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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Ah yes. Family gathering tonight and one bloke cousin's husband, who I am quite fond of and who is semi awake asked for my and my dad's opinions on the covid. *WARNING* *WARNING* he thinks it's a bio weapon released from China. 


I just said I don't think it is as dangerous as they are making out, and the lockdown is a travesty. Then the usual I know a friend of a friend who died.  He is quite into the conspiracy stuff though, and always going on about the cashless society which him and his wife are quite aware of. My dad mentioned that they have gone quite on China last week or so, and think they have Influence somewhere. And there's a doudgy committee Blair's involved with. 


It wasn't unpleasant and I generally kept out of it mainly because I couldn't get a word in edgeways. But when they were discussing the cold war with Russia, and how after that lead us through the space race and  to the technology age from the industrial, what's next I said? AI. He then said I don't think the world is ready. Maybe I am cynical but I think he is wrong i think the majority of people ARE. Hope I am wrong. 


My dad also mentioned the failed figures of this bloke, and it was the same models that lead to all those cows being slaughtered 20 odd years back. Do even the semi awake are still in fear of the covid. 

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5 hours ago, AndyJ said:

I ventured out with my wife to a crystal shop which is located within a large garden centre. First time we've gone to anywhere like that in one quite some time and it was a bizarre experience. First policy was they require you to sanitize your hands prior to entering. Not wanting to douse our fingers in toxic chemicals that look like they could strip paint off concrete we said we were allergic and pulled out a pre-prepared bottle of our own non-chemical shit to placate the sanitizing station Nazi. We were prepared for that one, although if they had suggested muzzling up we would have refused that and sodded off. But we weren't prepared for the second policy which is that they require each individual to take a trolley, even if you don't need one. Not per couple or family, every single individual who enters the place has to have a trolley. When I asked them why they said so they can "keep track of who is in here". Then, even though the crystal shop entrance is a mere 5 yards from the main entrance, they asked us to cart our empty trollies around a one way system that takes you right through the garden centre, outside and then back inside, finally arriving at the crystal shop about 10 minutes later where you then have to wait outside due to their "one in, one out" policy.  An utterly bizarre experience which we won't be repeating. You know things are fucked for these small and medium sized businesses when consumers are going to be driven into the online arms of a cunt like Jeff Bezos just to maintain their sanity. 


Just avoid such places as many are until the government sees sense and/or admits incompetence. They're panicking already with the data rolling in from the high streets and it won't be long before retail areas are gutted and local councils go bankrupt with business revenue loss/car parking revenue loss etc.



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Just been reading through the last two pages of posts. First of all, if, Nicola Stalin will stand out side her house and clap me for my 60th birthday today (Saturday) then I will do the same for her next week for her 50th. Don't hold your breath. 

     Interesting post by "Oddsnods on page 131 about S.A.G.E and U.K media creating fear to get the public to comply to government rules. Don't forget our government is not the only one to be manipulated by what ever dark force it is that is controlling this. I am not defending Boris Johnson, Nicola Sturgeon, or any of the others for the way they have fallen for this lie. They are lied to by the few,  who are lied to by even fewer, and so on up the pyramid. It is then the job of government to lie to the many, with out question, or risk losing?????

     Went to Tesco yesterday for Mum ( Friday). No one way system. Very few masks. People not shitting their selves as I walked toward them like they were when all this nonsense started. I feel that people are really starting to realise this is not as bad as we are being told. The majority are not fully awake by a long way, but they are getting there, the second wave will tell. As fluke says in above post the semi awake are still in fear of the covid. As for the second wave, October/November lockdown will finish off the small medium size retailers very nicely. Christmas. Then town and city high streets will be totally fucked. Read post by Andyj on this page.

     Wife spoke to a cousin a couple of days ago she was saying her Dad has started to come round to her way of thinking. He now realises this so called virus is man made and we are being lied to. He is slowly waking up. One more of us, one less of them. Celebrate every small victory my friends.

     A good persuasive argument for those in denial is to ask them if they have seen the film "Erin Brockovich" I should imagine many people called her a conspiracy theorist when she started asking questions of the Pacific gas and electric company.

     Here I am, 10 to 2 Saturday morning, 11th July 2020 , now 60 years old, been drinking rum and coke all night. Wife of 25 years just gone to bed, second marriage for both of us. Still love her to bits and to me she is as @&*%£ as she was 25 years ago.

