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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, FrankVitali said:

What's coming is really bad guys, really bad. Like uber bad. It's nazi germany all over again.


It's hard to have any faith in people any more - they are not waking up.  Waiting for people to wake up is like waiting for Trump to get back in office. It's saddening.


There is a line, an imaginary line and once its crossed by the globalist scum, humanity is fucked. Question is has that line already been crossed? Or will people eventually pull together?

my wife has seen it and experienced the 'blank looks' when she talks to the covid true believers


her nan died peacefully in her sleep and had a rack of negative covid tests but her aunt read the death certificate and they ticked the covid death box. Some of the family are ummmin and ahhhin and others are raging


theres a clear split between those willing to do anything 'to get back to normal' and do not want to deal with the blatant inconsistencies, fraud, lies and corruption. others who know its all manipulation and are willing to fight against these scum.

i even reckon if the BBC announced the whole thing a scam the true believers would still pine for the needle and discount the announcement as disinformation. they are that far gone

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Guest Gone Fishing...
3 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:

They forced the discussion on me as I was in their store and because I did not qualify my words in the way they wanted.


Then if you have the time and energy you should chase this up.. 

It's discriminatory. 

There are laws in place against this. 


5 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:

To emphasise, I have never worn a face covering and never will.



Me too.. 


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1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:

i thought it was odd, the aussie tennis final, all the spectators in an arena, not distancing and booing when some tennis official mentioned the vax.

i was like who let all them out.


It was more what you expect of Ozzies than obeying that Desperate Dan stasi prick.


Talking of Dan, hes been in a badway & trying to hide what hes been upto..😂




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1 hour ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

My wife brought one of these home from work? Where should I shove it?





have you kept abreast of the changed situation


the flow test is for asymptomatic only

if a school kid tests positive they MUSt then do a PCR test

if the PCR test is negative the schools are being advised to ignore the PCR test




also the flow test has a QR code which users are required to notify the NHS if positive and asked to if negative


how can you spread COVID by breathing but cant perform the test unless you shove the stick almost into your brain. Bizarre logic that true believers do not question

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15 minutes ago, Ergo Storm said:


I did not tell them I am medically-exempt.  That's the whole point I am making.  I just said 'exempt' and did not willingly get into a discussion.  They forced the discussion on me as I was in their store and because I did not qualify my words in the way they wanted.  To emphasise, I have never worn a face covering and never will.



I think the fact that our bodies need oxygen and expel carbon dioxide is a medical fact. Restricting someones breathing is a criminal offence last I checked ie strangulation and suffocation to name but two.  Forcing someone to do same to self surely falls into an even wider realm of criminal possibilities... ie holding a gun to someones head. 


By saying that medically you are exempt you are stating that you need and want to breathe sufficient oxygen. You don't do well with excess carbon dioxide. It causes you distress to be forced to do things against your will and better judgment, which in turn causes you to get thoughts that would not normally occur...like punching the lights out of anyone who crosses your path and insists that you follow orders that are in violation of your natural human state and conflict with your natural human emotions...


I'd say that was medical and psychological reasons for being EXEMPT.....

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Guest Gone Fishing...
9 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


It was more what you expect of Ozzies than obeying that Desperate Dan stasi prick.


Talking of Dan, hes been in a badway & trying to hide what hes been upto..😂





He's 'had a fall' - broken ribs and a fractured vertebrae. 


No details on the 'fall' 


( who pushed him? ) 


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Guest Gone Fishing...
52 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

You must be fucking mad.


I have a good friend here in the UK who is more than aware of the situation. 

He is very much against the vaxxine. 

Unfortunately he is married to a lovely lady who has roots in another country which is a plane ride away. 

They (before 2020) used to flit between countries. 

They want to continue to travel back and forth. 

The vaxxine might end up being the only way they can do this.. 



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1 hour ago, Ergo Storm said:


I know all that, I've read the legislation and guidance, but perhaps without realising it, you're sort of making my point for me.  You're suggesting that I tell them I get distressed, which to me sounds a bit wimpy.


Besides which, certain establishments - an example is Morrisons - insist that the exemption should be medical.  I know this because I had this very argument with the security and a duty manager in a Morrison store.  I pointed out to them that the exemption need not be medical.  They didn't believe me.  It's an example of how knowing more than most people can be a disadvantage in certain situations.


I do think there is now a prevailing culture that favours weakness and frailty and affords rights to people by inverting the rights of the strong and healthy.  Obviously I have every sympathy with people who have disabilities and mental health issues, or people who are just elderly and suffer because of this, but weakness or disability should not be a badge that you wear and use to go round demanding privileges or submission from the rest of society. 


Have you noticed that everybody is dyslexic now.  Or autistic.  Or has some disability.  Or is distressed or traumatised by something.


Sorry to have to tell you this but I am not ill, or distressed, or traumatised, or dyslexic or autistic or anything else.  


Where are my rights, please?

Wearing a mask is a sign that you consent to the ruling class trafficking children and them fucking and killing them. The thought of that causes me distress. I don't consider THAT to be wimpy.

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European countries - including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Iceland - have suspended use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after reports of blood clots in vaccinated people.




Professor Anthony Harnden, from the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations, told Sky News there is no reason to doubt the safety of the jab in the UK.


He added it is already known that COVID can cause "quite severe blood clots".

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On 3/8/2021 at 3:08 PM, HerrShultz said:

World News

#benchday: Big Day For Brits As Government Allows Them To Sit On Park Benches

by Steve Watson



I actually didn't know we weren't allowed to sit on benches. I've been drinking my coffee on a bench outside supermarket for the last 6 months and no one has challenged me

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On 2/21/2021 at 11:33 AM, mike hunt said:


Are we sure it is bullshit?


