all this she's tried to get on with things and take each day as it comes. During our last conversation she (for the first time) was utterly fed up with the whole mess and there was even anger with the lockdowns. 


But the biggest worry for me is my 4 year old boy, I feel so sad when I look at him knowing what a shitstorm we're approaching.

I really hope they fuck it all up, and sooner rather than later....

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5 hours ago, FVCK BILLY G4TES said:

Every day that passes I feel more and more terrified that this is really happening


Olam ha ba my arse, all this constructed and incepted by the jewish religion from the kabbalah to the zohar, torah and talmud.


Even though I know how this ends it brings me zero comfort whatsoever. 






Yep I just read about this Billy ( no jab, no pint) these ZIONISTS are doing a real good job on us all :classic_angry: I can see what coming next ' no jab, no supermarkets' then the shit's going to hit the fan.

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7 hours ago, skitzorat said:

And the old and infirm DIE from it..that's LIFE...it's natures way...and some times years can go by and weak versions of cold n flu circulate so the old and infirm live on a few more years then a particularly bad season comes through and takes them all out!


All this 10th  "wave" bullshittery is SO unscientific it's not funny...even real viral epidemics don't keep coming and coming with endless surges... they sweep through and take the low hanging fruit - be they old, be they infirm, be they weak, fragile children or the particularly unlucky.. and IF it sweeps around again, the strong are already immune from severe dis-ease and "it" takes the next lot of low hanging fruit, even if they weren't quite ready to drop off the vine...hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, not to mention common sense,  thrown to wind like the Roman Emperors ashes were when Alaric and his Goths sacked Rome in 410CE!  Like the city of Rome, the human body his being sacked by hostel foreign forces for the first time in 800 years.

Sack of Rome by the Visigoths on 24 August 410 by JN Sylvestre 1890.jpg


The damage this hysteria has done to real science, just like trust in police, is irreversible and yet the sheeple yell "science" with so much self righteousness it makes me sick...."Trust the science" "the science is settled" - People behind this can't be trusted and Science is never settled (yes the Earth is a globe, that's 'settled' but quantum physics now tells us it's just a ball of atoms vibrating at different frequencies and our consciousness is what gives our reality "shape" so it may not be a 'globe' in the strictest sense either, just an illusion🤔)



- strangely enough these shriekers never question why this 'pandemic" "vaccine" science is never questioned/other points of view censored- when that's the very foundation of the empirical scientific method that, thanks to the enlightened European minds of the 17th C., catapulted humanity into the modern age; constant questioning! (I only bold that to be facetious because our culture and history is under attack)

What Was The Scientific Revolution Of The 16th Through 18th Centuries? -  WorldAtlas


P.S. sorry about the waffling rant.

P.P.S LOLZ 'vics vapour rub moment' 🤣  - (I used to eat that stuff when I was a kid🤪 never had a cold lol)



Please dont ever appologise....i actually love the rants, the honesty. Love that youve taken the time to put this together.

Fantastic and wonderful.......and it just reminds me i need to keep reading and learning stuff because im years off you fuckers 😂


But seriously Brilliant n thank you.


The bottom image is brilliant.....n it makes you realise without been too vulgar why DARPA, and the cia put forward and secretly fund things like PORNHUB........today this image would be very different and no questions asked 😅

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5 hours ago, DarianF said:

@Anti Facts Sir and the topic of mothers/parents. It's also disturbing to read their forums where they discuss finding ways to make a child wear a mask. https://winnie.com/post/tips-for-getting-my-kid-cb4a138a MORONS. Bill Gates is laughing his arse off.

Bill Gates despises women. He'll actually be whacking off to such content.

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3 hours ago, Matistuta said:

I think he was groomed for this role for a long time, and that he certainly knew the score about how it really works at the con level, but I wonder if he truly understood the scale of what was to be expected of him.


As far as I'm concerned, there's no doubt whatsoever that his hospitalisation last year was actually him being taken away and set straight. It would also explain the strange woman who was attached to him in the run-up to his ascent.

show me images of this woman if youv got any ant tag me in please .

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5 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:


Fucking hell. Talk about in our faces. Our compromised, altered DNA (at least for the idiots who take the juice) they mean.

PCR is the DNA grab im telling ya. The PCR is not testing for a virus, its got 2 functions...keep up figures n collect DNA

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8 minutes ago, mathewtwatson said:

PCR is the DNA grab im telling ya. The PCR is not testing for a virus, its got 2 functions...keep up figures n collect DNA


What I can't understand is why do they want everybody's DNA ?

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2 hours ago, BossCrow said:

Always enjoy that clip too. I like the way he commentates on it like Gates was assassinated.😂

The pie clip shows what a cowardly man he is. The hands demonstrate absolute terror on his part, as if he is thinking for three intense seconds that this is his last moment before the eternity he dreaded.


Pathetic, inadequate, Kermit-voiced coward.

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5 minutes ago, alexa said:


What I can't understand is why do they want everybody's DNA ?

i honestly believe....n it is really sinister........it will decide who lives and it will be a blood database for the elites n future children.


did you know SERCO is owned by the crown, SERCO also runs the immigration centers linked with child trafficking, Serco also own n runs the Blood banks in a huge number of countries, Serco is going to have a huge role in the future ID sytem.


The DNA database, and blood library.





not been in the know can be a bastard. 

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