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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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10 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


I take it the Met Police are keeping 'hands off' here? 🤔


Meanwhile in Birmingham, planned vigils have been called off by West Midlands Police:



Folks, for all discussion of the Sarah Everard story, please continue in the following topic please:


they are doing usual police stuff starting trouble.

this is some psyop playing out.

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4 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


"We need some kind of 'universal system' to prove our vaccination status!"


A microchip perhaps? 🤔 💉😷📲




And I notice how everyone has accepted that it's not just for a Covid vaccine proof. It will be for all future vaccine proofs. Anyone who thinks they will just stop at Covid vaccines is living in fantasy land.

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There’s a genetics dystopian series on Netflix called The One. About a future where people are matched according to their DNA from a single hair strand. It is so successful that normal marriages break down whilst the ones matched with the DNA are flourishing. More predictive programming maybe? I could only mange one episode as it got boring. 

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6 minutes ago, wingwang said:


A tombstone might be a bit lumpy to carry around in your sky rocket...






Addendum. Family members made a statement to the media that even though John died, he wouldn't have regretted it and we still encourage all members of the public to do the right thing and get the shot. If you die, well, it's still better than getting Covid.

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53 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

I'm not sure they'd be willing to sack 70-80% of their armed forces. Believe it when I see it. All this no jab no pay is absolute bull shit. Only works if the dumb sheep bastard you're trying to apply this to consents. All of this is about consent, nothing more, nothing less. 

Israel would have to send their own forces to get killed.

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41 minutes ago, DarianF said:


Jarhead | http://www.script-o-rama.com/movie_scripts/j/jarhead-script-transcript.html

Listen up.

When we cross this berm

we expect as many as
30,000 casualties
the first day.

There will be gas.
It will be fucking nasty.

These atropine-oxime
injectors go along
with your PB pill packs.

In the event that
you're attacked by
nerve agents such as soman...

these agents will produce
casualties immediately...

if you do not deploy
these countermeasures
fucking ricky-tick.

Why in the fuck,
if we've already taken
a set of PB pills...

and just now been issued
the fucking injector?

Shut the fuck up.
I'm sick of your shit.

All right, all right, man.
Calm down.

Look, they don't want
chemically dead fighters
on CNN.

Just sign it, Kruger.

What the fuck is this?
It's a waiver.

It says these pills
aren't proven.

It says you won't sue
if you get fucked up.

Okay, yeah, sure, fine.

I'll take the fucking pills,
and a year later...

my asshole will
turn inside out and
start fucking talking to me.

It's all a bitch.
These pills
ain't worth a shit.

you country motherfuck!

In 1987, Saddam Insane
used chemical weapons...

against the Kurds,
and he killed thousands
like fucking that.

The ones that lived,
their kids came out
fucked up.

Eight toes to one foot,
no anal opening...

retarded, blind.

Such fucked up
little motherfuckers...

they should have
just killed them all anyway.

You want that,
don't take the pills.

You don't want that,
sign the fucking waivers...

and take the fucking pills!

All of you,
get your pills in your hand.

Get them out.
Get them so I can see them.

Now take the pill
and put it on your tongue.

Swallow the pill.

Now let me see your tongues.

Now, doesn't that
feel better?
Don't we all feel better?

Yes, Staff Sergeant!

Are we really going to compare a film to reality?

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10 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

I'm finding all of this very disturbing. 

They go out on certain days and target random people to achieve their goal for that day. 

Well, seems that way to me! 


Welcome to Scotland. 




The police bragging they've handed out fixed penalty notices! 🤣🤣🤣


Appears to be a very different story when it gets to Court. I wouldn't take too much notice of this fake news bull shit. Ally, it's fake, as is this whole reality. We are currently living in a none reality until we decide to make it a real one. It's waiting....

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Laws and legislation is slowly being moved into place............


we have now where to hide......the general sheep public will slowly turn on us......times are so fucking dark...... just watched a 65 year old women get smashed to ground in a bank, while others grassed her up n watched....woman shouted brutality.....others shouted no its not.


il take great pleasure knowing atleast 40% of the general public....deserve there fucking death.....n i hope for these cowardly snitching bastards, its slow and arduous.........whether you believe in a virus or not....standing by your fellow human should be the standard...............fuck me.............


when this starts infringing on me n my lot.................choices are gunna be made and im not going down without a fuckin fight il tell you all this........n any fuckers that are watching..........i will not go down without a fight...you criminal criminal mother fuckers!

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19 minutes ago, Morpheus said:

The police bragging they've handed out fixed penalty notices! 🤣🤣🤣


Appears to be a very different story when it gets to Court. I wouldn't take too much notice of this fake news bull shit. Ally, it's fake, as is this whole reality. We are currently living in a none reality until we decide to make it a real one. It's waiting....

Thanks Morpheus, I have heard many fines are overturned which is a relief. 


That's true! :) I feel my dreams are more real than this reality. 

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7 minutes ago, allymisfit said:

Thanks Morpheus, I have heard many fines are overturned which is a relief. 


