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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, Covidiot said:


I think it was a success. Bojo promised nothing but another 4 months of lockdown with a multitude of caveats allowing the suspension of your freedoms at any time for a "worrying variant" and the plebs are over the moon. The masses are placated yet again.


Now we have Sturgeon in Scotland even after having vaxxed the vulnerable putting Scotland back into a regional model ie TIERS. This is nver ending and yet the plebs still refuse to see it!


Everyone is psyched-up for Midsummer, when our malevolent rulers have promised us some form of freedom. That’s almost four months away and people are actually pleased, making plans, while this crippling regime of social-control just keeps going on and on…week after mind-numbing week.


Hurrah Freedom! In fifteen weeks…. Woo-hoo!


"It’s freedom Jim, but not as we know it." It’s just less tortuous than lockdown. You still have to obey government regulations. Really, you don’t; they are only recommendations, which you can choose to ignore. Read the small print, because they know these rules are unlawful and unenforceable.




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7 hours ago, FrankVitali said:



Have you had the jab yet Whitty?  No?  Well shut the fuck up then.


No Jab - No Entry To The Houses Of Parliament or Downing Street.


If he thinks all workers are so eager to get inoculated why the fuck have Vallance, Johnson, Whitty and Hancock not had their jabs yet.


If it was so dangerous, if you believe and have faith in the medical science and in the importance of protecting the governance of the country, then Whitty and people like him should have had the vaccine well before the general public.  Whitty should not be buying his lunch from street market stalls, but should be eating, sleeping and working from a nuclear bunker, because if we lost someone like Chris Whitty of "great repute"and other important people to COVID we would be fucked.

He's no Captain Tom! Chris Whitty says youth who harangued him in street should grow up to be like fund-raising hero 'who much more exemplifies the spirit of the UK'


  • Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was harassed while waiting for Mexican food at Strutton Ground market
  • Footage shows youth videoing him in Westminster, branding him a liar throughout the clip filmed yesterday
  • Despite the abuse, Mr Whitty calmly ignored the unnamed youth as he continued standing in line for food
  • Matt Hancock said: 'Chris Whitty is a scientist of great repute and he should be respected by everybody'
  • ** Do you know the youth or anything about the incident? Please email us at: [email protected] *

Full article and more photos here https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9218941/How-Chris-Whitty-brushed-TikTok-abuse-outside-Mexican-grill.html


Mr Fischelt revealed Mr Whitty buys lunch there once a week and normally opts for a 'lunchbox' which includes rice, Mexican beans, salad, guacamole and carnitas pork (pictured today)



Mr Fischelt, pictured serving a 'lunchbox' today, said that Mr Whitty was 'really cool' and told him most people are 'really nice' but 'from time to time things like this happen'


The incident happened on Strutton Ground market in Westminster yesterday lunchtime. The area is pictured today


Chris Whitty should not be walking the streets without a mask nor just a cloth mask which he puts on before stopping for his lunch box.



Whitty should be in a place like this away from the infected.



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1 hour ago, TFH said:


The problem with such negative thinking (or resigned belief) is that a) it closes down the mind and b) closes off looking for potential solutions and c) feeds into fear & despair and d) drags down those around us.


None of those attitudes / effects make any positive difference at all. History proves that unequivocally. 


And yet, that's the option you're steadfast in promoting? Especially when that's exactly what the enemy wants of us? 


But why? Because you've given up? 🤔 


Hope is a) a critical tool to overcome despair and b) it keeps the mind open to possible solutions and c) doesn't bring down everyone around us and d) can actually keep people alive when otherwise they'd have given up. 


So, that's the option I've chosen to promote. 💚

Out of likes.

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1 hour ago, Covidiot said:


So to summarize up north of the border we MIGHT/COULD/MAYBE be down to level 0 just in time for end of August at which point the next scamdemic wave hits and straight back into lockdown pmsl.


Its so blatant FFS the public are fucking morons and will get every fucking thing they deserve for allowing this shit!!