I found this after a bit of searching:


all of these people have "DIED" in the past 14 days (Early to Mid Jan 2021). 99.9% of them are politicians. 



Check it out for yourself.



Bobby McKee, Northern Irish politician
-Jean-Pierre Michel, French Politician
-Moshe Moskowitz, Israeli politician
-Bootie Neal, American politician
-Patrick O'Donoghue, Irish roman catholic bishop
-Joseph Donna end, South African politician
-Sifis Valirakis, Greek politician, drowned
-Steven T. Kuykendall, American politician, U.S. house of representatives
-Nilda Pedrosa, American politician, public affairs
-Robert Rowland, British politician, drowned
-George Weatherill, Australian politician
-Gunawan Wirosaroyo, Indonesian politician
-Jean-Pierre Baeumier, French Politician
-Jacqueline Berenstein-Wavre, Swiss politician
-Jose Manuel Botella Crespo, Spanish Politician
-Aenenas Chigwedere, Zimbabwean Politician
-Routouang Yoma Golom, Chandran militant & Politician
-Jerzy Grelewski, Polish Politician
-Feliks Gromov, Russian Commander-in-Chief
-Meherzia Labidi Maiza, Tunisian Politician
-Joel Matiza, Zimbabwean Politician
-Raphael Steger Catano, Mexican diplomat
-Hank Coe, American politician & Senate
-Mauricio Herdocia Sacasa, Nicaraguan, integration systems
-Jackson Mthembu, South African Politician
-Jose Pampuro, Argentinian politician, minister of defense & defense secretary
-Joyce Hearn, American politician
-Justin Lekhanya, Mosotho Politician
-Sibusiso Moyo, Zimbabwean Politician
-Brian Hillery, Irish politician
-Emanuele Macaluso, Italian politician
-Toleafoa Ken Vaafusuaga Poutoa, Samoan Politician
-Felipe Quispe, Bolivian politician
-Carlos Tapia Garcia, Peruvian Politician
-Jim Vickerman, American politician & Senate
-Jean Dumont, French Politician
-Savavar Gestsson, Icelandic Politician
-Nombulelo Hermans, South African politician
-Akos Kizra, Hungarian Politician
-Joshua Kyeremeh, Ghanaian politician
-Dundar Ali Osman, Turkish Royal
-Henryk Ostrowski, Polish Politician
-Gatot Sudjito, Indonesian politician
-K.V. Vijayadas, Indian Politician
-Aminuddin Ponulele, Indonesian Politician
-Billy Kinoi, American politician
-Sergei Prinkhodko, Russian politician
-Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Columbian Politician
-Ihwan Datu Adam, Indonesian politician
-Soichi Aikawa, Japanese Politician
-Avelino Mendez Rangel, Mexican Politician
-Debbie Bath Hadden, Canadian Politician
-Robert Canas Lopez, Salvadoran Politician
-Antonio Cardoso e Cunha, Portuguese Politician
-Abdullahi Ibrahim, Nigerian Politician
-Dave Arnold, American politician & Senate
-Joevana Charles, Seychellois Politician
-Victor Crisologo, Peruvian Politician
-Barbara Gronemus, American politician
-Marlin Kuykendall, American politician
-Jubril Martins-Kuye, Nigerian Politician
-K. G. Shankar, Indian Politician
-Jon Sullivan, Australian politician
-Marius Swart, South African politician
-Vicent Tur, Spanish Politician
-Maynard Wallace, American politician & House of representatives
-Salleh Abas, Malaysian Politician
-Mahaveer Bhagora, Indian Politician
-Xavier Hunault, French Politician
-Sergi Mingote, Spanish Politician
-Bheki Ntuli, South African politician
-Phuong Mai, Vietnamese Royal
-Om Prakash Sharma, Indian Politician
-Sayidiman Suryohadiprojo, Indonesian diplomat
-Mauro Telles, Brazilian Politician

@Beaujangles, this is what I was thinking of. I expect there have been more to add since this post.

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5 hours ago, pete675 said:


Dressed in black, faces covered..sounds as though the Black and Tans have come back to Ireland after a gap of exactly a century.


Whatever happened to policing through moral force and integrity as the 'Big Fella' intended?

I remember when at the protest back in October, folks were actually going up and personally thanking the guards for allowing the event to go off peacefuly and for keeping those Antifa Goons at bay.

These Cunts that were there last week, they are the new elites pretorian guard. A kind of police by and for the 1% of Ireland, and they were there for one reason only........ to escalate the situation.


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Manchester University scraps the word ‘mother’



When it comes to illness and disability, for some reason using the word ‘diabetic’ is no longer allowed and staff are instead encouraged to use language that focuses on people’s ‘abilities, rather than limitations’. In the eyes of Manchester University, someone is no longer ‘suffering from cancer’ but are a person ‘living with cancer’. Similarly, the university no longer says that someone is a ‘victim of dementia’ – presumably because dementia is something to be appreciated in the eyes of the inclusivity team.


Arguably though it’s on gender where the most radical changes take place. From now on gender-neutral terms are in vogue in Manchester, which means that ‘man’, ‘woman’, ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are no longer appropriate for use in university materials, to be replaced by ‘individuals’ and ‘guardians’. Mr S imagines that things might become tricky on Mother's Day this weekend, which will presumably now have to be styled 'Guardian's Day'.




Feck me. Come on now. Is there ANYONE out there that thinks the above is actually a good idea.


How I have managed to keep it together, and not stab some c*nt in the eye with a fork yet is beyond me.


My anger has been steadily building; and at some point I will implode, I can more or less guarantee that.


What a clown world, what an utter clown world.

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