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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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What data might that be? Was it deliberate, not saying, should the designers at Zeneca have known better, not saying. What did they do wrong, not saying. Brilliant investigation.




"Not certain!!", they say. Was it or wasn't it?


Why aren't police forensics labs having a go at determining if the formula was deliberately made to injure or not? Watching this carnage I can't help thinking the only analysis equipment in the world is in pharma labs. Don't police agencies know of the existance of poisoners? All owned.


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5 hours ago, shadowmoon said:



Quite a different outlook there from Joe on tobacco.

When I  was young the majority of  adults  smoked, cancer was much rarer.

Few smokers now and cancer  we are told is 1 in 3 people. 


Yeah, nothing is as it used to be since they’ve weaponised everything against us, not least of all, food.


If I pass two people and one is smoking ‘clean’ tobacco and the other is smoking toxic chemical tobacco I’m still avoiding both as I don’t want to incinerate my organs by breathing in disgusting smoke of any kind especially that which has been ingested and then expelled, whether by nose or mouth, by someone else.




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Reading this reminded me of my thoughts when I studied the second world war and the aftermath. How people just celebrated the end of that genocide with music, dance, hope. The history of that war is rife with examples of strategies designed to kill as many as possible in the worst imaginable way yet they danced and sang and the mood was high. They had no assurances the nightmare might just start up again in a few months but they celebrated. The lives lost unjustly were soon forgotten in the spotlight of other deaths that never happened. Nothing had changed, new oppressive bureaucracies remained in place and the press were as full of crap as ever and the politicians still lied through their teeth. But society reset without anything more than the "rigged" Nuremburg trials. People bought the war narrative and the fallen were heros. This article reminds me of such apathy and ignorance.

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12 minutes ago, Fluke said:

Good to see the youngsters out protesting as well. 


This is the biggest demo I’ve seen since ‘Don’t Attack Iraq’ and not a mask in sight (apart from police) which is most encouraging. Everyone is walking at pace, so they won’t catch Covid! (lol) The crisis actors are there of course, followed closely by Ruptly, ready for a much publicised arrest, but even they have become insignificant among the crowd.


This free expression and right to assembly is what the government propose banning and calling a “breach of peace” because of the noise levels. It should end in a massive street festival, if someone brought a sound-system, but the police look aggressive and stressed they are outnumbered, by people who are genuinely pissed!


The crowd is venting twelve months of pent-up frustration and anger, all races, ages, genders and creeds.

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For some people the only social contact they have is hair grooming. They look forward to it. They like how it boosts their morale. Of course a boosted morale also boosts the immune system and we can't have that can we.


I recall in my youth all those hairdresser girls we met in bars. We could go to their home for grooming or they would come to my house. These days they no doubt have tracking algorithms to monitor hairdressers see if they try to byass the politburo restrictions. The government also "assumed" the gratuities earned and tax that without any accounting. They decided what they think customers are giving. Everything the government touches turns to crap.

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Reflecting on social distancing got me wondering how pickpockets were faring in the last year 🤣


Close proximity to the target is paramount.


Curfews and lockdowns took the streets away from the gangs to a large degree. They can't just blend in anymore without considerable inconvenience. During the restricted hours. The rest of the time masks have opened other opportunities for criminal activity.

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1 minute ago, SimonTV said:

BBC NEWS no coverage of 50k people protesting in London today. 


Instead live coverage of "first adult getting the vaccine" 🤦‍♂️🙄






Not showing aerial footage from their 'eye-in-the-sky' either!

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