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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Guest Gone Fishing...
53 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:


I didn't say to them I was medically-exempt.  I said I was exempt.  I'm was simply pointing out that Morrisons demand that someone be medically-exempt (or did at the time) and I considered that contrary to the regulations and that was the basis of my dispute with them.  My post says the diametric opposite thing to what you and others have interpreted.


Morrison's staff were behaving illegally. 

Not your fault. 

Not any members fault. 

I'm sorry to hear you were treated in such a way. 

Perhaps print out the relevant information next time and take it with you ? 


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11 hours ago, pete675 said:


Is the first photo for real? Not altered in any way?


First thing I noticed was not the increasingly maniacal-looking Boris, but the Israeli flag on the back wall..

on second glance an NHS poster, but it mimics the flag exactly...

Both were founded in 1948 as well. 👹☠️💀

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6 minutes ago, CosmoGenesis said:

Arent there anti lockdown protests today all over European capitals?


Anyone got any livestreams??


All I can find is this going live at 12.30




Dont know if its the live event or someone talking about it

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Check this bogus fact check, ehhh we corrected our article emm emm emm. Reuters are so discredited and nothing but a bunch of dirty liars. 




He says directly about as directly as you get a quote when it is on video. That PCR tests do not show infection. Which means using them to detect infection is a fraud. Fact check that Reuters. 

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2 hours ago, Dotty said:

The ones of you who red Kary Mullins book, what is your view on the chapter ‘Case Not Closed’?


I do consider Mullins as a very honest and true scientist.

I actually got excited reading the chapter as it reveals exactly how the pharma / disease sience mafia works. Just pure greed, full of lies, manipulation and self drive for recognition to accelerate own carrier.

All I can say everybody should read it. it shows everything pharma related should be questioned and scrutinised first before accepting it as a mere true.


Thank you.

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28 minutes ago, CosmoGenesis said:


All I can find is this going live at 12.30




Dont know if its the live event or someone talking about it



Just been watching this live stream from Germany-

couldn't find any independent/UK ones so far, but I'm expecting Subject Access or Tyrant Finder UK will be there on YT at some point.



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Oregon Health Officials Propose Making Mask Mandates Permanent





These cowards would wear masks for the rest of their lives if they could. I think it gives them a mental crutch and also it helps them identify people who are going to follow orders. Imagine being a corrupt politicians and having the ability to see which people you can trust with your corruption, the ones following orders and not asking questions, the ones that tow the line. 

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