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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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42 minutes ago, Bullion said:

Here’s the new campaign for ‘sticky blood’, coincides nicely with the AstraZeneca shot and death by blood clot. You see, it’s not the shot at all, it’s because you smoke, in fact it’s the result of anything other than the shot. They’ll start with smoking and nuance it out till it blankets everyone who doesn’t smoke. If i was forced vaxxed and died of a clot it’d be because I own a cat 🐈 



Quite a different outlook there from Joe on tobacco.

When I  was young the majority of  adults  smoked, cancer was much rarer.

Few smokers now and cancer  we are told is 1 in 3 people. 


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The ones of you who red Kary Mullins book, what is your view on the chapter ‘Case Not Closed’?


I do consider Mullins as a very honest and true scientist.

I actually got excited reading the chapter as it reveals exactly how the pharma / disease sience mafia works. Just pure greed, full of lies, manipulation and self drive for recognition to accelerate own carrier.

All I can say everybody should read it. it shows everything pharma related should be questioned and scrutinised first before accepting it as a mere true.


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On 3/19/2021 at 7:15 AM, skitzorat said:


Acupuncture would be the same, I've imagined it (still wouldnt look however) ... its the whole "going in" to a vein and someone having control over my being-

ness - dentist as I lay back mouth open - a nurse with my arm strapped up sucking out my blood  - that stimulates the response - even watching it on tv or thinking about it...


This still happens using general anaesthesia, in fact I would posit it’s more so than having local, where at least you are awake and can see if the doc is molesting you. My daughter had her wisdom teeth out under general and was afraid she wouldn’t wake up, which some people don’t. I think general is the ultimate in someone having total control over ones being, just as well it’s not Billy Gates since he would love to control who lives and who dies in a more direct and speedy way.

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3 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:





Homeschooling your kids is the greatest thing a person can do to break the stranglehold the cabal have on the future.


Just saying for those that always wonder what we can do as individuals to change the world and eliminate mind parasitism.

My lady who is Italian taught my daughters here in U.K. Different education style to Italy, concepts and methods totally different to when I was a kid. I got my daughters to do off curriculum projects. Ancient Egypt, Animal classification and a project where they had to find and identify as many life forms in our garden/local area.

We both loved every minute and resent the media’s narrative of parents celebrating their children being back at school.

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2 hours ago, Athenry04 said:

It was no famine, it was indeed a genocide.

I’m British, but have never had Issues with the Irish or Ireland. Amazing memory’s of seeing friends as a child in Cork. 
In my opinion the Irish have always been treated like shite by the British establishment, even now when you consider using N. Ireland as a bargaining chip for Brexit.

They were treated like shite in U.S despite between them and the Asians building most of it. Railroads etc.

Hope the term does not offend as not intended to!  When talking to our friend Nuala from cork in her late eighties she said her father always said the Irish were treated as the “white niggers.” I appreciate a lot of people find it unpleasant as a word but as she said, “ talk to the elderly Irish and they’ll agree as their ancestors always treated like second class humans by the Brits. 



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1 hour ago, alexa said:


It was a real & horrific experience to go through for me, let alone for my mother. All night I had to stay with her to make sure she got hydrated vi the drip, then coincidentally the drip kept going on the blink all night where by I had to keep calling the nurse. These B's make me sick.

Horrible experience. And yet remember to clap our heroes

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On 3/19/2021 at 6:00 PM, shadowmoon said:


Real world events don't usually make it into these soaps, they exist in a TV bubble. 

Not anymore, New Amsterdam ( just coincidently was going to feature a viral pandemic episode last season which they said they pulled when the ‘real’ pandemic started) and Greys Anatomy are full on Covid oriented.

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On 3/11/2021 at 3:09 PM, Beaujangles said:



I think the fact that our bodies need oxygen and expel carbon dioxide is a medical fact. Restricting someones breathing is a criminal offence last I checked ie strangulation and suffocation to name but two.  Forcing someone to do same to self surely falls into an even wider realm of criminal possibilities... ie holding a gun to someones head. 


By saying that medically you are exempt you are stating that you need and want to breathe sufficient oxygen. You don't do well with excess carbon dioxide. It causes you distress to be forced to do things against your will and better judgment, which in turn causes you to get thoughts that would not normally occur...like punching the lights out of anyone who crosses your path and insists that you follow orders that are in violation of your natural human state and conflict with your natural human emotions...


I'd say that was medical and psychological reasons for being EXEMPT.....


I didn't say to them I was medically-exempt.  I said I was exempt.  I'm was simply pointing out that Morrisons demand that someone be medically-exempt (or did at the time) and I considered that contrary to the regulations and that was the basis of my dispute with them.  My post says the diametric opposite thing to what you and others have interpreted.

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On 3/11/2021 at 4:07 PM, Not Thoth said:

Wearing a mask is a sign that you consent to the ruling class trafficking children and them fucking and killing them. The thought of that causes me distress. I don't consider THAT to be wimpy.


That's a rhetorical twisting of what I said.  I simply pointed out the intrusiveness of being asked for the basis of the exemption at all and how it was demeaning to be asked and have to reveal it (if you do, and looks wimpy, etc.).

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