That's true! :) I feel my dreams are more real than this reality. 



Hopefully if the courts get so flooded with these bullshit fines, the judges will get so pissed off they will just start refusing to even hear the cases.

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Hiya I think this post would be useful to spread about.


Its not exactly anti-vax, but its about thinking a lot more carefully about the vaccines.


It uses facts and sources and covers things like -


- Pfizer's reputation (which is terrible),


- the fact that coronaviruses usually die out after 2 years (every one in the last century has),


- the possibility that mass vaccinations may make things worse as it will hide the symptoms in most people, making them unable to know to self-isolate if they catch it,


- the fact that the vaccines can't prevent the spread or stop you from catching it, for those who dont already know.


- the fact that it's experimental so can't be assumed to be safe,


- the point that everyone is expected to take it even though its experimental and has only been authorized for emergency use,


- a bit about vitamin D,


- and some extra information and links to sources



To hopefully get people thinking more about wether the vaccines are safe.


Its balanced and factual, but it also exposes the bad sides of the vaccines.


Have a read through and spread it about on facebook, here/other sites, email, whatsapp etc. if you like?







I want get some facts on the table about the coronavirus vaccine. I think its unfair people are being pushed into it and we need to have some truth.


There are pros and cons of it and I want to mention these things for people who don’t know about them, so they can see for themselves. We should be able to make our own minds up based on real information, not opinion.


Feel free to send this on if you want.



Should we trust the coronavirus vaccine?


Well the truth is, it's not as simple as that, as there’s no way to know if it’s safe.


The thing is, the vaccine doesn’t even prevent the spread of coronavirus, and doesn’t stop anyone from catching it.

It can reduce the severity of symptoms, and protect the most vulnerable, but other than that it doesn’t help.

It can reduce transmission, but not enough to stop it happening, so non-vulnerable people taking it can’t help anyone else, because they can still pass the virus on.



Also they are new vaccines, experimental, being rolled out in a few months when it usually takes many years to show they’re safe. It's still too early in the development process. They’ve been authorised for emergency use. The reason is they’re not tested properly yet.


Also Pfizers reputation is terrible, they have been sued for killing people before and for the biggest fraud case in history (see below)



No government or scientist can say for sure the vaccine is safe.

That’s not how science works, it can’t predict the unknown, and this vaccine is experimental and hasn’t been used before, so of course there will be unknowns. When you introduce something new into a complex environment there can always be unpredicted results. Its good science to wait to see what the results are, not to assume what they are.


Does anyone remember thalidomide? Or asbestos?


Both meant to be safe things. Scientifically tested. Caused deformed babies, and killed people. Things go wrong occasionally, badly wrong. Putting our heads in the sand to pretend they dont, won't help.


The testing process is better now, but its a new experimental vaccine, being pushed out in super-short time, so there hasn’t been time to test. Vaccines usually take years to develop and certify as safe, these ones were done in 6 months or so.


Its great that vulnerable people have the option - if they are worried that will give them some relief and protection. The benefits seems to outweigh the risks. But for everyone else why take an experimental vaccine if it can’t stop the spread, and there’s no benefit? How can that help?



Also, no-one is talking about the fact that coronaviruses normally die out after 2 years. I'll go into more detail below.


On top of that, its ONLY been approved FOR EMERGENCY USE.

For those who are vulnerable it makes sense to consider it strongly. But for non-vulnerable people, if the vaccine can’t prevent the spread, and there’s no real danger, how can that be considered OK for EMERGENCY ONLY use?

They haven’t been tested and authorized normally like vaccines are.


Yet were being pushed to take it as if it’s some kind of "solution"


I don’t know if it’s even legal to suggest people take an emergency use only vaccine when they are not at risk and it can’t prevent the spread.




Is there really a reason for mass vaccination?

It won’t protect anyone else. Mass vaccinations may even make things worse by suppressing symptoms. I'll go into more below.



Heads of industry and science may say its safe, but I don’t believe that they can ever truly know that. All new science is experimental and unknown. And we’re being pushed to take it when it can't even help most of us.


Im not saying its not safe, I’m saying we don’t know if its safe, it's brand new and were guinea pigs.


I’m not saying don’t take it, I’m saying judge for yourself. If you’re in a high risk category, maybe it makes sense.



Mistakes are made sometimes, its natural, and scientists and industry leaders are no different.


The vaccine is in it's very early stages, and the unfortunate truth is, we're all guinea pigs.


It’s said to be safe, but if people develop problems from the vaccine 10 years from now, how will they fix that?





Also - no-one is talking about the fact that every coronavirus pandemic in the last century has gone away on its own, in 2 years.


Why is no-one talking about that? Why are the so-called experts not looking at the history of it?


We’re already 1 year through. It doesn’t mean this one will go away after 2 years, but its an important point and pushing everyone to take an experimental vaccine which can't help most people is ridiculous, especially at this stage of the coronavirus.


