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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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1 hour ago, zArk said:

with the reduced VAT coming in autumn i think they are quoting 17.5% but might go to 15%

the furlough money

the business grants

the coming mass unemployment (DWP are hiring i believe 30,000 staff)

this food grant

House Stamp Duty removal (my friend just saved £11,000 :o)


there comes a rational thought -- who is, how is and when is all this underwritten money being paid back??


the general economic model is to get nations in mega debt and then the IMF places demands upon the debtor i.e environmental initiatives

this coming mega debt (which pulls back the UK debt to pre-tory 2010 but without the jobs or affluence of the working people) is the noose


the press are bought

the tv is bought

there is no widespread discussion regarding this other than the odd people on youtube/bitchute channels


the gov are either toadie gangsters or bought and paid pathetic pieces of shit


Small to medium sized businesses are going to the wall.

the local councils will find their business rate tax disappear


the wealth of the country is being decimated into paltry interest payments in pathetic attempts to stave off default


the Big Corporations are in the wings waiting to pick at the carcass


Don't worry! It appears that we will have no money by the year 2749. :classic_laugh:



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1 hour ago, Jack said:

So Rishi, is going to give you £10 off to be traced and traced


Yes, it could be a heavy price to pay to be tracked, traced and get up to 14 days in self-isolation for a tenner. No thanks.


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On it goes, with increasingly charged decisions. What about “essential workers,” and who are they anyway? Migrant workers and prisoners live in cramped conditions. Should they jump the queue? Not least, in this time of Black Lives Matter, there’s the question of whether ethnicity should in some cases confer priority. In the U.S., Black and Latino people are suffering disproportionately from Covid-19. Should they get shots before Whites?

If these dilemmas are political dynamite, they may end up looking trivial next to what’s sure to be the biggest showdown: the standoff between scientific rationality and conspiracy theories. Early in the pandemic, there were hopes that the balderdash of anti-vaxxers would become untenable and their movement would atrophy. Instead, it’s booming.

Humans have always spun conspiracy theories, especially at times of calamity. The anxiety that comes with loss of control primes people to seek simple explanations with compelling story lines and an obvious culprit. Unsurprisingly, the Covid-19 epidemic has been accompanied all along by an “infodemic.”

For example, a fake-news video called “Plandemic,” claiming that the new coronavirus was hype and that a vaccine would kill millions, was viewed more than 7 million times on YouTube before it was taken down. Demonstrators from Germany to the U.S. have been spreading bizarre fantasies that Bill Gates, one of the world’s great philanthropists, conspired with “Big Pharma” to engineer SARS-CoV-2 so he could establish a global health dictatorship. He’ll police this with microchips implanted under your skin. There’s no end to this bilge available on the internet.

None of this is funny. Conspiracy theories have already led to anti-vaxxers refusing to get shots against measles, thus compromising the already-achieved herd immunity and causing new outbreaks of this deadly disease. The same could happen when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available. The threshold for herd immunity against Covid-19 is estimated at between 55% and 82% of a given population. But only about 50% of Americans say they’d get vaccinated.

So the time for corona statecraft and education is now, before the vaccine arrives. Internationally, countries are likely to be most open to multilateral solutions before it’s clear which nation will first develop a vaccine. Domestically, the debate about who has priority has the best chance of staying scientific before people are clamoring for jabs. Above all, educating people to distinguish facts from fake news is effective only before they become exposed to, and infected by, conspiracy theories. We have to win the struggle against disinformation this year, or lose the fight against Covid-19 in 2021.


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The phrase "essential workers" is really annoying. All work is essential for anyone with a job, as we can see now from people losing their homes, businesses, health and even dying after they were locked in and stopped from earning a living. The only positive is I hope it is the gateway that wakes some people up to the fact that one of the main reasons for the scamdemic is to deliberately destroy small and medium sized businesses and to usher in the global financial reform David Icke has talked about for years. It can no longer be classed as a conspiracy theory when it's so obviously unfolding in front of people's eyes. The government will continue their gaslighting but more and more people are starting to resist.

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7 hours ago, rideforever said:

Walking around feeling angry today ... I realised that I'm just walking around.  People have shown me images that make me mad, but nothing is really happening.  I am just walking one foot and the other.


Degeneration of people involves convincing people to live in fear and distrust ... which reduces people to stimulus response machines with nothing inside, always on emergency mode.


This is the same no matter which side of the spectrum you are on, whether you are a BLM protestor or a Truther or whatever.  Continuing in this ever-growing-fear ... is not going to work.

