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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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26 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:


Of course they can. It might be illegal or unlawful or whatever but I don't actually think they give a shit anymore about what is legal or not. They don't give a shit about us. We are just a bunch of serfs. They wouldn't treat dogs like they are treating us.


In Israel you have to prove you had the jab to go shopping now, there is talk of that happening here very soon.


Vaccine passport for shops could happen, says Dominic Raab

Shops and restaurants could require customers to show vaccine passports under plans being considered by the government, the foreign secretary has suggested.

Dominic Raab said that the government was considering using vaccine passports at the “domestic or local level”.




They'll fucking do it I tell ya, they are psychopaths.



Looks like they want the freedom passports to happen , I hope it doesn't but like you say they are psychopaths, read that Israel have introduced Green Pass where you have to show your Green Pass for entry to Gyms , Pubs and Hotels the Green Pass shows you have had the covid vaccine, no doubt the UK will follow Israel with this nonsense, they are Fly saying 'Oh we won't make you take the vaccine but you can't go on holiday , go for a pint , go to the gym , go to the cinema , a concert , sports , in other words Your Fucked ! They are evil sick bastards, Im just hoping that they don't get away with this and there is a pushback , but if there is a debate in Parliament about these freedom passes we all know what the outcome will be as Labour are just as evil and are singing from the same hymn sheet . 3 to 4 Covid vaccines a year forever , the people are Doomed .


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1 hour ago, Athenry04 said:

I feel every word of this, exact same thing happened to me. I also know my siblings will be taking that pish.

Another thing that hurts is that many relatives seem to trust doctors, nurses, celebs (who they don't really know), but not trust their own flesh and blood who love and care about them. Absurd, and will cause real division in most families as the vax program works it's way down the generations.

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34 minutes ago, FrankVitali said:

















And I would blame a dogs behaviour on its owner.


The owner creates an attack dog and could use a leash or cage or retrain the dog



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19 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


Good, because when they try to separate us from our beloved pets, then they really will see a backlash. That's when a whole lot more people will say NO.


No they won't.


With some well made propaganda and persuasive justification via the media the same morons who rushed to get the vaccine and wear face masks alone in their own car will give up their pets no problem.


They've enthusiastically given away their freedom and self respect, giving away pets will be no biggie.

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