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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, sambaking7 said:

Thoughts on Trump urging his supporters to get the vaccine, @FrankVitali??


Will you finally admit you were duped.


Nah, who's duped me?


Trump got more votes so should still be president. I think he makes a better president than Biden..


I don't believe in these Covid vaccines.  Trump maybe does, it's what you know and how much you research. So I'd argue I am more intelligent than Trump with regards to the vaccines.

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1 hour ago, Bombadil said:

Talk of delays with vaccine availability now, for about 4 weeks.

Another reason given in advance to delay getting “ back to normal.”


That would very much fit in with them hanging it out as long as possible, which they have already been doing, resulting in maximum damage to the economy.


I was wondering if they were on purpose slowing the vaccine rolllout, without admitting it, as they hit the lower age bands with much lower voluteering rates for vaccination.

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I dont watch much tv news or current events programs, but i always look out for how the word pandemic is negociated by the presenter or guest, especially at the start of it all. Before we were aware of the fact you could argue whether something was a pandemic or not. A tv event rather than seeing dead people on the way to the shops.

     A slight pause before the word, tentatively selling you the bs. Particularly with the British media. maybe its the same elsewhere.

Its like a scaled down version of the women in the mills mouthing words over the din. Maybe its just me, but you have to take your amusement where you can these days

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Does anyone remember a conversation we had in this thread where i joked that the tanzanian presidents plane would crash into the ground?


I can't find that post anywhere


@Velma i think you were involved in that conversation?


I also mentioned that putting a taperecorder on a plane that had a bomb inside was the method used by the CIA/mossad to take down planes in south and central america with their democratically elected leaders onboard. I have tried so many keyword searches and i can't find those posts anywhere


Have they been deleted by someone????

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This pretty much describes the vast majority of covid believers. They know nothing because they refuse to investigate yet they are sold on total fabrications. I have seen people laugh off a perfectly well structured explanation of the hoax while neglecting to claim they will check it out later. In the wild these folk dont survive the night. 

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1 hour ago, Human10 said:

'covid regulations' WTF... 🤢

Yup, we used to a thing called a constitution, and our laws were supposed to be based on this.

Basically now our constitution is about as worthless as toilet paper, as our country decends into our new (covid regulations) totalitarian nightmare.

I have to say though, there is now a lot more people starting to question the narrative, but most are too terrified of doing anything about it, even going to a protest is off limits for most of these folks.

I tell you, if this is some sort of massive test to see if humanity should continue, then we have failed miserably.


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2 hours ago, truther79 said:

I agree. 


The big issue or problem so to speak, is that some do not see that people need to be educated in steps.


When teaching, you don't start a kid off by getting them to do geometry or statistical analysis in Maths. You start them off by doing basic adding, taking away etc.


If you go full-on like this guy, as right as he is, people can't take it in.


Start with the basics. Step by step. You'll win more people to the cause that way. In my opinion.


Yes, that's how to un-brainwash people. Get them to admit one single fact that is an inconsistency. That cracks open their mind. Eg, The average life expectancy in the UK is 81 years. The average age of people reportedly dying of Covid is 82.5 yrs.

But all I see everywhere is literal psychosis, I'd never challenge them, they are too far gone most of them. 

I'm the only mum who goes to our primary school without a mask, and the only mum whose child at our secondary doesn't get tested or wear a mask- literally, the only one. 



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8 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

Does anyone remember a conversation we had in this thread where i joked that the tanzanian presidents plane would crash into the ground?


I can't find that post anywhere


wow....there is no trace of that conversation ever having happened on this forum!


Someone has deleted it. It's either been deleted by the staff or someone has hacked the forum

Tanzania's Covid-sceptic President John Magufuli dies from 'heart complications' aged 61 after not being seen in public for two weeks amid rumours he had contracted coronavirus

  • Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan announced the death in a televised address
  • Magufuli had not been seen in public since February 27, spurring rumours
  • There was speculation he contracted Covid, but VP said he died of heart illness 

By Reuters

Published: 20:55, 17 March 2021 | Updated: 21:41, 17 March 2021

Tanzania's President John Magufuli, one of Africa's most prominent coronavirus sceptics, has died aged 61.

Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan announced the president's death in a televised national address on Wednesday.

Magufuli had not been seen in public since February 27, sparking rumours that he had contracted COVID-19. Officials denied on March 12 that he had fallen ill.


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4 hours ago, perpetual said:

Some of you have ditched TV because you realised that it's a mouthpiece of the cabal i.e. BS

What I hated most were the advertisements. You watch a show and start rolling along with the tempo of the drama then they sack your concentration to blast you with some loud advertisement about catfood. It plagued me throughout my youth and I have blamed that practice for the epidemic levels of attention deficit disorder in society. Always being intruded upon and redirected several times during a 30 minutes segment. I have heard people dismiss these intrusions as great opportunities to run to the fridge for snacks. I was the type that had everything ready to sit and enjoy the show without becoming a ferret on a double cappucino at every commercial 🤣

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3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


do you remember a conversation in this forum where some of us were joking that he was going to die?


That conversation appears to have been completely wiped off the forum

Yep I can clearly remember it being discussed.....the proles won't care less or know who he was but for us lot this is serious shit.

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