There have been 7 coronavirus pandemics in the past 100 years, and all of them went away in 2 years, even the severe Spanish Flu that killed 50 million people in 1918. Just went away on it’s own.


Later ones vaccines were developed for, so that reduced the number of deaths, but after that the virus just went away.

Do we still get Asian Flu vaccines? Or Swine Flu vaccines? Or Russian Flu vaccines? The pandemics die off.

Spanish Flu of 1918 was the worst, killing 50 million people. But it went away on its own, after 2 years. There wasn’t even any vaccine technology then, and it still disappeared after 2 years.


(You can check by doing a bit of research on google – here’s a few)


UK governments own page - www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-action-plan/coronavirus-action-plan-a-guide-to-what-you-can-expect-across-the-uk





So protecting the vulnerable makes sense, but mass-vaccinating the population with an experimental vaccine at this stage doesn’t. It can’t help anyone.





Also the vaccine efficacy is in doubt. A recent Israeli study shows the vaccine transmission is reduced by about 33%. The Pfizer website says about 52%.



The vaccine efficacy has been promoted as being 95%, but that’s only in reducing the symptoms, not stopping you catching it, or transmitting it. That sounds great for people who are concerned that they are vulnerable.



The vast majority of people who catch coronavirus have moderate or mild symptoms anyway. So it’s still essentially useless for most of us.


And if it only reduces transmission by 33%, that won’t help keep anyone safe. It’s still way too highly infectious. Even 52% is nowhere near safe. It needs to be around 1% or less for it to be considered safe to go outside without concern.





Mass vaccinations could even make infections worse -


It will make symptoms harder to notice, making asymptomatic spreading more likely


Some people may think once they’ve had the vaccine they can start going out more, as there's less chance of infection, leading to more infections from more people mixing.


There is still a big number of people, vulnerable and elderly, that don’t respond to the vaccine. They still get severely ill, and may die. Its 95% effective at reducing symptoms. If there are 9 million over 70s in the UK, thats still 450 thousand that could die early from covid19. Not to mention the vulnerable of a younger age.


So people walking about thinking it's safe after being vaccinated could be a big problem, as more people will mix, and more people with no symptoms will be out there, spreading it without knowing, because the vaccine has suppressed the symptoms but they are still able to infect others because it doesn’t stop transmission, making infections rise, generating more severe cases.


It will effectively hide the virus by suppressing symptoms. That could be worse than before.


(9 million over 70s age stats -www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/populationandmigration/populationestimates/articles/ukpopulationpyramidinteractive/2020-01-08)



And, as before, it’s the vulnerable ones who will be at risk -


If we have more mixing from mass vaccinations, and more people who are asymptomatic mixing, that could not only create a lot more infections, it could also mean the 5% who don't respond to the vaccine are at higher risk from infection than ever, meaning those who have been most at risk all along will still be in danger.


Yet everyone else is protected.


It’s a sign of bad management and thinking, which has been the situation with coronavirus all along.


Also, were heading towards the summer, and end of lockdown. It’s a potential recipe for disaster from skyrocketing infections. No-one will know they’re spreading it, everyone will get it.


It actually seems it would be better not to be vaccinated if you’re non-vulnerable, to stand a higher chance of seeing if you’re infected, and being able to self-isolate.



The approach to the vaccine is bad, it’s a total mess, and hasn’t been thought through. It doesn’t protect 5% of people (presumably the most vulnerable ones), being vaccinated cant stop non-vulnerables from transmitting it to vulnerables so it doesn’t make sense to do that, we're being pushed to take an experimental vaccine yet it cant help most people, and even if people do take it it could lead to more infections.





Also, no-one is talking about vitamin D, although it seems there’s very big benefits from it, and for a long time coronavirus has been thought to been weaker against those who have a lot of sun (vitamin D comes from people's skin when they’re in the sun, aswell as other things such as certain fish and dairy)


It seems it’s substantially effective, even if it’s not as effective as the vaccine, people should know about it and have the right to choose between an experimental vaccine and a well-known natural vitamin.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=au6FKi8aAsA - Dr John Campbell - Vitamin D studies confirm correlations

and www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha2mLz-Xdpg - Prof Roger Seheult - Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus

I haven’t looked enough at these yet, but they are from doctors/professors that seem to be doing real work on the studies.


In short it seems that regular moderate intake of vitamin D helps reduce risk from severe covid19 symptoms, although you should check with your own Doctor for any personal conflicts with underlying medical conditions, other medication etc.

Would be good if someone that knows about the data could give more insight, and if it’s good get it spread out.






I hope the vaccine is safe, but if its not, the more people that take it, the more likely some people will eventually be hurt.


And we have no idea.


You have to decide for yourself.


But... deciding its right for you doesn’t mean its safe, and it doesn’t mean you should push other people into it.


Is there really a reason for a vaccine for everyone? What if it proves to be harmful?


Once it’s in you, it’s in you. You can’t take it out. If it causes problems in some people, it will be too late. There haven’t been years of checks, like there should have been. People taking it who aren’t vulnerable doesn’t make sense, it can’t help anyone else, but it means introducing a foreign experimental substance into your system.


