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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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On 2/8/2021 at 12:02 PM, SimonTV said:

Still ZERO deaths attributed to the new vaccines, only in the UK. Every where else in the world has had deaths blamed on the vaccines. 


Not so: Here's the Pfizer data for UK: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/960150/COVID-19_mRNA_Pfizer_BioNTech_vaccine_analysis_print.pdf

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What this means is that airlines are scrambling to find other maintenance alternatives. Meaning they will take shortcuts and become sloppy. One thing the covid lockdowns have caused is for businesses to find ways to cut operational cuts to stay solvable. The first thing they axe is quality control. Meaning people will get sick or injured or killed on top of everything else.

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1 hour ago, FrankVitali said:





Yeah I don't think they would accidentally mix up an older Cov-2 and then name Covid-19 as Cov-2. Something is fishy. You have uncovered something MEGA here @Mitochondrial Eve


The company who provided the PCR test kits for Cov-2 in that report back in 2007/8 were "Shenzhen". Where the fck have I seen that name before? I can't recall.


Can anyone chip in here, I could swear I know that name. Was it not on the World Bank Covid Diagnostic Test Kits perhaps? Anyone have a s/s of that at hand?


Shenzhen, China, I heard of that somewhere...


Calling it Cov-2 cannot be a mixup, as you read through the report they have done a lot of research on it..


It's akin to calling a new virus HIV, naaah. This is gold dust.







There’s a lab called Shenzhen that is funded by Bill and Melinda 




Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Date: April 2020 
Purpose: To support serological investigation in Shenzhen to assess resurging risks of COVID-19 or outbreaks and provide guidance on targeted outbreak response measures after the release of containment 
Amount: $257,250 
Term: 12 
Topic: Global Health and Development Public Awareness and Analysis 
Regions Served: GLOBAL|ASIA 
Program: Advocacy 
Grantee Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong 
Grantee Website: www.szcdc.net 


The paper says it’s a created chimeric developed in ecoli 

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1 hour ago, kestrel said:

I cannot deal with this bullshit anymore.


I work in a care home. My LFT test is negative, yet my PCR test tests as positive.  I have the uptmost care for the residents, and yet I am treated as a criminal. My only crime is removing my mask for a split second due to difficulty breathing. I inform my employer of this, and yet they request an enquiry must he persued. I love the residents I look after, but I cannot put up with this bullshit anymore. They also accuse me of not wearing a mask when I shop. Based on the fact that I have an excemption lanyard that a friend gave me which has been witnessed in my place of work.




As Dr. Karina Reiss has stated  ordinary cloth masks masks do not and cannot stop a virus.


Also, wearing a mask can create, not prevent, health problems, especially for those with lung or cardiac conditions.


Voodoo priests of Haiti behave more logically within their own frame of reference than do health care 'professionals' in modern Britain.

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1 hour ago, Bombadil said:

I totally agree. The problem though is that we are taught that nothing is comparable to the suffering of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis. To even suggest anyone else suffering comparably, is anti Semitic, or so we’re told.😁

The Japanese were fond of vivisecting prisoners too. The infamous Unit 731 cut up live POWs - including downed American flyers, and the also were involved in the development of bio-weapons that they used on the Chinese. Of course, many were given immunity after the war and the results of their experiments given to the Americans.



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The things done by the NWO to incite fear worldwide would have scared the pants off this little gangster. Picture Al Capone in his syphillis induced delerium thrown on a weaponized ventillator then torn apart for organ recycling. Nope, Capone's nickle-and-dime fear legend is nothing by comparison. A glorified mugger.

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1 hour ago, Fluke said:

Food for thought.




Sad but true & pretty much how I feel, accept these simpletons have children who they will make sure get jabbered. Maybe stupidity is hereditary I dunno.

Bill Gates doesn't come across a perfect human being to me by a milestone so who is he to play god.

I tired to warn some who just patronised me, so I say more fool them & have also disowned the weakhearts.


If as predicted the clowns gets an auto immune disease & either die or needs constant upgrades.

We are fecked whatever, but freedom of choice is more important to me. I will go out as a human not a slave.

Once you agree to any of this you are selling your soul.

The transhuman materialist program starts now, well it started with the GMO's. But I will not be taking part in their little rebellion.


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The reason no walk ins are accepted is because when you call to make an appointment they can check with whoever does their thinking for them whether this one is going to be positive or not. If he's in the way of some ambitious affiliate they will instruct the testers to ramp up the cycles on the PCR. 


Much like those online psychics that take your info and call you back. They gather info from a stooge at internal revenue they have greased and know everything about you to construct a narrative to con you.

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@oddsnsods Agree completely. Once you mess with kids there's no restitution. But it seems the media are intent on whipping up hatred on people who would rather not take it. At this point I'm losing patience. They can take the vaccine but leave the rest of us the fuck alone. 


The patronising probably comes from not only a cognitive dissonance but the fact that you dare to think for yourself. 


Like you there's no way I'm going to bend over for this I couldn't live with myself. I'm not even sure if it is intelligence. But it is clear the majority are coming across as thick c***s.


I mean clearly some high iq individuals have gone along with this and thats presuming they all aren't controlled opposition. Perhaps a lot of these scientist types are on the spectrum to such a degree they don't have any street smarts or wisdom and maybe even spiritual. Even a thirst for life and love of nature.


Having said that-and this is why I am 90% sure it is a cult. If the politicians and media are pushing for EVERYONE to be vaccinated wouldn't that ring alarm bells in those with their faculties still in check. Nope cynicism nowhere to be seen. 



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I watched the UKcolumn news from the 12 feb and they cite a new study warning about the dangers of Prion disease from mRNA injections


They make the point that we are expected to get repeat injections every year which would increase the danger of prion disease and they also make the point that if children are vaccinated they have more time on this earth in which to then develop prion disease.


If this study proves to be correct then this is huge news. Listen from 13 minutes and 26 seconds:




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A spokesman for the utilities providing electricity to the billions of homes equipped with smartmeters once admitted they stand to make more money selling the intelligence gathered on every consumer's electricity consumption trends to third parties than they could ever make selling electricity. So, yes!! Please stay home so we have something valuable to sell. Thats besides what they can sell that came from their hacks into your smartphone cameras and microphones and browsing histories while in confinement with your kids. Child services must have filled their schedules for years in advance feeding on all that lockdown intelligence.

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6 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Here I think the subliminal message is how well the wig will match your mask. Can bs like this exist where it is believed the mask is just a temporary measure? Just my two cents but that looks simply obscene.


Looks like what it is COVID SHARIA & only a sick person with the fear virus would promote something like that as something normal.

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4 hours ago, Dazzer said:

Sounds lovely... I can only hope that that they push and push until they make a mistake and somebody blows the whistle and this whole fuckin thing comes crashing down.

What else is there to hope for


What there is to work for is the building of a large body of unvaccinated people who are going to force a standoff with this corrupt government

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