     I have for a very long time believed there is organisations that are above the law and existed despite what government we had in control. As David calls them "The permanent government". I had heard of David Icke many, many years ago when we watched a documentary about him. He had given a talk in a theatre in Brixton. If memory serves me right he said about 200 people turned up. He went back to the same theatre about a year later and it was a sell out, 2000 people. I remember seeing the first Wogan interview. Lost touch with David for a long time then because of internet and u-tube he was a lot more accessible. I have followed him a lot closer since then and reading books he has written to catch up.

      I have always been interested in any thing unusual, bizarre, strange or different from the normal. Just over 30 years ago I stumbled across spiritualism. When we cast off the physical body our soul/ spirit is dragging around with it we go to a different dimension. There is only death for the physical as we know and understand it. This is the same for all. It matters not whether you have led a good life or been a total bastard to others, and yourself. I do not believe in judgement day or asking god for forgiveness or cast into the fiery pits of hell for all eternity. That crap was used by the clergy from way back to control and frighten people. We all go into another realm of existence of which there is different levels. We all have the choice to progress or not at our own pace. A child who is born to abusive parents has the choice later in life to be the same or become more empathic toward others, and break the chain of abuse.

     My dear friends, trust me when I say the day will come when those responsible for all the evil from the past and in the future will be very sorry for what they have done to others now and in the past. They will also apologise to those they are and have misguided for there own benefit. We all have free will, stick a knife in your guts or say i love you.

     Good night people and may your god be with you XX.




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Crisis actor pushing phase 2 agitprop in Melbourne.

Ahmed Hassan (on channel 7 news) has tested positive for covAIDS, and tells his incredible story:

'faced the full brunt of covid-19'

'within hours of feeling the symptoms was in an emergency ward'

'it was very difficult, and was quite unbearable'

'I got it off my father, the environment had covid already all over it'

'Ive become a victim of covid *bullshit* and I dont want anyone to go through that'

-how are you feeling today? 'I feel much better' :classic_rolleyes:




Turns out that this isn't some random at all:




Neil Pascoe and Fanos Panayides on FB have a vid with more:






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This anonymous statement from an A&E Consultant has been doing the rounds on social media.



‘NHS consultant’ on the truth behind the ‘Covid pandemic’

I am a consultant at a major, regional hospital in Surrey. By major you can take that to indicate that we have an A&E department. I had agreed to give an interview to an anti lockdown activist in which I would have revealed my identity. I have since changed my mind and only feel able to give an anonymous statement. 


I have changed my mind simply because that all staff , no matter what grade, at all hospitals have been warned that if they give any media interviews at all or make any statements to either the Main Stream Press or smaller, independent press/social media we may immediately be suspended without pay. I have a family, dependents and I simply can’t do it to them. I therefore cannot reveal my identity at this time but wish to state as follows:


In my opinion, and that of many of my colleagues, there has been no Covid Pandemic, certainly not in the Surrey region and I have heard from other colleagues this picture is the same throughout the country. Our hospital would normally expect to see around 350,000 outpatients a year. Around 95,000 patients are admitted to hospital in a normal year and we would expect to see around a similar figure, perhaps 100,000 patients pass through our A&E department. In the months from March to June (inclusive) we would normally expect to see 100,000 outpatients, around 30,000 patients admitted to hospital and perhaps 30,000 pass through A&E. This year (and these figures are almost impossible to get hold of) we are over 95% down on all those numbers. In effect, the hospital has been pretty much empty for that entire period.


At the start, staff that questioned this were told that we were being used as ‘redundant’ capacity, kept back for the ‘deluge’ we were told would come. It never did come, and when staff began to question this, comments like, ‘for the greater good’ and to ‘protect the NHS’ came down from above. Now it’s just along the lines of, ‘Shut up or you don’t get paid’. 


The few Covid cases that we have had get repeatedly tested, and every single test counted as a new case. Meaning the figures reported back to ONS/PHE (Office for National Statistics & Public Health England) were almost exponentially inflated. It could be that Covid cases reported by hospitals are between 5 to 10x higher than the real number of cases. There has been no pandemic and this goes a long way to explain why figures for the UK are so much higher than anywhere else in Europe.


The trust has been running empty ambulances during lockdown and is still doing it now. By this I mean ambulances are driving around, with their emergency alert systems active (sirens & / or lights) with no job to go to. This I believe has been to give the impression to the public that there is more demand for ambulances than there actually is. Staff only wear face coverings/masks & social distance when public facing, as soon as they are out of public view, the masks come off and social distancing is not observed. Indeed jokes are made about the measures, and I have heard staff express amazement that despite warnings on packets and at point of sales, telling people masks are totally ineffective and dangerous, the public still buy them, because a politician has told them too.


