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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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4 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


They kind of did, and we got communism via the backdoor and mass rape.


It's not PC to say, but there is a reason why General Patton said we fought the wrong enemy. Then he mysteriously died and no autopsy was performed, and now we're seeing the NWO come to fruition.

No likes. Absolutely right!

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6 hours ago, ink said:


The reality we each, individually, perceive/recall is ordered via a structure we call 'time'.

We consider that structure in units and the small unit we live by is called 'seconds'.

Not ....... firsts.

It is not named 'firsts' .... it is 'named 'seconds'?


What is something which is 'secondhand' .... a clock has a secondhand but you also have secondhand items!


We are somewhere between 8 to 11 seconds downstream of actual reality!

And in that 'actual' reality ....... one 'second' is a life time.


Or some shit like that :)


future is what matters most.
the moment you realize your in the present, it is in the past already



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1 hour ago, TerryH said:

I have a feeling that once their target of vaccination numbers has been achieved the next phase will involve people that have previously worked in the shadows taking control of the narrative and wiping the likes of Johnson Witty Gates etc from the board. 


The falsehoods of Covid19 are so obvious and people are so easily led that control from one global authority that promises justice will be welcomed even if that justice still contains many of the restrictions that have already been imposed just until the damage the vaccines will cause can be countered.


If I had a TV i would be starting to watch for little nudges filtering into the news that all is not right with the current leadership and more coming to peoples attention readying them for full exposure.


Its just a feeling though


That's an interesting perspective!


Given the denial and gullibility of the sheep, that could actually work!


Hmm. 🤔 

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How to beat the virus hysteria decline:


(1)Walk to the shop and not drive. (physical exercise = stronger body)

(2) Don't look it up on Google - work it out and use your own intelligence (using your own mental resources = increased memory and problem solving

(3) Get off State dependency (they can stop your money and control your life)

(4) Create your own income (gives you some control of your life,)

(5) Develop alternatives to Social Media (it endorses censorship and is now a State tool).

(6) Develop your immunity and avoid sanitary lifestyle.

(7)Take full control of your life. Nobody must control your free choice.

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2 hours ago, Basket Case said:

That means you've probably only got about another 12 years now..  :O(


No chance.....if my body was a car it would be towed off to the scrap yard.

I'll be shocked if I make 75.

I'm just glad I'd had my biblical three score years and ten before all this shit started.

I've had a great life.

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2 hours ago, Morpheus said:

Yes, I found God. Not the biblical, subjugated, inverted and perverted one, but I found them all the same. I was in so much despair and upset that God came to me at my lowest point, picked me up, dusted me off and said you're not done yet son. (He didn't say that, but my experience gave me that feeling and trust me, I've been a staunch atheist all my life!)


So yeah, God gave me hope and anyone can connect with the creator, you only have to ask. 👍


100 likes,👍 Oh no make that a xillion :classic_biggrin:

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3 hours ago, Outsider said:

I just wish in my day to day life I could get a feeling that people are getting angry....it would give me something to cling to. Every time we reach another stage I think to myself , now is the time that people enmass will say hold on this is too much! I don't want to live like this anymore!

That would give me hope, make me feel linked to my fellow humans.

But as each new act in the play comes about, the people seem to just absorb it into their lives and accept it and then carry on. The true depth of what is happening just doesn't touch them. It's as if they are already dead...

That's what crushes hope in me, feeling out of synch with everyone else. Without that feeling of unity and togetherness I'll be crushed like a bug. 


I hear you. I despair at times too.


I did have a refreshing conversation with a sheep today. I pointed out a few inconsistancies and showed how yesterdays announcement amounted to an EXTENSION of lockdown and not an easing and it was very satisfying to watch the penny drop. I genuinely believe i woke this sheep up. Maybe they will go back to sleep but in that moment of awakening I did see anger bubbling to the surface.


Maybe im too negative and pessimistic as I do see plenty of people out and about which is technically illegal so people afre not exactly sticking to the rules. I know for a fact the vast majority of people i know wear masks only to avoid conflict not for fear of the rona.