That's why you don't buy into the fear. Truthers should know this. I don't fear the government psyops anymore since I woke up over ten years ago to what's really going on. Now I laugh at their bs. Do I get angry sometimes? Sure. But I try best to channel it with meditation, exercise, and proper food. And posting on Icke forums some harmless trash talk now and then. :classic_biggrin: 


Rideforever, if you can find some time to visit a park and walk barefoot in the grass and sit quietly and listen to the birds chirping, the breeze rustling the leaves, you will probably feel better. It's good to take time away from the TV and media machine.

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'Probable' case definitions.

A much looser criteria is being used to classify these new cases, which can include 'a cough' + close contact with a confirmed or probable case. This is being used in Collin county (Tx) but no doubt this scam model will be or is being used as the model in other places (as a cover to make any numbers they want).



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On 7/6/2020 at 1:34 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:

Exclusive: Covid-19 may not have originated in China, Oxford University expert believes




Obviously the news source might be reliable on this one.....

Was interested to read about the Spanish flu out break in Western Samoa ( in the above link) which killed about 30% of the population, despite them having no communication with the out side world. Decided to do a bit of digging because having read "The invisible rainbow". By Arthur Firstenberg. He talks about how American troops returning from fighting in the trenches went down with flu like symptoms. Also how ships crews, all fit and healthy and at sea for weeks would get have the same illness by the time they reached the port they were headed for.

     The people of Western Samoa would have had contact with the out side world. A bit of research, and I found an article from 1914 about Britain requesting the help of New Zealand to send troops there to capture German Western Samoa, as it was known then. The request was made because Germany had recently installed a new long range radio transmitter on the island. He points out in the book that troops and ships were using radios on a global scale for the first time. The wide spread use of radar coincided with Asian/Hong Kong flu in the 1950s and then in the 60s when satellites started being put into orbit. Now we have the launch of 5g coinciding with covid-19. I would bet the people of Western Samoa were affected by the radio transmitter. I have said before on this forum that book is a real eye opener and explains so much backed up with undeniable evidence.

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2 hours ago, SuperstarNeilC said:



George Orwell was accurate in his future predictions, from the telescreen to the thought police, hate-week, party slogans and false-flags, from obedience without dissent to Room 101, newspeak and doublethink. Big Brother is supreme and he is watching you, but even Orwell could not have foreseen the technology at the disposal of the state to implement absolute tyranny, in the present era, including drones and phones, robots and AI.


We live in “interesting times” if you find being locked down in your home without notice or resources by military police, interesting. I prefer to describe it as criminal. Who granted these unappointed megalomaniacs arbitrary authority over our right to live or die? Non-compliance is not an option, unless you are prepared for arrest, or to “disappear” in a Soylent Green factory. Orwell said the only thing that could prevent this nightmare is, us.


"It's better to die free, than live as a slave." ― Frederick Douglass

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William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse. As I read this I thought, this is exactly what is happening right now with corona "virus" as the NWO faction try to implement totalitarian socialism. It's the "Illuminati" and secret societies.


The last image sums it up (page 79), but I added a page or two previous for preface.

Behold a Pale Horse Page 77.jpg

Behold a Pale Horse Page 77-b.jpg

Behold a Pale Horse Page 78.jpg

Behold a Pale Horse Page 78-b.jpg

Behold a Pale Horse Page 79.jpg

Behold a Pale Horse Page 79-b.jpg

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The play acting continues:


Rishi Sunak: there will be "difficult times ahead" despite new emergency measures to kickstart the economy after the coronavirus lockdown.

 "we are not going to be able to protect every single job" as businesses reopen following a three-month shutdown.

"I am absolutely anxious about the state of the economy," ( As though he gives a damn about anybody except himself, and israel the home of the banking system )


"We are, as I’ve said before, entering into a very significant recession. We know that that is happening." ( What was your first clue )

He said the forecasts of mass unemployment "weigh very heavily on me". (This is what you wanted all along )

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

The ugliest woman in the world who bleached her skin, polished my twisted zionist teeth, who stinks, who is best friends with bill gates and the rest of the cabal who want to reduce the world's population by 95%, now says she cares about human life:


" Oprah Winfrey Will Help Bring NYT’s 1619 Project To Life, which examines the legacy and impact of slavery in America.

"From the first moment I read The 1619 Project and immersed myself in Nikole Hannah-Jones’s work, I was moved, deepened and strengthened by her historical analysis. "  ( Talk about jumping on the band wagon and pushing forward the evil agenda of black lives matter. What total and utter bs. Is this constant arse kissing of black people ever going to end? The only reason they are doing all of this is that they know WW3 is coming and they are trying to get more people on their side, and they have decided on black people. Kiss black peoples arses , make them think they are your friends, hope they will feel part of valued society, then they will fight all your wars for you )


  "The truths [Hannah-Jones] uncovers are disturbing, but we are better for it because her crowning accomplishment in shining a spotlight on the previously untold contributions of Black Americans delivers a powerful message of empowerment and inclusion.”  ( Ridiculous beyond belief. They took black people from africa, tortured them, raped them, murdered them, look at the situation today: Sanctions against africa, deliberate blocking of food and medicines getting into africa, western agencies openly admitting they paid for wars and geneocide against african people, mass vaccination and murder of millions. Africa is like a giant concentration camp. American government and upper class snobs like winfrey should be tottaly ashamed of themselves, if the have any shame that is. )

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Wanted to share this snippet from a written interview I was reading concerning the intervention in Libya, why it happened and what the consequences have been.