We have cancelled the vast majority of operations and of these ALL elective surgery has been cancelled. That’s surgery that has been pre planned/waiting list. Non elective surgery, this tends to be emergency surgery or that which is deemed urgent has been severely curtailed. The outcome of this is simple. People are at best being denied basic medical care and at worst being left to die, in some cases in much distress and pain.


Regarding death certification. All staff that are responsible for this have been encouraged where possible to put Covid-19 complications as reason for death, even though the patient may have been asymptomatic and also not even tested for Covid. I feel this simply amounts to fraudulently completed death certificates and has been responsible to grossly inflating the number of Covid deaths. 


The fact is that regardless of what you actually die of in hospital, it is likely that Covid-19 will feature on your death certificate. I have included with my statement the detailed published guidance from Government on Death Certification which shows how Covid-19, as a factor is encouraged to at least feature on a death certificate. Remember Covid-19 itself cannot kill. What kills is complications from the virus, typically pneumonia like symptoms. These complications are in reality incredibly rare but have featured and a large amount of death certificates issued in recent months. As long as Covid-19 appears on a death certificate, that death is counted as Covid-19 in the figures released by the ONS and PHE. I genuinely believe that many death certificates, especially amongst the older 65+ demographic have been fraudulently completed so as to be counted as Covid-19 deaths when in reality Covid-19 complications did not cause the death.


There have been Thursday nights when I stood, alone in my office and cried as I heard people cheering and clapping outside. It sickens me to see all the ‘Thank You NHS’ signs up everywhere and the stolen rainbow that for me now says one word and word only; Fear.


There are many good people in the NHS and whilst I do not plead forgiveness for myself, I do plead for them. Most are on low pay, they joined for the right reasons and I did and have been bullied and threatened that if they don’t ‘stay on message’ they don’t eat. I know that if a way could be found to assure staff within the NHS of safety against reprisals, there would be a tsunami of whistleblowers which I have no doubt would help end this complete and brutal insanity. 


I am finding it increasingly hard to live with what I have been involved in and I am sorry this has happened. To end, I would simply say this. Politicians haven’t changed, the country has just made a fatal mistake and started trusting them without question.

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11 hours ago, serpentine said:

They're panicking already with the data rolling in from the high streets and it won't be long before retail areas are gutted and local councils go bankrupt with business revenue loss/car parking revenue loss etc


If local authorities cash in their investments, saudi and China will be purchasing the securities at cut price rates.

Eventually the UK will be at default point and then social credits start



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3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

Apologies if this has been shared already.


Royal Society President Says Mask Refusniks Should be Publicly Shamed Like Drunk Drivers


Not sure where the saying comes from but ‘a lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep’

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Reflecting on ALL of this, it is so abundantly apparant that the past several hundred years has been a staged series of events courtesy of the evolving polymorphic fuedal system. 

I understand that I am stating the obvious but would like to add that the concentration of events since the industrial revolution that suposedly began in the UK has been on the surface, observably frenetic, and one thing that links all events together is that authoritarians have instigated virtually each and every event across the world during this time! 

Historically - the education system promulgates these events as organic occurrances without connection but the frequently elephant in the room is the missed link to authoritarians of every guise [and their paid actors] in this farcicle global theatre.

More recently we have endured the AIDS crisis, many wars, the global warming crisis, 9/11, the terrorist threat, the mad cow disease debacle, swine flu, bird flu,  ebola, financial crises every decade or so,  and other countless events that have all proven to be highly questionable if not blatently false.

Sars - Coronavirus is no exeption with Event 201 indicating pre-planned preparation as does the rockerfeller article of 2010 that emanated from one of their many foundations. (as noted in the video a few posts previously to this - thank you oddsnsods)


This has all been convolutedly expressed in plain sight and the majority have chosen - or to more accurately put it - the majority have been conditioned to accept authoritarianism [obedience training] so they can get on with their lives without a second thought. The problem for authorities is that the human species is exellent at recognising patterns of all types! It is a characteristic of ours that is expressed multilaterally, and these patterns have, for the past few decades, been overt.


These supposedly unconnected (esp over the past century) events have been a stress test of sorts, information gathering and trials to empirically measure cause and effect in a proactive way by authoritarians & right under our noses no less. We however, have been en-masse, been reactive rather than proactive, tied by nothing but mental chains! for the most part.  Mental chains appear to be the effective kind.

These authorities have amassed enormous quantities of information about us through all these past events, they know our behaviour, our weaknessess and strengths & how to divert and manipulate us. One of our greatest strengths is our facility for creativity which creates unpredictability for them and potential for us  - this does not feed well into their technocratic modelling! 