Perhaps when the better weather is here and we are no closer to the end of lockdown the penny will drop en mass. I do think a decent number of sheep pinned a lot of hope that vaxxing the vulnerable was going to end this charade. The vaxx passports for domestic services i.e. pubs and shops etc if rolled out soon will be a step to far for a lot of sheep. I think it could turn a few more anti-vaxx.


I guess time will tell.

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On 2/19/2021 at 9:17 PM, Outsider said:

Agree, think a lot of people are clinically depressed at the moment, they may not realise it though. It's just the overwhelming dullness that's everywhere and everything. Very hard to break free and lift yourself out of it...all normal methods of simply cheering yourself up have been blocked off.

I'm seeing it so much in our community pharmacy with patients and staff, fuck it me too. Weight loss, appetite gone, sex drive gone, prone to crying.


They know what's going on, with all the additional training we gotta do on suicides mental health weight management, substance misuse. Which is all bullshit btw. Ticky box exercise.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
3 hours ago, Outsider said:

I don't mean this as a criticism but in your day to day existence have you experienced something or had an encounter that has given you cause for hope? I need some tangible reason to believe that it can be turned around...this forum gives me a feeling of unity but out on the street, evidence really is thin on the ground.  

Maybe deep down the proles know best. If you swim against the tide you will use up all your energy and drown....swim with the tide and you may be okay...you could end up washed ashore...who knows? 


l attended the huge protests in London last year.
l have never worn (or tried nor touched) a mask...and smile at anyone and everyone if our eyes meet.
l'm not fearful and radiate no fear where ever l go.
A lot of my close friends see through this BS.
l'll never get the vaxx. Regardless of the consequences.
My Mother is refusing the vaxxine.
My local town has the majority wearing masks especially in shops, but on the grassy common areas, people are there playing if it's dry and sunny.
l've visited Brighton several times (essential - cough cough) and saw a big difference to my town. Hardly any masks anywhere.
Everywhere must be different.
l'm sure there are other 'good areas' in the UK.
l don't let the MSM spook me... (never had TV)
l go about my day unworried for myself, though obviously l'm concerned for mankind as a whole, but l don't dwell on it.
Who knows where this will end up for me personally of for mankind as a whole ?
Being fearful, angry or depressed about this situation will not change it in any way shape or form.
l'm not afraid to 'move on' as l am 100% sure l 'was' before l was here and l 'will be' after l have left here.....as long as l don't let the Cabal disconnect me from the Source.
BC :O)

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6 hours ago, Jesse007 said:

I’m not sure if it true but my neighbour told me the origins or democracy and voting came originally from raising your swords and doing a sword count if true it was probably originally a way to avoid bloodshed.

Trial by Jury

We said at the beginning that a society governs through its law. The ultimate control is through remedy or punishment. If the people are meant to be in authority through the proper democratic constitution, then what mechanisms do they have to make or remove their country's laws that they, themselves agree to abide by? Are the people automatically bound to be subject to any rules that its government creates? Clearly not - as we've already established. So what is this mechanism that allows the people to create this higher jurisdiction of law?

The ultimate mechanism through which the people can write their own laws is through the Common Law Trial by Jury system. Because, in a proper, full, un-abridged Trial by Jury system (that has now been unlawfully removed from the people), the jury have the right and duty to annul bad government statutes. This is the people being sovereign. See p.67 of Democracy Defined: The Manefesto.

So Common Law is actually the consolidation of the judgements of juries (the people), not, as you will generally be told by people in the legal profession, judgements by judges! Importantly, the people's law (Common Law), is based on principle not outcome. You cannot legislate for motive. (p. 37 of Democracy Defined: The Manefesto - guilt depends on intent or motive). Rules and regulation (legislation) only judges the outcome; but the higher Common Law judges motive and principle - according to human conscience. When ordinary people judge their peers, they do so through their conscience: it is therefore a human judgement by people of the community on the fairness of enforcing potential punishment upon the accused. This is, essentially, the manifestation of Natural Law through human consciousness. 

