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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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21 minutes ago, skitzorat said:
‘I don’t want the vaccine’: Jamaican running champ Yohan Blake insists he ‘would rather miss the Olympics’ than take Covid-19 jab
Sprint star Yohan Blake has said he is staying "strong in his mind" over taking a Covid-19 vaccine and would rather miss the rescheduled 2021 Olympic Games than receive a jab – even if it’s made obligatory for Games participation.

The former men’s 100m world champion has revealed that his strident stance on not getting a Covid-19 jab hasn’t changed, stressing that even the threat of not being allowed to compete in Tokyo wouldn't dissuade him from rejecting one.

The four-time Olympic medalist said he had his “own reasons” for abstaining from the Covid-19 vaccination program and wouldn’t be drawn into specifying his fears and doubts surrounding the jab.

My mind still stays strong – I don’t want the vaccine,” Blake said after competing at a local event in his homeland.




My new favourite athlete 😎

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Mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and on public transport will probably stay in place in the UK until at least 2022, predict a majority of infectious disease experts polled by New Scientist.

Expectations are similar for UK government guidance on physical distancing, with most anticipating that 2 metre or “1 metre-plus” measures will remain until 2022 or later.




It will stop being legally mandated at some point, but I think there will be a permanent culture change


Physical contact with people outside the immediate family is anticipated to take time. While the majority of respondents said they personally expect to invite relatives and friends into their home towards the end of the year, 28 people said they don’t anticipate hugging or shaking hands with someone outside their support bubble until 2022 or later. And, like changing attitudes on face masks, cultural norms may alter our physical greetings for good. “I think hugs and handshakes will be reduced so significantly that they may not be the norm any more,” says Deji Oloko, also at LSHTM.



Disclaimer: I realise these "polls" of "experts" are sh!t.


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Victoria’s state of emergency set to be extended until December


The lower house, where Labor commands a majority, last week passed legislation to extend the state of emergency powers for a further nine months until December 15.


Leader of the opposition in the upper house David Davis said the crossbench had “sold out” and handed “extreme power to Daniel Andrews until Christmas”.

[but then went on to say]

Mr Davis said the opposition would support the bill if it allowed for extensions of the state of emergency only on a month-to-month basis


“That’s why the Greens will support a nine-month extension to the state of emergency,"


All complicit in lockstep.


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1 hour ago, Liberty said:

There isn’t a population problem. There might be an oil one for the amount of population. It was Said years ago the oil would run out in the near future. Earth isn’t overcrowded. People just get pushed closer together through wars and stuff. 


The carbon cycle is misrepresented in that the greatest portion of carbon flux/exchange occurs at the ocean floor in the form of caco3 sedimentation and at subduction zones and is of orders of magnitude greater than observed consumption and output of carbon terrestrially. That alone should indicate discrepancy in the so called logic of the biological origins of hydrocarbons.

Mans actions contribute approx. 1/24th of total carbon into the cycle.


Hubert's Peak was supposed to occur in the 70's when UAE production was in fact increasing. Last I  read on the subject was around a decade ago where recoverable reserves were considered adequate for around 400 years supply at the then levels of consumption. Since then the definition of recoverable reserves have been altered, much like the interpretation or presentation of crony virus stats, AGW or climate change!, vaccine definition, pandemic definition.  Hubert's Peak was/is obfuscation by any measure. Another in the long line of abstract metrics purported as truths to manipulate perception and behaviour.


The globalist parasite class rationalise that a fake pandemic (restriction) is necessary ultimately because of impending climate catastrophe.

Cagw/climate change (restriction) is necessary because of overpopulation and impending energy reserve scarcity apparently.

The true nature of the parasite class is that they will go to any length to secure their freedom which is entirely dependant on us not securing ours!




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Here we arrive at another hoax crosswalk where a pair of big hoaxes intersect. Covid and climate. Covid provides the remains to keep the ovens billowing round the clock which will in turn trip the CO2 monitoring outposts. Justifying a climate crisis and ushering in a new wave of restrictions layering. How else will they dispose of all those bodies. Can't bury infected remains.