I don’t believe its going to harm everyone that takes it, or even most people, but if it's not safe, the more people that take it, the more likely some people will eventually be hurt. But belief isn’t useful, facts are, and we won’t know the facts for many years.


Science can never predict everything, and this is why things go wrong sometimes.



As Ive said, if people develop problems from the vaccine 10 years from now, how will they fix that?



It usually takes 5 years plus for vaccines to be tested, to be approved for safety.


Scientists have to have human volunteers to test a vaccine on, then wait for years to see what happens, to say its safe for general use in the population. Except this time were all being tested on. There hasn’t been any other chance, those years of tests have been bypassed.

That’s why it's had to be approved as an emergency - there isn’t time to run tests to see if its safe in the long term.

There will be people who say the the theory shows it's safe - but that’s not how science works, there are always unknowns in the real world, and you can’t predict them.


The vaccines have been authorized for EMERGENCY USE.

What emergency is there for people who are in no real danger? There’s no authorization.


Here’s the governments own regulation -


..."the sale or supply of this vaccine WILL NOT BE DEEMED AUTHORIZED if the supply is for the purpose of any use other than the recommended or REQUIRED use"






I don’t like that people are being pushed into taking it, it’s a personal decision.


I don’t like that were being rushed to accept it - it’s an experimental vaccine, made for emergency purposes. It's way too soon to know if that’s the right route.


I don’t like that its being made out to be for everyone’s best, it's for the economy, many people have already died because the governments delays in protecting them while worrying about the economy, this is no different.


I don’t like that the whole thing has been handled badly from the start of 2020, and now we're supposed to trust that this part of the situation will go off without a hitch.







Pfizers reputation is terrible -


They were fined $2.3 Billion for health care fraud (the largest health fraud settlement ever, and the largest criminal fine of any kind)

www.drugwatch.com/manufacturers/pfizer/ just under halfway down the page

and www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-announces-largest-health-care-fraud-settlement-its-history


They also ran UNAPPROVED and UNAUTHORIZED clinical trials in 1996 on 200 children in Nigeria, and 11 of the children died




They’ve used charity to mask heart drug price hikes, the US Justice Department took them to court



and they were fined over $100 million for other drug price hikes in America in 2016



They’ve also been fined over £80 million in Britain for ramping up epilepsy drug costs in 2016



And they are currently being sued for a drug called Protonix that allegedly causes liver failure




All you have to do is google Pfizer reputation and you’ll see.


That DOESNT mean they are making mistakes with the coronavirus vaccine. But people deserve to know the truth. They have a very bad (criminal) reputation. They have a criminal history, repeated again and again. And how do they promote themselves on their website? Pfizer: One of the world's premier biopharmaceutical companies. Bullshit.


Its unlikely they’ll try to pull anything over coronavirus vaccine.

But it does make me wonder why BioNtech chose to partner up with them. They must know how bad their record is.


You can get a fair overview (good and bad) here -


or just do some googling research.




Astra Zenica are being pulled from the European vaccinations because of side effects.



And what are we doing in the UK? Starting to give those jabs to 6 year olds.



Why are the jabs producing side-effects? Because there are UNKNOWN effects with any science. As I’ve said, we don’t KNOW the UNKNOWN. It takes time to find out from clinical trials. We’re the test subjects.


Why are 6 year olds being given the jab in our early vaccinations? Are 6 year olds a high risk group for coronavirus? Are they fuck. They’re the lowest risk group. Yet it's how were going about things.


Why give experimental vaccines to kids at all? They have a lot more life to live, they have a lot of growing to do, they’re not as resilient to some things the way adults are, a lot more time and potential for things to go wrong. And they’re not even at fucking risk.


What’s the covid death rate in 5 to 10 year olds? One in a million? The death rate is LOWER for 5-9 years olds this January than in 2020 (ons.gov.uk) and the monthly rate has stayed low for them all through 2020.

And were going to vaccinate them with an experimental safe-for-emergencies-only vaccine? It’s a bit sick really.


Feel free to tell me if Ive got this wrong, but with under 10s in the very low risk category, and the vaccine not stopping transmission, how does it make sense to give it to them?



I don’t want to scare anybody. Just because there are unknowns doesn’t mean there is a danger. But that’s the problem - we don’t know - it usually takes years of clinical trials to get the information.


It’s worth saying clearly - there are very few known severe side effects from the vaccines.


(Very few people had anaphylactic shock, from allergies apparently, which is normal for vaccines. It wasn’t until after people had anaphylactic shock that the warning was issued, which is strange, as the makers should have known before hand)



But my point isn’t that its dangerous - its that we don’t know, and pushing mass-vaccinations doesn’t make sense, and were doing it for the wrong reasons - fear, tiredness of lockdowns, uninformed assumption that’s its safe, and guesswork in the best way to go about it.




Since other coronavirus pandemics went away in 2 years, it makes sense to wait if you think you don’t need the vaccine, until we know more. We’re rushing in at the moment.