Not exactly Corona related, but one of the most common things you'll hear is "why would they shoot themselves in the foot and crash the economy? It makes no sense". This jumped out at me as being part of the reason, a total restructuring of a failing system which more and more nations wanted out of. Doubtless the people running the Fed and ECB know the power of media and public pressure on politicians, so that if enough people are clamouring for a lockdown and a halt to the economy they have very little choice but to relent.


I'm still trying to wrap my head around the financial side of things, as there's a lot of factors at play here. I also feel like on a personal level it might be wise to become more knowledgeable about your finances in order to just survive.

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Simon Dolan is launching an appeal against the High Court decision made earlier this week and continues the fight.


Having read the full judgement, Justice Lewis barely even engaged with arguments of the disproportionate harm caused by lockdown and the opinions from experts which criticise the measures and how scientifically sound they were. Justice Lewis rather just conceded to the expert opinion of government advisers without considering expert opinions to the contrary.


Simon Dolan and his team make some excellent points in the update below.



Update on Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown

I am reigniting our lockdown battle with the Government by launching an appeal against the decision denying us permission to bring a Judicial Review over the measures.  


Our Judicial Review attempt was rebuffed by Mr Justice Lewis in a swiftly delivered decision, following an all-day hearing on July 2. 


But after consulting with the legal team, I am now appealing the ruling. 


I feel passionately about the rights which lockdown has taken away from everyone and that is why I am appealing.  It cannot be right that the power to take away livelihoods, damage businesses and remove basic freedoms can be exercised by a Government Minister, with no adequate checks or balances. 


I feel the judgment did not engage with, or consider on any analytical level, the vital issues – issues that affect tens of millions of people - that we set out in the case. 


Neither do I feel the judgment engaged on an appropriate level with the 100s of pages of evidence the legal team put together. It appears incredibly out of touch with the devastating consequences on society. 


The judge suggested the impact on family life was modest as loved-ones could catch up on video calls. 


This is a statement which will not sit well with the millions of families who have been unable to visit elderly relatives and those in care homes. 


Only this week we have read how this lack of contact is feared to have accelerated dementia in sufferers, with it being reported that experts suspect many indirect COVID 19 deaths in care homes were due to lack of contact with loved ones and carers, causing dementia patients to deteriorate.


We also now know there has been no consistency on political gatherings, which are effectively banned under lockdown. Piers Corbyn, who is a 73-year-old man, will face court in October, just for exercising his rights of free speech at Speaker’s Corner. Yet 1000s of people who have marched on various causes – including BLM – have not faced the same measures.


Lockdown is not over. Even now, the Government's "guidance" on what people can or cannot do is at odds with the laws they have enacted. It is so confusing that many even mainstream media have misreported what the restrictions actually are. We are seeing the appalling effects of the Government decisions every day. Life in the UK could be changed forever if we do not act. 


The Government’s barrister argued that our case was now "academic" due to the recent easing of restrictions. 


But the lockdown in Leicester – and any other city which is sent down the same path whenever the Government so chooses – shows that is plainly not the case.


I believe lockdown should never be allowed to happen again and that – and the support of nearly 7,000 people who have backed my campaign – also drives this appeal.


Papers formally requesting the appeal will be lodged at the High Court on Monday.  

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Coronavirus: Catalonia makes masks mandatory in public


Spain's autonomous region of Catalonia has made face masks mandatory in public for all those aged over five after a surge in new cases of coronavirus.


Anyone caught without a mask - even when social distancing can be observed - faces a €100 ($113; £90) fine.


It comes amid an outbreak of the virus in Segrià, an agricultural area.


Officials already imposed a lockdown on 210,000 residents on Saturday, banning anyone from entering or leaving except for work.







Tourists in Majorca and Ibiza now have to wear face masks at all times in public – or risk 100 euro fine


BRITISH holidaymakers jetting to Majorca and Ibiza this weekend will have to wear face masks whenever they leave their hotel rooms, it emerged today.


The Balearic islands announced they were tightening the rules on the use of masks just hours after Catalonia revealed it was making them obligatory at virtually all times in public.



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