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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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11 hours ago, Given To Fly said:

i read a channelling a lady receieved, and she said that the coronavirus was lab created and was intended to cull a lot of the population but the 'light' neutralised it, and the lockdown was necessary for those with spiritual abilities to recharge as the rest of the year is going to be spiritual-hectic.


Sounds like one of my sisters who gets all her enlightened info from "channellers" the other sister informs me there will be localised outbreaks, straight from the mainstream media.


I'm stuck between a rock and hard place.

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If Corona was lab created and foisted onto the world, then where is it?   We've had the same number of deaths world-wide that we usually have during a typical flu season.  So, where is this deadly Corona at?


If this channeler is correct, then we have not seen what she was talking about yet, which begs the question, could it actually be in the vaccines that are coming?


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10 hours ago, motleyhoo said:


I believe they were smarter than we are in many ways.  It's quite possible we devolved 12,000 years ago when civilization had to restart again.  Then we have a certain type of human that seemed to come along in Europe that we now call the PTB.  However these people got created, they have been the scourge of the Earth ever since in their psychotic desire to have more and more and more.  Is it true evil, like what's defined in the bible?  I don't know, maybe it's just a genetic mutation that some people have.  because good people are generally passive, it's natural that the psychopaths end up at the top in control of everything.   I wish there was a global hunting season, with a certain number of permits available to bag psychopaths, the ones wearing suits being the most valuable, to stuff and put up on the hunting lodge wall.


I used to fantasize about a hunting season, years ago. I thought, why are we allowed to hunt animals but not the humans who are destroying everything.


I think it is genetics, they seem to be so concerned about that and who they breed with, interbreeding to keep their bloodline "pure". There is one documentary I saw that claimed that the "royals" have direct ties to vlad the impaler Dracula, and that their lineage also goes back to Babylon.


Whatever the case, humanity are waking up to it now, the more "they" push us, the more people wake up.

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13 hours ago, screamingeagle said:

i agree


imo those civilization/s were interstellar civilizations.....they were aware of the universe and tryed to explor it as much as possible


mars was inhabited in the past,for me question is was mars and earth were inhabited simultaneously or did mars people fle to earth when mars was destroyed 


and how did they get to mars,probably from some constelation that are mentioned in all the myths,legends,teachings ect.

I agree ScreamingEagle. I think they had advanced craft that allowed them to travel from planet to planet and even further. I think they inhabited Mars at the same time as Earth. Who knows really.... Vatican archives, I would love to explore those and read for days and weeks. Order up some good Italian food and just stay down there for a while.

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1 minute ago, Messenger said:

I think it is genetics, they seem to be so concerned about that and who they breed with, interbreeding to keep their bloodline "pure". There is one documentary I saw that claimed that the "royals" have direct ties to vlad the impaler Dracula, and that their lineage also goes back to Babylon.


Yep, Charles said it himself. Vlad Tepes wouldn't have put up with the crap we're seeing on our streets though, that's for sure.

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14 hours ago, A-chan said:

I think you should consider what critical mass means.


The "cabal" do not control all possibilty.

They want you to believe they do.


I have to spoken to so many people who know that the powers that shouldn't be have made a grand move on the chessboard. Do not be so sure that they won't join the marches.


This is our beginning and it is their end.


But how can you say that when most people are sheep, everyone i talk to is bowing down and worshipping the tv and the government types. People get angry with me when i try to convince them of the massmedia lies.

When the cabal clicked their fingers the world went on lockdown, when the cabal clicked their fingers the world came out of lockdown, when the cabal clicked their fingers all the tv stations and newspapers started spouting all this syncronised crap, when the cabal clicked their fingers all the polititians launched their pre-rehearsed speeches, when the cabal clicked their fingers all the shops shut down etc

Difficult to believe the cabal has invested so much time, money and effort, just to get cold feet at this late stage. This is the new world order, something they have been dreaming about for decades.

1. What exactly do you think the cabal do not control when people out there were begging for the lockdown to be extended, most people are already sticking out their arm ready for their lifesaving vaccine.


2. Why should they not have made this move, they've been planning it for long enough. And why should they join protest marches, this is their life's dream come true.