I don't think I can make it to Level 2!

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4 hours ago, AnarchicBreeze said:


Thanks. Not bothered about likes. If it resonates even with a couple of people it's all good. I doubt the PTB will limit their crushing of dissent only to social media. The framing of dissent as deliberate sabotage is dangerously close to framing it as domestic terrorism. 

So true👍

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37 minutes ago, HAARPING_On said:

Latest post from John Ward at The Slog, and he's pulling no punches...





It's under 24 hours since the (allegedly) most powerful man in the UK announced the "roadmap" out of Lockdown restrictions. Earlier last week, Boris Johnson had said that this time, there would be no backsliding, no panicking, and no volte-faces: this was the Big One. The Freedom Riders were going the full distance....."we're on a one-way road to freedom" he insisted.


But yesterday he added, ".....of course, nothing can be guaranteed". So it's a one way road with regular flyovers allowing U-turns, then.


Almost immediately, the Telegraph got hold of paperwork showing that the usual bought CMO maniacs hadn't wanted any lockdown easing at all before the Autumn. And Wales' deputy chief medical officer said he would be "very surprised" if all COVID rules were to be eased by 21 June - the date Boris Johnson had said was sacrosanct....up to but not including the point at which it was more of a sacrificial lamb than a sacred promise.


Nothing is sacred with Boris, and that's a humungous part of the problem. He seems not to care that joint Cabinet Responsibility (a central pillar of British constitutional precedent) has been replaced by impertinent anarchy between Party renegades, Whitehall, corrupt medical advisers and a devious Health Secretary.


Enter Hancock, bang on cue, within the last three hours to assert (as usual) that if the plan goes mammories skywards, it'll be our fault.


"Everybody has to play their part to meet the dates for England's lockdown to be eased," he told the BBC, "it is currently too early to say how long social distancing will be in place, but the aim is for such things to become a matter of personal responsibility". Even at this level of disloyalty, the oily rag could not resist affirming that "restrictions will only be lifted by 21st June if strict conditions have been met".


So to sum up, the roadmap is fast-forward to liberty, but fraught with risk, and there may well be reversals if at any time it looks like you stupid citizens have been hugging, kissing and destroying all our carefully laid plans to produce release from a dangerous situation; so ignore what the fat Turkish blond says and be very afraid, shut up, stay at home and wash your mouths out, oiks.


And that's before we've had any leaking to The Times and Piers Morgan from Pharmafia interests about deadly surging new deadly mutant more infectious deadly strains infecting our schoolchildren in deadly danger of deadly death.


The United Kingdom Prime Minister is not First Among Equals: he is a spineless Build Back Better spider in the tightly-spun web of surveillance, bankers and collectivist ideologues selling a New Normal that is utterly unnatural.


There is no roadmap out of Lockdown beyond its abandonment as a strategy.

There is no way forward for the West beyond the rejection of pointless, halfbaked vaccines that will never defeat a mutating virus of relatively benign nature.


We will never regain anything remotely resembling Rousseau's Social Contract until corrupt incompetence in the Establishment has been purged, the Rule of Law restored, and catechismic ideology has been replaced by the compassionate reality of pragmatic Utilitarianism.


Our politicians are not "following science". They are merely implicated in a Sovyet-Nazi totalitarian process designed to rewrite science in the pursuit of obscene wealth and global power.


Even if the four-lane Stage1 sub-section2 highway to a Liberty Reset is eventually completed, we shall still be living in a world of "Papieren bitte"....one where politicised cops ask politely whether you are a self-supporting individual or a meek lamb for the slaughter.


Sad to relate, there are times when resistance becomes a task so thankless, we are all prone to wondering if any of it is worth it. The reference made earlier to 'corrupt incompetence' is a case in point.