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2 hours ago, ThunderFace said:

im a grown ass man...


& every time i see the pictures of the children in boxes/circles to keep distance - i get emotional as fuck


its heartbreaking

Me too, and dont get me started on the gene therapy jab experiments on children, infants and pregnant woman now green lighted.

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Now France Slows Down COVID Jab Rollout Due To Adverse Effects

When the experimental covid vaccine was first rolled out at the University Hospital of Brest in Brittany, a staggering 25 percent of the vaccinated healthcare workers fell ill. Many suffered from severe headaches, high fever, chills, sore muscles and consequentially, could not go to work.

The rate of vaccine injury was so high, the hospital had to stop vaccinating the healthcare workers altogether. The VACCINE, not the virus, is leading to intermittent staff shortages in hospitals throughout France.

This appalling rate of vaccine injury was first observed in clinical trials, but the issues were never investigated or resolved. Now vaccine injury is being extrapolated across entire population groups, as coercion is used to get as many people as possible vaccinated at once. In the rush to vaccinate people in a collectivist fashion, informed consent and medical ethics are being abandoned as vaccine injury becomes a normal way of life.

France Orders Hospitals To Slow Down Vaccine Rollout Because Of Widespread Injury

The real-life effects of this mass medical experiment has caused the French vaccination task force to SLOW DOWN the covid vaccine rollout for healthcare workers. Hospitals in France are now being advised to stagger the vaccination schedule for healthcare workers who are in the same care unit.


French authorities also recommend that healthcare workers take acetaminophen before the injection and for two days after the shot. How many drugs must people take to tolerate or counter the negative effects of the vaccine? Isn’t the whole objective of vaccination to prevent illness, health complications and hospital visits?

Instead, submission of the mind and the body to vaccination is creating the very problems vaccination promises to prevent.

The mass inoculation of healthcare workers using the Oxford-AstraZeneca has had tragic results. Personnel shortages are now being observed in the intensive care units throughout Europe. Approximately one in five young people are negatively affected by the vaccine, whereas the vaccine deliberately causes real symptoms of illness that disrupt the daily work activities of young adults.

Vaccine Injury Is Now Accepted As Normal Sacrifice “For The Greater Good”

The town of Brittany is not the only place to suffer from a high rate of vaccine injury. The towns of Quimper, Morlaix, Normandy, Dordogne, and Vannes have reported similar issues across their healthcare staff. One of the hospitals lost half of their physiotherapists after the vaccine forced the staff to take sick leave simultaneously. The vaccine injured 18 percent of the healthcare workers in Vannes, forcing them to take sick leave.

The damage is so immense, the hospital of Saint-Lô in Normandy had to suspend the vaccine drive on February 11. The day prior, approximately ten out of fifty vaccinated workers fell ill with high fever and nausea. At the hospital of Périgueux in Dordogne, hospital staff are boycotting the AstraZeneca jab after seeing a “considerable number” of their colleagues suffer from severe adverse events after vaccination.

The hospital initially agreed to tolerate a vaccine injury rate as high as ten percent, but saw between 50 and 70 percent of the vaccinated workers fall ill! How long will populations permit this dangerous experiment?

As vaccine injury becomes accepted as a normal sacrifice “for the greater good,” many people are refusing the vaccine for conscientious reasons. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine was developed by culturing the SARS-CoV-2 virus in a cell line derived from the kidney of an aborted baby.

Because there is no guarantee that the purification process removes all the cell culture material from the vaccine, vaccine companies cannot promise that fetal DNA is absent in the final formulation. It doesn’t matter if the baby’s DNA does/does not persist in the vaccine; most people find this process of using aborted fetal cells morally repulsive. Even more repulsive yet is that human lives – men, women, and now children – are being treated as experimental dumping grounds, coerced to submit to a “savior” science that sacrifices more human life, health, liberty and dignity along the way.

The article can be seen here: www.naturalnews.com


copied from https://principia-scientific.com/now-france-slows-down-covid-jab-rollout-due-to-adverse-effects/



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8 minutes ago, zarkov said:

Vaccine Injury Is Now Accepted As Normal Sacrifice “For The Greater Good"

And the greater good is defined as masking, social distancing, neverending vax rollouts, lockdowns and more. Besides being effective at injuring and killing who else but the cabal benefits from our getting the jab. I doubt very many honestly think their loved one fell to save us.