I want to get some facts on the table, to get people to properly look at coronavirus and the vaccine, to see what’s happening.


There’s a lot of talk about different ideas, but not a lot of progress on finding out the truth.


I don’t like people being pressured and pulled along by the momentum of "what everybody else is doing". We should be able to make our own minds up based on truth.


Once something gone wrong, it may be it can’t be put right.


I want to mention a lot of things about coronavirus for people who don’t know about them, so they can see for themselves, and make an informed decision.


We should be able to have open, public discussions.





Some people are developing coronavirus immediately after taking it. They’re being told maybe they had just caught coronavirus before. People should be tested before they take the vaccine, so we know if the vaccine is producing any harmful effects.


But that isn’t being done, because as usual, the process isn’t sensible.


We're making mistakes, rushing through it.


We all know the government have been making continual mistakes with coronavirus, yet some assume they’re safe when it comes to this.





The way the government have handled it is alarming -


The original plan was herd immunity. Basically, let every non-vulnerable (non-elderly) person get it, and hope we develop an immunity naturally, after tens of thousands have died.

Why was the government’s original idea "herd immunity"? They said their science is different to other countries. What science?


What about all the younger people with vulnerabilities that would have died? And how would it be possible to expect a country full of younger people with the virus not to pass it on to older people? And why believe that any immunity would develop?


The government changed their idea on herd immunity, and took that webpage down with that idea on, replacing it as if it had never been published.


(Google it if you don't remember this plan being announced)



Advice not to wear face masks.

It’s common sense that if a virus is air-borne, a mask may help it from spreading. No way to know until we test scientifically.

Government ADVISED US NOT to wear face masks in the beginning. Not that they weren’t sure, they ADVISED NOT to do it.(almost as if they wanted it to spread, maybe to do with herd immunity?)

Plan for herd immunity meant people would hopefully develop immunity, and there wouldn’t be a disturbance to the economy. Obviously it hasn’t worked that way. But this was their advice for the first few months.




No effort to prepare extra PPE, despite having at least 2 months warning of the virus getting extreme in China and spreading. PPE still didn’t appear until months after the virus arrived, around June time I believe. 5 months or so to get it prepared.




Never stopped people crossing borders bringing virus into country, despite months of warning what was happening in China, and deaths rising in Italy. We’re an island nation, that should have been part of our plan.


I’d like to see an explanation of why the government haven’t done that, rather than put us through 3 lockdowns, but continually let the virus in through overseas travel. We’re obviously not going to get rid of it that way.


Britain is an island - same as Australia (who have done a good job keeping coronavirus at minimum). We should be able to do a good job of keeping the virus out, and making lockdowns effective. 




Workplaces had no safety guidelines for a long time, and people died because of that. How much common sense does it take to suggest masks at work, with minimal meeting between people and isolated working where possible, in a pandemic where the disease is thought to be contagious?


Same with supermarkets. The one place we have no choice but to go and mingle, and it was left to supermarkets to enforce face masks, government didn’t bother (and neither have supermarkets in a reliable way) which will have led to more infections.




The Test and Trace program was a complete mess.




The government said vaccine doses should be 12 weeks apart, instead of 3, even though the makers say it may not be very effective over 3 weeks, but the government seem they don’t mind screwing up if they get more people injected.






Why are the deaths being exaggerated?

There’s no doubt more people are dying (you can get info at www.ons.gov.uk, see near bottom), but the news reports coronavirus deaths as people dying "with" coronavirus, which means the daily death rate is made to seem higher than it is.




Why is UKs (real) death rate so high? Its over 50x that of Australia. If it was double it would be strange, over 50x is insane.


To get a better idea of the deaths I've looked at the total year's deaths, then worked out what an average for the previous 5 years is, then worked out what 2020 increased by.


605,575 deaths is the UK's usual average yearly rate (see the links below, and stats at the bottom)

689,714 died in the UK in 2020

That's 84,139 more.


Australia have had 909 deaths, the UK had 84 thousand in 2020, and 120,000+ up to now. We have twice the people of them, so we should have had 1800, maybe 2000 deaths.


We’ve had over 120 thousand. How the fuck is that possible. It would be disturbing if it was 5000+ that would be double. How the fuck is it 120 thousand plus




They have ALLOWED elderly out-patients to go straight into care homes untested, knowing that elderly people are the most vulnerable, without any regard for the threat towards the other care home residents, killing many older people who would have been completely safe otherwise.






The potential dangers of ibuprofen have never been talked about, even though it may increase the chance of death.




We’ve also had the highest R rate and death rate in the world - why do we trust the situation to a government that is supposedly a world leader, yet had the worst record in the world?




They have made continual changes, u turns, and mistakes.


If the government are mishandling it so badly, why trust them with a mass-vaccination.


As I’ve said - the vaccine may help those who are vulnerable, but it won’t stop anyone from catching the virus, or spreading the virus. Why take the risk of taking an experimental vaccine, if there’s no benefit to it?



