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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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"I had my first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at 0930 in the morning. That evening I spiralled rapidly downhill and could barely scrape myself out of bed for the next three days. The worst was the migraine and vomiting, but I also had aches, chills and exhaustion, " says James Gallagher, the BBC's health and science correspondent.


"I'm going to be open and honest with you: the vaccine floored me" he said.


"That's caused by the inflammatory response," Eleanor Riley, a professor of immunology and infectious disease at Edinburgh University, told me. "Let's be clear, even with hindsight I'd do it all again. I'd rather have side effects than Covid, or another year of restrictions, or to accidentally pass the virus onto a loved one."


Any other reactions, like blood clots, or death, are pure coincidence and the European Medicines Agency has said there is "no indication that vaccination has caused these conditions." How convenient! So, the message from James Gallagher is, no matter how ill you get from the vaccine, it's worth it!



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17 minutes ago, Velma said:


Utterly disturbing, the way they repeat faithfully the mantra, word for word, as dictated by one agitator with a bullhorn.


I went bed early, but didnt see any police atall, obvious Sad Khant has made sure of this, repeat of BLM.

Will be a very different story Saturday im sure.

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48 minutes ago, zArk said:

5G is part of the EM radiation poisoning, a small part at the moment.



and its not my terrain theory. It is terrain theory and is slap bang in the middle of this covid19 shit



dont tar me with that brush. i was pretty clear that 'variants' being found are peoples bodys adapting in order to clean up the toxicity from EM poisoning and you called it 'fringe shit' but it aint Vernon Coleman shit.

the germ theory pushes that the variants spread, are contagious and infectious, i am saying that the data is being interpreted by Germ theory however the same data can be interpreted by terrain theory to create a completely different circumstance/


from your response to me i get the impression that you dont think the 'high altitude sickness' oxygen thingy is a real illness. that the tight chest when breathing isnt real either. is this right?

do you not see a specifically new type of illness that is, on the whole, being mistreated deliberately because of treatment frameworks produced from the top


According to you there no such thing as high altitude..as we live in a dome remember & second law of thermo dynamics state vacuums cant exist without a barrier.........


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11 hours ago, NG10 said:


Definitely looks like he'll fall shy of another 28 days. Something about that image and I have good senses. 

He still isn't  getting his reincarnation as a virus wishes granted.

I hope he is reincarnated as a starving child in a third world village.

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16 minutes ago, Velma said:

Let's be clear, even with hindsight I'd do it all again. I'd rather have side effects than Covid, or another year of restrictions, or to accidentally pass the virus onto a loved one."



They are so clueless,  because you have been inoculated it does not mean you no longer will carry any viruses or bacteria.

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10 hours ago, SimonTV said:

They twist everything. They are running a counter intelligence psyop before the March 20th protest to delegitimatize any protest for freedom. It also makes the general public annoyed because you have useful idiots protesting for freedom after apparently some white woman was murdered, which makes no sense. It also works as a useful distraction from the anti lockdown protests that are occurring around the world and are planned for the UK. The media coverage itself proves that this is a psyop compared to the (lack of) coverage of the lockdown protests. These groups must have been waiting for an incident involving a white woman and a white man to jump on to it. Left wing white women wanted independence and mass immigration and now they don't like the results, they want to blame white men and the police. How convenient in the run up to the anti-lock down protests, it is like it was planned years ago and we are just playing out a narrative. 


No more likes.



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7 hours ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

Those who refuse to be injected will be blamed for the deaths the injections will cause. Is it time to run for the hills yet?


which hills aren't going to be included in the technocracy? Have you got a way to get to mars?

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2 hours ago, DarianF said:

"There are a lot of angry patients who want to get vaccinated now."



Creating fake demand. It's all so clownish.

yes ,i agree. i have been to the Drs a couple of times recently ( in NSW) and whilst in the waiting room i hear the receptionists answering phone inquiries from patients wanting the vaccine . There ought to be more angry patients NOT wanting it .Im very disillusioned with Australians at the moment but not really surprised .

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9 hours ago, DarianF said:

I'm not sure. But it's just starting to seem to me like more and more of a test. Like we're rats in a maze and they're seeing how we will react to non-sensical stimuli. To what end, who knows.


I think we have been in that maze for a long time already. Some people just couldn't see the cage


The walls of that cage have been closing in for a long time and the danger now is that they look like they are about to mass kill the lab rats

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10 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

I believe that anyone that comes out of any war on any side alive is a winner in that war. Including pharma's undeclared war on humanity.


well big pharma is really just owned by the rockefeller-rothschild cabal so really its THEIR war against humanity:

Rockefeller Medicine


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