Furthermore, it is people of the community judging people of the community. If the accused is found guilty, that guilty verdict will have been delivered by fellow community members - his peers or social equals. That further establishes the Natural Law principle that we are all equal before the [natural] law.

Further still, the jury (in a full trial by jury system) has the right and duty to judge on the nature of the punishment. The government will simply carry out or 'execute' the punishment according to the will of the people. That is the role of the executive branch of government.

Trial by Judge is not an impartial tribunal. The judge is an employee of the state and is a member of the judiciary. There is clearly a conflict of interest for the judge, when, on the one hand being required to decide on the justice of a case whilst, simultaneously, running the risk of defying the wishes of his pay-master, the government, by refusing to maintain and enforce its rules.

The Judge is wrongly named the 'judge'. Under proper constitutional common law Trial by Jury, the judge is merely called the 'Convener'. It is the members of the Jury (the Jurors) that are the Judges - as they are judging on all aspects in a court case - without interference.

Specifically, and most importantly, the members of the jury (through full Trial by Jury) have the power to annul bad government statutes (legislation) by applying the not-guilty verdict, if, according to their conscience they decide that it would be unjust for the accused to receive punishment.

Briefly, without going into too much detail on the proper democratic trial by jury, it is this full un-abridged Trial by Jury system (that has now been illegally removed from us) through which the people have the control over the law and the justice system within their country. This is what causes the people to have sovereignty in a truly democratic society.

Democracy has nothing to do with voting in elections. It is not through the election system that the ordinary people have influence over the functioning of their state. It is specifically through the full system of Trial by Jury (now un-lawfully taken from the people) that the people have control over the fairness and justice of laws of their country. That is the key characteristic of a democratic state. The people retaining their sovereignty, at all times - not just at elections, by having direct control over its law when functioning as jurors. Again, the existence of electoral voting in a country does not define that country as democratic - contrary to what most people (even in government) believe.

In a proper system of Trial by Jury, a guilty verdict must be passed unanimously otherwise the accused is automatically considered not-guilty. The defendant is only guilty if each and every member of the jury considers the accused guilty. Under Common Law, it is of greater importance that a good wo/man is not punished wrongly.

Lastly, the jurors make this decision privately and without having to provide explanation. Why? Because that decision is reached through their own conscience and sense of fairness.

WJK - May 2018


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3 hours ago, Basket Case said:

We are all watching and following..


so are many people who don't post here


there is a bigger picture here and although some people might use the forum for entertainment or as a support group it is also a means by which information is shared and it is in that capacity that some people will be seeking to sabotage it


I remember one poster two forums ago who posted a picture of a symbol and invited the forum to discuss what it could be. Various ideas were put forth and then that same poster appeared on a forum for freemasons (which came up in searches related to davids forum which is how i came across it) in which he mocked posters on the forum for their ideas because the symbol was a symbol for lasers


So there is an agenda by certain people to try and belittle and diminish what is being said in the truth movement and i know that its a broad church and that people want to discuss lots of different things and its not my place to say what should and shouldn't be discussed but at the same time i am conscious of the fact that some of the better information that actually has the ability to bring peoples perceptions into better alignment with objective reality may be deliberately buried by bad actors posting heaps of garbage


if that is tolerated by the staff then we are going to end up with a whole load of garbage that interested readers will have to wade through leading to them inevitably becoming disillusioned and leaving

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50 minutes ago, skitzorat said:

The World Economic Forum has released a 1min promotional video for their nifty new "smart" mask


This smart face mask tells you when to wash it





"Helping the planet to breathe a little easier". "Yeah, and you fuckers won't be able to"....you will slowly choke to death, being unable to naturally exhale and your lungs will develop all kinds of nasty shit.


The slow suffocation of a society. Literally and metaphorically.

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Jews are control freaks. Nearly all of the security contracts in London for CCTV and similar are given to israeli companies. Israel trains the US and European police in to becoming militarised. A lot of the police state policies are copied from israel. It is very concerning when we hear Boris say that he gets his lockdown policies (orders) from israel. 

Edited by SimonTV
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