It may not all be the governments fault. They are human, they make mistakes. But then the vaccine could also be a mistake. It could be harmful in some unforeseen way. I’m not saying that's likely, I’m saying we shouldnt blindly trust. There’s no reason to rush into taking it, unless you think you would be at risk from a strong case of covid.

Even then, it’s your choice, nobody has the right to tell you






You can see the figures for total deaths at these links (or the stats are at the bottom of the message) -


England and Wales - this is how ONS/Office of National Statistics show them, not for all of UK -

(monthly - no ages, but with town breakdowns)www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/monthlyfiguresondeathsregisteredbyareaofusualresidence


(weekly - with age groups)www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales


And Scotland here - www.nrscotland.gov.uk/statistics-and-data/statistics/statistics-by-theme/vital-events/general-publications/weekly-and-monthly-data-on-births-and-deaths/monthly-data-on-births-and-deaths-registered-in-scotland


And Northern Ireland here - www.nisra.gov.uk/publications/monthly-deaths






The "vaccine" isn’t even a vaccine. It’s a genetic behaviour modifier. It’s stated on the Pfizer website.


It’s a key to your genetics, to switch on your genes to produce a protein, that then is killed off by your cells, and that apparently teaches the cells how to fight coronavirus.

It modifies you DNAs behaviour by switching some of it on then off. Even though it works for some people, this is not a tried and tested technology, it's new and experimental.



It’s scary that it works on peoples genetics. Even if some people might think the science makes sense, do we really know what’s in the vaccine? Who will oversee its manufacture?  Nobody should have that power without absolute transparency.


People who understand the theory may say it’s safe, but I don’t believe that they can ever truly know that. All new science is experimental and unknown. That’s what the clinical trials are for, to check it properly, and they have been missed out this time. And were being pushed to take it when it can’t even help most of us.





That doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. You have to use your own sense of what’s right or wrong, and think it through carefully.


Maybe it’s right for you if you are vulnerable - you’re older or have certain illnesses.


I don’t particularly trust it. Not because I think its suspicious, but because I think we handle it very badly.


The world we live in is a very complex one, and we don’t naturally understand everything, and we're prone to mistakes because of human nature - ego, assumption, vagueness of thinking. That’s what science is for. But everyone needing to take it isn’t scientific. Assuming it’s safe isn’t scientific. We’re rushing into this.


And sometimes the forces that push science aren’t scientific - greed for money or prestige, overlooking unchecked information because its not "believed" to be useful, overlooking unknown information BECAUSE ITS UNKNOWN and making assumptions that you know ENOUGH to say its safe or fully understood.


Putting anything new into a complex world isn’t going to be predictable - we have to find out what happens. There are so many variables (DNA, internal and environmental chemistry, biology, manufacturing procedures, tampering, safety checks, not to mention unknown variables...)




It’s a new technology, it’s been rushed through, AND it involves activating certain genes within the body... and supposedly it can be trusted... without doubt.


People shouldn’t have access to other people’s genetics without their permission. There’s not enough about this on the news. People shouldn’t be asked to take a vaccine without realizing what it does, or what the technology could do.




A vaccine is half-dead virus that is injected into you so that your body has to fight it off. Because it’s half dead it’s weak, so your body fights it off easily, and learns in the process how to deal with it, so it can fight it well if it catches a strong dose.

That way if you ever catch the illness at full strength, your body has already learned how to win, and does a better job of fighting off the strong infection


That isn’t what the coronavirus vaccine is, its not half dead coronavirus, its something that changes the behaviour of your DNA, supposedly to make you better at fighting certain proteins that are in corona.


It's an experimental, emergency vaccine, yet it's being pushed on everyone, even when there's no benefit for most. The fact is it's for emergency use, yet the government are expecting everyone to take it, and that shows their ineptitude.






There are some important questions surrounding coronavirus -


Every coronavirus pandemic in the past 100 years has gone away on its own in 2 years. Including the Spanish Flu that killed 50 million. There have been 7 coronavirus pandemics since 1918. They just go away on their own, every time, after 2 years. It’s strange that this hasn’t been brought up.


That doesn’t mean this one will. But pushing everyone to take an experimental vaccine which can’t help most people is crazy.




We don’t really understand coronavirus that well yet - the fact that people have prolonged symptoms is strange, that’s not how coronaviruses work. The flu doesn’t have that, neither do the serious ones like Spanish flu or Russian Flu.

It suggests it’s different to what we think so far, in some way


As usual, we aren’t checking things properly, were getting a bit of good news about a vaccine, and rushing into it ignorantly. It’s not a miracle cure, of course things can go wrong.

If it was a desperate situation, maybe a quick choice would have to be made, but its not desperate. We should check things properly. Vulnerable people having the choice of the vaccine is good. But most people aren’t vulnerable, most people are just tired of lockdown, and not taking the time to think things through.




Not many people know this, but there was a meeting called Event 201 where industry and government leaders met 2 months before the virus to talk about what would happen if there was a pandemic, and how to handle it.