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Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the ‘World’s Lab.’


If Israelis are confused by the fact that their government treats them like laboratory pets, if they wonder why their freedom to travel, to socialise or even earn a living have evaporated, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla produced a genuine answer yesterday. In an interview on NBC Bourla said:

“I believe Israel has become the world’s lab right now because they are using only our vaccine at this state and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices.”

no one can deny the astonishing fact that in just 8 weeks of mass vaccination, the total number of Covid-19 deaths in the Jewish State almost DOUBLED from the number accumulated in the prior ten months



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9 hours ago, Macnamara said:


had you considered using something other than microsoft?


do you know how bill gates got so rich and powerful?


everyone bought his product. they still do even as he rolls out his 'final solution' covid jabs onto the global population


i don't use microsoft. I made a conscious decision to stop using it years ago. Are you outraged enough to make changes in your life? I was


I don't have a smart phone, i don't use facebook or twitter, i don't have a television or pay a BBC TV licence and i don't use a bank that was caught up in the 2008 credit crunch nonsense


I'm not saying this to be sanctimonious....i did it because i became so sick and tired of what i saw going on in the world and i decided to opt out. I had enough anger to power me through the inconvenience of change


so are you angry enough yet to make changes to your life even though it might make your life harder or more inconvenient?


My laptop is a Huwaei, i havent purchased microsoft buddy, its on the opening page when i open my internet page, its Bing i think... i use Tor, i have vpn, duck duck go.....part of me likes to be still switched in...just a little bit just to know what shit they are coming out with.

Im not on any social media, havent been for many many years............joined this purely on the back of covid


i completely agree with what your saying.....im just not at that stage of my life....its a goal to get there believe me.


6 month ago i changes my phone to a nokia flip, but my job made it impossible, i have to take photo evidence of certain tasks, send emails, so id either have a smart phone or carry a camera, and a laptop and use in my breaks.


I mean i want a home with more land to be self sufficient, and turn off more or less completely, i get this is hypocritical.


Theres no great wealth behind me, my family havent supported me to give me the foundation to build or direction im literally starting from nothing.

The only way i got on the property ladder is to buy a council house (4 year ago)....im just starting to climb out of this shit.....obviously now the ladder is being pulled and im not even on the 5th rung.....



The rest of the world.......use this tech, and if im to do my job and keep getting the jobs i do, theres just no way i could ditch a few of the things you mention,im just not in the position to do these things, like ditch bank accounts...my world just doesnt allow this, atleast not at the minute........i dont pay tv license either.





LOOK....in an ideal world, id have a home with a little land, grow my own food, create my own energy or even learn to do with out, have a water supply........completely switch off.......me n my little family just  arent far enough along in the road.....ideally i use there system get to wear i need to be then fuck ther system off...


it is what is.......i wish i could rid myself of these things like you have...honestly

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4 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

And the greater good is defined as masking, social distancing, neverending vax rollouts, lockdowns and more. Besides being effective at injuring and killing who else but the cabal benefits from our getting the jab. I doubt very many honestly think their loved one fell to save us.


The more desperate they are the more they push.




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4 hours ago, BridgeBuilder said:


Why? Because he is loaded. You become immune if you have a million+. So choice is either to have vaxx or have dough. Funny that....innit?

every single fake ''law'' carries a Fine...............obviously to allow free pass to the rich

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Unlawful detention. False pretenses.

Torture. Extortion. Blackmail and more. Just another day in Covidia. And be sure that what is being reported is only the tip of a big iceberg. Talk of lack of security, rape. Something like that "Highrise" movie starring Jeremy Irons when things start falling apart.



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16 minutes ago, zarkov said:

The more desperate they are the more they push.

Wait see when they (cabal) get pushed hard by computer worms. See if anyone will be laughing at the prospect of going back to the stoneage. I think it was Einstein that was asked how he thought ww3 would play out and he replied only that ww4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

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