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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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53 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


Oh dear.....look how many days it says.



"Shrewsbury Town manager Steve Cotterill has been readmitted to hospital as he is suffering from Covid-pneumonia.

Cotterill, 56, spent 33 days in hospital after being admitted with Covid-19 symptoms on 15 January"


good spot that bro 

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Yury Babin travelled to the UK from Moscow for work.

"When I called the line said: 'We are experiencing high volumes of calls', before dropping,' says Mr Babin.


Ah you have truly arrived. Welcome to Britain. 😁



Travellers from countries not on the UK's "red list" must purchase a £210 testing kit, with a test taken on day two and day eight of isolation.


Those who do not take the tests may face penalties of up to £2,000.




Blimey. so you spend £1750 for your cell aka a hotel room, £210 for the kit and if you leg it, you get fined for £2K.

We are raking it guys. lol


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Covid can very easily be proven a swindle. This is not because the cabal screwed up but rather the cabal having neutered every avenue of redress. Same with 911, very compelling and damning evidence but who in authority would act on it?

Men throughout history have lost their heads based on a tiny fraction of the evidence stacked up against covid.

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5 hours ago, FrankVitali said:




This is scary for a good number of reasons.  She is exactly the type of person I would avoid as a "doctor".


Even if we believed the mask narrative, why the hell she not got her mask on, after her preaching how children should follow parents by example.


And masking up a teddy bear, fuck the fuck off.  Eh what Ziggy :P    It's catching mate, that phrase.


"If I say fuck two more times

That's forty-six fucks in this fucked up rhyme"

Limp Bizkit

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7 hours ago, AnarchicBreeze said:

I'm always baffled at the unquestioning stupidity of allegedly intelligent people


These are very dangerous people, because they don't threaten us directly so much. We can resist their bullshit. But the poor children have no chance.

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8 hours ago, Snail said:

Scientists? What absolute bullshit! Even with masks breath is still getting exhaled into the air at the exact same rate, just mostly out the sides and top. The only protection a mask can offer is from cough and sneeze droplets. If no one is coughing and sneezing it is not gonna protect you from "inhaling their breath". Maybe the covidians can just hold their breaths to avoid inhaling. Forever.


"Most surgical masks are not certified for use as respiratory protective devices (RPDs). In the event of an influenza pandemic, logistical and practical implications such as storage and fit testing will restrict the use of RPDs to certain high-risk procedures that are likely to generate large amounts of infectious bioaerosols. Studies have shown that in such circumstances increased numbers of surgical masks are worn, but the protection afforded to the wearer by a surgical mask against infectious aerosols is not well understood." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23498357/

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The Dr Who episode The Long Game is very relevant today, as it features media manipulation, social control and even chipping.


Simon Pegg as the evil media mogul asks:


'Are slaves really slaves when they don't know that they are slaves.'

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