It happened in October 2019, 2 months before the coronavirus outbreak. You can see this online, at https://centerforhealthsecurity.org/event201/

The virus appeared in December 2019. That doesn’t mean there’s a definite connection, but it's a very strange coincidence.


At the worst it seems like preparation, with advance knowledge of a virus deliberately released. At the least worst, it seems like a well-meaning safety plan, which governments have taken no notice of, and now we’re expected to take experimental vaccines because they have handled it so badly.


There have been webpages that dismiss or debunk the idea that Event 201 had anything to do with planning, but the reason they give is that there were other events like this previously. But the only event previous was 1 year before, the same organizer. They’re trying to dismiss it based on the idea it's happened before, which could also validate the idea. There’s a typical example of bad thinking.




It might seem silly to everyday thinking for some people, but people have been asking if the virus could be man-made. It’s not silly, its actually a very good question. Nobody knows for sure. There is a virus lab in Wuhan, where it was originally found to exist. It’s a serious question, and should be looked at seriously.

The truth is we’re in an age of viruses and biology being used for potential warfare, so the technology is there. If virus technology was used on you, you wouldn’t know. We shouldn’t assume its not possible.


There’s been 7 pandemics in the last century. They're supposed to be 50 years apart on average. Were quick to accept it came from bats, but we don’t put any scientific thinking into anything else. Haven’t bats always been eaten in certain parts of the world? Why would they just begin to cause coronavirus now? We can blame it on mutating viruses but why have there been 7 pandemic outbreaks in the last century, when usually there are a lot less?


(if you look at the other previous pandemics, they tend to be 2-3 every century. Google em. Worldwide spreads are rare. We’ve been able to have other outbreaks spread over continents for centuries - the Black Death bubonic plague spread all over Europe, Asia and North Africa in 1346. Yet coronavirus pandemics have been pretty rare)


That point of this message isn’t to talk about unusual ideas, but its to point out we don’t understand coronavirus well yet, and a lot of assumption is being made, instead of proper investigation.






Any more info?


Well it seems the death rate has jumped right up in the UK in January 2021. If the ONS figures are to be believed (and nothing else is causing an increase in deaths) it seems the new strain is more deadly.


It is reducing back down now to normal levels.


Previous Januarys usually have an average death rate of 56,000 for England and Wales, normally going from roughly 50,000 to 60,000. January 2020 73,315 died.




Here's a weekly breakdown -


Year                       Jan per week                                                     Feb per week                                   


2016                       13,045   11,501   11,473   11,317                   11,052   11,170   10,590   11,056


2017                       11,991   13,715   13,610   12,877                   12,485   12,269   11,644   11,794


2018                       12,723   15,050   14,256   13,935                   13,285   12,495   12,246   12,142


2019                       10,955   12,609   11,860   11,740                   11,297   11,660   11,824   11,295


2020                       12,254   14,058   12,990   11,856                   11,612   10,986   10,944   10,841


2021                       17,751   18,042   18,676   18,448                   17,192   15,354   13,809   12,614



Obviously if vulnerability is a concern for you, stay shielded, consider the vaccine, and possibly vitamn D supplements, do some research to see what you think. Also check to see if the new strain is said to be in your area or not.


As I mentioned you can get these statistics at -

(monthly - no ages, but with town breakdowns)www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/monthlyfiguresondeathsregisteredbyareaofusualresidence


(weekly - with age groups)www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales


The ONS.gov.uk weekly numbers don't add up to the same as their monthly numbers, which is strange, but I'm guessing that's because 4 weeks isn't exactly a month. I haven't had time to email ONS or work it out yet.



There's new talk about vaccines that reduce tansmission, so it's obvious the idea to have everyone vaccinated with the current vaccines was misguided, yet it's what the government had plans to do. So I'd say be very careful about any vaccine, and anyone else's advice, use you own thinking and keep the facts and overall picture in mind. The government don't know better, the same as most people they just know what they're told.




We need some better thinking with coronavirus.



We need a common sense approach - one where decisions are thought out, not rushed.


Possibly the most important things for non-vulnerable people to bear in mind is that all previous coronavirus pandemics this century have went away on their own after about 2 years

(they don't always, sometimes epidemics last longer - it's pretty easy to see online, such as - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_epidemics, check the info with other sources as wikipedia is updated by the public, so not always perfectly accurate, although they have sources listed at the bottom, and the pandemic information seemed correct with the other sources I checked against. The only one I found that lasted longer was 2003-2019 Asia and Egypt Avian flu, but that wasn't a major one, only 455 people died. Normal flu is much worse than that).


Also that if the vaccine isnt going to stop transmission (and might hide it by suppressing symptoms) you shouldn't assume you should go out more, even if you get vaccinated. We don't know how infections will rise.


