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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:


In the European Union it is now illegal to grow your own food




i also saw a screen grab of a bbc  article saying 2 year jail for growing your own. trying to find it.


Tons of allotments in the area I live in and the garden centres and pound shops are full of seeds.

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WE have been sent this poem by a TCW reader.


It’s only three weeks
To flatten the curve
It’s not much to ask
It’s a small way to serve.

It’s only a mask
To keep us all safe
Why does it matter
If I can’t see your face?

It’s only a protest
And it’s selfish, you see
When expressing your views
Might harm you and me.

It’s only your freedom
It’s not a big deal
Freedom’s an illusion
But the virus is real.

It’s only a vaccine
There’s no need to resist
Your Freedom Pass please
We have to insist.

It’s only one Easter
There’ll be another next year
It’s only one Christmas
The pandemic is here.

It’s only not holding the hand
Of your dying wife
It’s only your liberty
It’s only your life.

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Its a shame I don`t know anybody who is truely awake around here and actually interested in whats happening with everything.

Most people are just too weak and afraid and lazy minded and depressed and afraid of the subjects like they just talk about little things or little me,they are 12 years behind that being the best of them.


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4 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


I tried that with the equality act on my phone, but the fresh off the boat jobsworth refusing to serve me refused to read it.





It's bloody unreal. This whole circus. This whole freak show.

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Now, just take a moment to stand back and admire the absolute genius of this scam they have pulled on us...


The first real-world data for COVID vaccines is in - and it’s really good news



They announce a new virus, but never properly isolate it. They use a bullshit test to inflate the numbers and created fake cases, wherever and whenever they like, without independent verification. They force through an experimental vaccine without any proper independent testing to combat this fake virus. They run the biggest mass public medical experiment of all time, for which they fully control all coverage. And then to top it all off, they piss in our faces and announce what an amazing success it is.


This is next level shit right here.

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3 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Shocking that they will lower their safety standard while claiming they will not compromise on safety at the same time. 


"vaccine manufacturers would need to provide robust evidence" - translation - "vaccine manufacturers would need to provide a press release, simple enough for Matt Arsecock to read without crying, saying their product is safe."

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3 hours ago, SimonTV said:


Zika virus, good one. These people are evil, how could anyone do that to people/children. 


Hexaxim DTPa-hepB-IPV-Hib Vaccine Exporters in Mumbai ...


Boostrix packaging


DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib Vaccine (Infanrix hexa™) | SpringerLink


Speaking of Zika, JR wrote this one recently:


Zika was a warm-up for COVID; it didn’t fly


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8 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


The girl in the red was so, so in control there......The brainwashed media fuckwit trying to belittle her was totally out of her depth.

Great stuff.


Unfortunately, she still believes in the virus.

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