It is clear that, as Health Secretary, Hancock has presided over crony Covid vaccine contracts. The telling judicial summation involved gives the game away: 'Almost 500 companies given high priority due to political connections secured contracts to supply PPE with 10 times the success rate of nearly 15,000 companies that were not given enhanced attention'. Even more depressing is Hancock's weaselly response to Sky this morning: "The court case did not find there was a problem with any of the contracts. It found that whereas we are supposed to publish the details of the contracts within 30 days of them being signed on average we published them at the heat of the crisis on average 47 days after they were signed."


So that's alright, then.


Thirty years ago, the UK ad agency WCRS came up with this strapline for their client Orange:


The future's bright, the future's Orange


It was always going to be a hostage to fortune. Today, it needs rewriting:


The future's dark, the future's 'orrible



Out of likes/reactions, but this is spot on. Thanks (if that's the right word) for sharing.

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51 minutes ago, TFH said:


I've not suggested the allies were saints. 


Ps, it's not a literal statement when people say "we'd all be speaking German".. it's just a commonly used euphemism to highlight that we'd have lost the war had we given up at the last minute.


That's the overarching point that some of us are making here to counter the arguments of despair. 👍👍

I’ve always thought that if we lost the Second World War to Germany that we would be speaking Russian. Reckon the Ruskies despite their loses could have steamrolled behind and mopped up the lot. Just an opinion, not likely correct. Not trying to dethread.😁

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2 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

Ruskies despite their loses could have steamrolled behind and mopped up the lot.


They kind of did, and we got communism via the backdoor and mass rape.


It's not PC to say, but there is a reason why General Patton said we fought the wrong enemy. Then he mysteriously died and no autopsy was performed, and now we're seeing the NWO come to fruition.

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1 hour ago, FrankVitali said:



I have read that post about 15 times. What the fuck does it mean. 🤔😀

It means that where ever you are in the world, at any one point time, that you are supposed to be there and not anywhere else.


Hence, you're in the right place at the right time! 😎👍

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1 hour ago, FrankVitali said:



I have read that post about 15 times. What the fuck does it mean. 🤔😀


That you are meant to be were you are meant to be in the now experiencing what you are meant to be experiencing in the now. If that wasn't true then you wouldn't be there you'd be somewhere else. 


That's my slant on it.

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3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


They could discuss public matters freely in the agora


Also I believe that the origins of 'democracy' was TRIAL BY JURY where a jury of common people would decide not only on the guilt or innocence of the accused but also on whether or not the law was appropriate because if they voted to acquit the accused even though the letter of the law said the person was guilty because perhaps they had heard the persons story and felt that in that case justice would not be served when all factors were taken into account, then that piece of law would then be struck down through 'annulment by jury'


That system gave the common people power over the law and it meant that public morality shaped the law and acted as a check on the power of the elites

I’m not sure if it true but my neighbour told me the origins or democracy and voting came originally from raising your swords and doing a sword count if true it was probably originally a way to avoid bloodshed.

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8 hours ago, mike hunt said:


I personally voted for Jeremy Corbyn. I think those who voted Boris should hang their heads in shame!

Honest question here:

Do you really think your vote actually matters? Put another way; Do you really think your 'vote share' is not 100% controlled and govt completely manufactured by the NWO?


Case in point the recent US election.


Maybe in decades gone by it mattered, maybe in local elections it matters - but the big ones, in important countries - no way - red/blue/left/right/centre - all part of the bread and circuses.


I'd even go so far as to say the Brexit vote was manufactured to split and divide the people of the country along multiple lines, kick start the systematic economic destruction of the UK and to provide smoke for Covid- the same reasoning behind putting a divisive character such as "operation warp speed' Trumpet on the throne.


Boris Johnson’s father wrote books on depopulation, by memory Doris has penned a similar articles over the years. He was put into power to this job


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Local councils must have saved a fortune during the “plandemic” by not having to run public buildings. No personnel required, or lights and heating, since libraries, leisure centers, schools and offices are all closed. I wonder where they will funnel their unexpected bounty? Into all the amenities shut down by austerity? Or perhaps to pay the bribes that were necessary to keep councilors on board, with the Agenda2030.

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