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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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my doctors phoned me up offering me the jab but i said no thanks. all was good. my parents had their first wallop of it. we fell out over me being pretty aggressive about opposing it.


a good friend of mine died last week (non covid related). i was so glad to see (and so would he) that all the dehumanizing rules were broke ... the funeral was big and no social distancing. those who wanted to wear a mask did (more didn't).

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3 hours ago, DarianF said:

WHO green-lights mRNA vaccine experimentation on pregnant women and newborn infants


I'm certain there were laws which came into effect after the horrors of WW11 that specifically outlawed medical experimentation on unwilling participants... another so-called 'Right' and LAW abolished in the name of "science" and hysteria.
My body My Choice? -  Christian moral outrage? Are they both silent on this? Both sides of that 'debate' are complicit in Crimes Against Humanity in my book if they don't speak out loudly about this.
This makes me more angry than anything else. Babies and the unborn can't consent.
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1 hour ago, DarianF said:


Aussie companies are all dead. Systematically wiped out. I think they're doing this to the once great flying Kangaroo just to take the final piss out of us.

I’m feeling nostalgic... RIP TAA and Ansett, glad you weren’t here to be extinguished by the Covid 😒

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I know this has been posted, but lots of people calling this fake out.

I remember he was slagging Icke off not long ago on Twatter when Piers Morgan tried to make the comparison.

Peter Hitchens is a fake & nothing like Icke.

Hitchens is silent about the great reset..yet he talks so much about the threat of communism.

He avoids any discussion on conspiracies like the plague.

Lots of people like this in the mainstream gatekeepers, maybe we need them I dunno.

Similar story with Lord Sumption & Juliet Brewer, why I avoid listening to these drip feed controlled ops as much as possible, they will never rock the boat at the sake of their careers. Sort of crowd who reinforce the holocaust narrative at every opportunity, virtue signalling to their Jewy mates.

Shows you tho with intellectuals, how they can be extremely knowledgeable on one level but completely brainwashed & indoctrinated by the system.


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16 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

Tell me more?! Im not aware of any of this.....

What was spoken about a few pages back that Di would’ve been promised to Charles before she was born, as such is the planning with these ruling class families. Likewise they have to have yid blood, by all accounts Frances was probably Rothschild connected and she had an affair with James Goldsmith. Di does look more like Jemima and Zac than those three red headed Spencers ...

sorry off topic






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10 hours ago, FrankVitali said:



I just want to clear the air that I wasn't having a go at @mathewtwatson, was just particularly pissed off the other night. So no hard feelings?


Nevertheless Trump is trying to eradicate sex trafficking, his son Don Jr has confirmed this. All who are calling him and turned on him should be ashamed.


People have NO idea the effect of the MSM on spoiling ones' reputation and the battle he is facing.


Keep the faith guys.


Frank............    You have nothing to clear the air about.    100% no hard feelings buddy, i mean fuck me........you cant offend me.

I love that you have an opinion n feel passionate enough to call me out. For society to remain free it is so important that this remains so.


So please to keep your views in your heart, then air your opinion anytime you choose, offend as you see fit, but il take some offending son.


For me personally was never PRO trump nor AGAINST trump...........i believe trump was by design, whether he knew that is the only question for me, he is so easy to manipulate in the media to portray as a Race Villain, The ''Building a Wall''.......Biden comes in as ''The beaking of walls'' granting asylum to everybody.......too convenient for me.


Doesnt mean i wouldnt love to be proven wrong, doesnt mean theres nothing id like better than Trump to come riding over the hill on a white Horse, naked, with a big sword chopping the heads of paedophiles and the establishment,is golden hair in the wind with the american flag in the background, then rounds up all the covid creators and hangs them on the white house lawn.


If trump was a threat.......he'd be taken out in the blink of an eye



but Please DONALD TRUMP.....................prove me wrong



N Frank.........dont ever hold back mate, say what you want to say or need to say......to worry about been offensive. Call me a thick bastard then we move on ✌️

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