For vulnerable people, I'd love some more research on vitamin D. One thing we can say for sure, regular vitamin D intake isn't a risk as it's natural (obviously check with your doctor if you're going to use supplements, in case you have any conflicts with underlying medical conditions or existing medicine)



We need honest information about who should take the vaccine and who shouldn’t. Most of the elderly population has been vaccinated now, apart from any others that are vulnerable, or that feel they would like the vaccine, it seems likely that vaccinating anybody else would be pointless, and possibly counter-productive (not to mention possibly dangerous).




We would benefit from an online system that allows doctors and nurses to give their side of corona, so they can talk about their experiences, and confirm or deny things based on how they see things, so we can see what’s really happening in their eyes, to see what’s going on if things don’t add up, giving valuable insight to identify what more truth there is.


Prolonged symptoms were at first ignored in some people, and ibuprofens danger has never been highlighted. Other facts may be unreported, and doctors and nurses have the best insight as they’re seeing it in real life. It would be good to know more about vitamin D.





We could also do with a system that allows conversations, regular updates from tests, and conclusions where possible, on coronavirus information, for public access especially by doctors, but also people in general, to get useful information looked at and evaluated without having to rely on the current medical establishment. (Some ideas are overlooked due to lack of interest, some ideas are overlooked due to bias - no money or prestige to gain from them etc.)


It would help to get these things concentrated on, and also spread out when confirmed to be useful. Youtube is good but it doesn’t reach enough people (as people don’t always know to look) and there may be many more bits of information that are missed because they aren’t brought to the knowledge of people that are willing to talk about them and test them.



We could also do with a proper system for people having medical reasons not to wear a mask, with official ID, so that excuse can’t be faked by some people. It will help when lockdowns are released to try to keep infections low.






We also need honest information about how many people are dying - with that we can work out what the real danger is.


There could be 3 categories for doctors -


- One where people have definitely died from coronavirus (no other illnesses affecting them at the time)


- one where doctors are not sure as they had other illness and they may have died from them aswell


- and one where they are sure they didn’t die from coronavirus, even though they were infected.


Then we would have some real figures on deaths from coronavirus.


Maybe even a 4th category, where it seems likely it was other illness symptoms that were too much, but difficult to say for sure.


They could be reported that way on the news, to give us proper insight. It's hard to have proper accuracy because it's not always clear, but by separating them like this it could give more insight.


We need news outlets to stick to honesty, - rather than saying bullshit exaggerations. They need better figures from the hospitals.

And we also need news outlets to stick to common-sense and have balanced information with all sides of the story - not put pressure on with scare stories




This would help much more now that most vulnerable people are vaccinated. Reporting deaths "with" coronavirus will create a massive problem, as vaccinations have been given to many vulnerable people, and we need to know the effectviness of the vaccines, and who has really died from coronavirus.


If infections do rise after lockdown, it could lead to many more (non-vulnerable) people being reported as dying "with" coronavirus, when the cause was something else, even if they never had symptoms or became ill from it, making the situation even more ridiculously exaggerated than before.


This would muddy the waters further.


We need to know how many people are dying specifically from coronavirus, so we can see what the real situation is, both with the effectiveness of the vaccine, and the situation with coronavirus moving forward.





Thanks for reading. I hope this helps. Feel free to pass it on.







Here's the boring maths for any who are interested -




I wanted to try to work out the real death toll. I thought the best way was to see how many people die per year usually, work out an average over 5 years, and compare that to how many died in 2020.


I used figures from Office of National Statistics for England and Wales, National Records Of Scotland, and Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency (see below for links to websites so you can see the info for yourself)

I have to assume these websites are accurate and trustable, otherwise I'd have nothing to go on, but please bear in mind although they are the national record offices, they are ultimately only figures on a webpage, and mistakes can be made by anybody at any level.




Yearly deaths -



England and Wales


Year    Total Deaths


2015       529,655

2016       525,048

2017       533,253

2018       541,589

2019       530,841


2020    608,016




 5 year average - 532,077 per year   2020 was 75,939 more







Scotland -



2015       57,579

2016       56,728

2017       57,883

2018       58,503

2019       58,108


2020       64,085




 5 year average - 57,760 per year    2020 was 6325 more







Northern Ireland -



2015       15,548

2016       15,430

2017       16,036

2018       15,922

2019       15,758


2020P   17,613



2020P = provisional data




 5 year average - 15,738 per year     2020 was 1875 more








Total UK added up -



2020 -  689,714 died total



 5 year average - 605,575 died per year   2020 was 84,139 more





So there are substantially more people dying (if the reported death rates are said to be accurate... and my maths is...) There were around 84,000 more deaths across the UK in 2020.


There was concern about how many people were dying from coronavirus, so this gives some idea.


Bear in mind this is going on what the figures say online, we can assume they're correct, but we can't check.


This is another reason why it would be better to have online sites for doctors and nurses to report their findings, to get a better idea of what they think. Getting an idea of what's happening on the ground is better than only relying on statistics.



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2 minutes ago, DarianF said:

How do these people sleep at night?



when they are confident in talking about certain issues, they are hiding problems


as all the data is being controlled , it is a medical trial, it is veyr difficult to guess what is being kept quiet




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