I posted a youtube video further up (thread-page 133) that showed German doctors who essentially, have formed a committee to interogate the actions of our authoritarians. I hope this will gather momentum and they have openly invited genuine support, nationally and internationally.

To me, this is exemplary behaviour and should be mirrored worldwide if we are to save ourselves from diversion and a dystopian future.

Like others here I post widely on several forums in an attempt illucidate this gigantic global hoax - the gravity of which I think is just starting to dawn on most.

I also try to maintain a semblance of normality, no distancing, no isolation, no mask - no restrictions other than what I regard to be normal.

This, is in my opinion - positive virtue signalling.


Another quote gleaned from youtube comments:

To live a good life you need not fear death. Death can only end your life not ruin it, while cowering in fear will ruin your life.

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They really are absolute bastards wanting people to submit to authority and control them.


I've seen elderly Spanish people struggling just walking in 30 plus celcius in these god damned masks.




Andaluica in Spain as well as Majorca and Ibiza and other regions are making it mandatory to wear the mask everywhere except the beach and

swimming pools afaik.


This means if someone wished to take a quiet walk on a country road, they still have to wear the mask or risk a 100 euro fine.


Spain has raked in over 1,000,000 euros in Covid fines so far.

Masks Made Mandatory at ALL Times on the Costa del Sol







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22 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

I think there is a business opportunity here.




Yes - I agree.

We should form our own governments, institutionalise our criminal behaviours for public consumption and rake in the proceeds of fines and taxes ......  ;)

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36 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:

I think there is a business opportunity here.



I've said this before, as soon as China's lockdown was lifted earlier this year, and their factories returned to work, that's when the mass production of all these masks started.


And because these masks are 'disposable', people will need to keep buying them. Make wearing of them mandatory everywhere, instead of by choice, and you have a huge market of regular customers.


The Chinese manufacturers have been laughing all the way to the bank...

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2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:


I've said this before, as soon as China's lockdown was lifted earlier this year, and their factories returned to work, that's when the mass production of all these masks started.


And because these masks are 'disposable', people will need to keep buying them. Make wearing of them mandatory everywhere, instead of by choice, and you have a huge market of regular customers.


The Chinese manufacturers have been laughing all the way to the bank...


It's only short-term gains though surely? Will masks still be a requirement once the vaccine is being pushed out, or will they just keep us in a state of fear with constant warnings about more "pandemics"?


Assuming the only crisis in the near future is the corona, the masks are probably to see how much people will put up with. They have the added benefit of being an uncomfortable annoyance so people will happily remove them for a vaccine. First they make masks for travel a requirement, masks for work a requirement, and masks for shopping etc...  then they replace masks for vax.


Then once it has all blown over you'll get people in clothing that says "I survived the 'rona and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".


Maybe if you're fortunate enough to be allowed to have children in the coming dystopia then you can refer to them as "second generation coronavirus survivors".

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1 hour ago, Grumpy Owl said:


I've said this before, as soon as China's lockdown was lifted earlier this year, and their factories returned to work, that's when the mass production of all these masks started.


And because these masks are 'disposable', people will need to keep buying them. Make wearing of them mandatory everywhere, instead of by choice, and you have a huge market of regular customers.


The Chinese manufacturers have been laughing all the way to the bank...


After watching Vernon Colemans summary of masks where they are contaminated upon contact. He presents contentions that cannot be ignored i.e. as soon as you touch a mask it is contaminated. Your face is also contaminated as is the remainder of your body, your hair and your clothes. As the breath escapes through the mask and around its perifery fitment particulates escape. If you fart, that undoubtedly erupts so called pathogenic contaiminants! In effect we are the contaminant.

Utterly ridicuous as you can tell.

If those who push the use of masks had genuine intent and were truthful and pretending the authenticity of the virus then we would change the mask 500+ times per day and yes the chinese manufacturers would be raking it in as they are. Maybe thats where all the fibres for toilet roll went! ;)

I would think that the possibly manufacturing body bags will be next. Hermetically sealed or not! - it doesnt matter - you can use propaganda to sell efficacy.



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3 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

A suggestion for male readers if you are asked to provide your details when visiting a pub, restaurant or shop.




(PS - I have been informed that one of the my local Wetherspoons doesn't even bother with this form).


Haha great ?


When we had to sign in to go in anywhere, I always put our ‘dear leaders’ name; we don’t have to do it now; though they would ‘like’ you to.

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