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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, alexa said:

looks as if the Virus wannabe isn't doing to clever.:classic_biggrin:


Prince Philip spends his ninth day in hospital with infection as he is expected to remain under observation for 'several days'

Buckingham Palace reveals Duke of Edinburgh, 99, will stay in for 'several days' 

Duke was admitted to hospital for 'observation and rest' last Tuesday evening

Prince Edward and Prince William have both commented on his health this week.


He will be looking forward to reincarnating a part of his energies into the vaccine-induced "covid 22"


Imagine how much the UK tax payer is going to have to fork out and add to the unpayable debt clock [to be repaid, in kind, by survivors after global currency reset,] for his National Service funeral 'celebration'? 🤮


Although there will be more dancing on his grave than there was when the Greengrocers daughter expired.


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3 hours ago, pete675 said:

For some reason just thought of the Spike Milligan joke.


Spike ( dressed as newsreader): 'Mrs Thatcher has been admitted to hospital.  A hospital spokesman described her condition as satisfactory. She's dead.'


Ha I replied to your previous post and referenced That woman before even reading your nod to her in this post! lol

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1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:



I remember my microbiology lecturer going on about this and how wonderful it is for humanity. She asked the class to put their hands up if this would be something they'd accept in their lives. Not a single soul put their hands up! 


What a worry! Plastic food to go with the ever growing plastic life style. It truly is ridiculous and mind blowing that they think this is a good idea.

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10 hours ago, Outsider said:

I agree, it must have some logical explanation. I now know of 10 relatives / colleagues who have been vaccinated and the Pfizer recipients have histories of notable medical problems. They must be analysing medical records to determine which gets given. 

That's another thing that should be waking people up. Surely people would be curious to know why they were given vax y and their spouse given vax X?

Perhaps they just think it's all the same and don't bother questioning it (pretty likely)

I'd like to think if I was in their shoes I would at least be curious....


I can also back this theory up with some personal input.


I know of four elderly people who have had the jab.


All four of them are 70+ years old. Three of them have, or have had, what you might call potentially "serious" health conditions, they all received the Pfizer jab. The fourth who is 81 and has no serious health issues, he received the Astra Zeneca jab.


I believe there will be a massive return of the flu next winter. It will be interesting to see who gets it, how bad their symptoms are and what the correlation is to which covid jab they received, if any.


Someone needs get on this now and start recording data.


As Vernon Coleman recently stated, hardly anyone knows anyone who has been affected by covid, but you can bet your bottom dollar that there’ll be far more people know someone who has been affected by the jab come the end of the year.


**** Addendum***

My partner’s mum recently had the Pfizer jab. Bed ridden for 3 days. Now on the mend.

My Partner’s college class is cancelled today. Tutor is too ill to leave the house after receiving covid jab.


Make of that what you will.

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Just now, oddsnsods said:

Jewish organisations are silent about this.

I have seen posts deleted on Twitter for making the comparison.

Martin Lewis & David Baddeil called it vile anti semitism & attacked Piers Corbyn for pointing our the similarities.

Now its in your face.





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The language and automatic assumption in this podcast that all Australians will voluntarily get the *vaccination* is jaw dropping. These two so called journalists also discount the apparent 5% of people (without any listed verifiable source for this number or survey) who are sceptical of lining up for the vaccination.

Totally assuming a brainwashed audience are accepting of this truly untested shot.

I'm beside myself with how this is considered journalism, more like mental programming to ensure we all compy with the overlords....



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My heart continues to break for my brethren in my Motherland. - pushed to extreme pyschological breaking point by this tyrannical evil lunacy. How many will succumb to similar ghastly fates?


Retired woman stabs beloved husband to death in the kitchen with a knife over petty row over an ipad charger.



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bah bah covid sheep do have any vaccine?

yes  sir yes sir three phials full

none for the lizard master

and none for scamdemic dame

one for the eldster who lives down the lane


1,2 time to shoo

3,4 they're kicking down your door

5,6 their vaccine will make you sick

7,8 it's the truthers they hate

9,10 don't vote for the tories again

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