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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Great. Let’s stand down something we never used but spent shit loads on. Media should be hammering him for this. Would as welll if they weren’t part of the problem.


All these scary new variants they  keep on about too..

So tedious. But the slave new normals lap it up just the same.


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3 hours ago, Bullion said:

Distracted by the M and H interview and the annus horribilis 2.0.

Doesn’t anyone care about Dan, apparently he’s in intensive care with broken ribs and vertebrae damage, but he’s still tweeting and it’s not Covid, although if a pleb had broken ribs I spose they’d spin covid in there somewhere😀


I’m so bored of Covid, it’s worse than Brexit, which they strung along for almost three years, before it petered out in a huge anti-climax. Like Trump’s impeachment, which also came to nought. Folk are bored with 24/7 coronavirus, the media needed a new distraction. Cue the Royal Family….

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46 minutes ago, Orange Alert said:


The 1971 version, The Omega Man, with Charlton Heston who was also the lead in Soylent Green, about people being made into biscuits, made in 1973 and set in 2022. 



The first movie adaptation of this theme was "The Last Man on Earth" starring Vincent Price. 1964. Its a trilogy of films to my great pleasure.


The Last Man on Earth

The Omega Man

I Am Legend.





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19 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

NHS Improvement Behaviour Change Unit.







Interesting  logic with the part about "The vaccine is not 100% effective so if only your older relative has it you could still give them the virus if you are not vaccinated "   and presumably you can can still give it to them if you ARE vaccinated .

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1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

All fake, welcome to planet Bullshita.


The public has got the giant fake of Covid because it didn't call time on the smaller fakes.


Like the 'liquid bomb plot'..true a PhD level chemist with a lab could create a liquid bomb, but not those accused of the plot, the ringleader of which only did three months of study for a non science subject.


Airline passengers emptying bottles of shampoo was a pointless exercise, and they knew it.


Pointless in its supposed purpose, but not pointless in creating a climate of fear and more regimentation. The same thing is happening on a much bigger scale with Conjob Covid...

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1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

Handcock lying his fake arse off as always.




At least he's in the right place...the twit on twitter.


Nightingale hospitals stood down....will anyone notice?


Well, maybe a few fat, bored nurses who will have to find some different corridors to smoke their ciggies....

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11 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

It would be magnificent if this covid swindle ended with the cabal losing major ground. All passports eliminated, voluntary public schools, return of the analog power meters. Less harmful frequencies for comms. Like a major chunk of their power removed.


Back to a time with landlines with mechanical telephone exchanges, billed in units up until the early 1990s,  not call logged, intemised bills and no VOIP calls.  Medical files held on paper files and not interlinked computers.  Paid weekly wages, pensions etc. in cash.  Purchase with cash.   No internet or interconnected computer databases. No CCTV on every street corner.  Maybe to be on the safe side no computers at all.




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