3. How can it be their end, what do you mean by that. Because no one even knows who is in the cabal, these permanent governments all over the world are shrouded in secrecy

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53 minutes ago, Alnitak said:

My fave wise man in a chair, its about the CV Vaccine development by GSK and AZ


Vernon Coleman is always a voice of reason - high on my list too. I always get the impression he holds back his true feelings. He has to remain credible though! otherwise ridicule would be difficult to evade. A difficult time to navigate! 


Vallance,  Whitty - revolving door politician! - but then they all are! 


Ironic that the government message has always been anti-drug,  yet they want all to partake in their death inducing concoctions via the needle.

The war on drugs should be focused entirely on the pharmaceutical companys who if the truth were to be known have in all probability been respnsible for more deaths and suffering than most wars combined over last century. There is good reason why statist-icians are widely employed by the state.

Alistair Haimes alluded to the governments tortured graphical representations of official ONS data on the dellingpole podcast a few pages back on this thread stating iirc the cv peaked before lockdown.



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Good news.


Marstons pubs choose sanity – boss declares war on ‘virus’ red tape and refuses to make staff wear masks because it would ‘feel like a hospital’ (they’ll be packed)



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I wish the business owners here would take a stand re not wearing masks but they are mostly pussies. The whole American freedom rah rah rah thing is now being exposed as a farce as Americans are reduced to wearing muzzles....I mean masks, like slaves. But they try to save their pride and hide insecurity and weakness to accepting the truth that they are actually sheep by going along with it even if they don't believe that there is a virus.


Here is something else I realized earlier....


When you look at the corona virus cases map, half of the US is red as if millions have it. But what about Africa? One of the dirtiest places on the planet with some of the most behind-the-times sewage and sanitation systems, yet the corona there is shown as non existent. What a joke.


From john hopkins idiots, in this article. Also, this article written by brainwashed morons, or sell outs, was written in Jan 2020. Corona "virus" hadn't even hit the airwaves yet in January! As far as I can remember. I remember I was in Arizona at the time to escape the stupid northern winters and salted roads, I came back to the midwest around the end of Feb, no, mid Feb and then it was still at least a week before the corona "virus" hit the air waves. So how is this article written at the end of Jan?




Regardless of the date of that stupid article, how have Africa escaped this? What a bunch of bullshit. In the Pizzagate thread I posted a video where Jim Marrs and Linda Moulton Howe talk about those who are in control, rothschild family is mentioned as being related to "Nimrod" who was of Anunnaki. People need to wise the fuck up and do the research. As long as people are going to be pussies and not accept the facts, as in thousands of years old stone tablets that have been found and that are now in museums, these psyops and aggression towards humanity will continue. Can we send in flat Earthers to get vaccinated first? And all those idiots in the automotive community who always shout, "conspiracy theory!" Good, you think it's a "theory" then line up for your jab. And no complaining down the line when you get some dis-ease, and you are not allowed to file a lawsuit, you must accept that you were an idiot and you live out the rest of your life with the consequences of taking the vaccine.


Humanity deserve this corona bs actually, they didn't listen and this is what they get, I hope they are happy. People who just woke up recently, this is what you get for not listening to those who are wiser than you. You are like children who continue to shit your diaper into your teens because you wouldn't listen to your parents and older brothers and sisters telling you that people really don't do that, it's not normal. That's what most Americans are, adult children who are still shitting their diaper. This corona bs is not normal behavior, for millions to go along with wearing masks and "social distancing". No one social distanced when tuberculosis was discovered.


I can't wait for the hologram aliens to come to town, it's gonna be awesome.


/end rant



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Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) found in March 2019 Barcelona water samples:




Feels to me that the curtains are falling away from the Wizard of Oz. This virus has been in the wild and humans for quite sometime.

The only novel thing about it seems to be that scientists hadn’t bothered analysing and naming it before.

So essentially it is a normal flu and the excess deaths (mainly obese baby boomers) as opposed to expected deaths (infirm elderly) are up a bit this year due to demographics and poor diets.


So question , why the economic shutdown hoax?


The conspiracy in my book is the same as the 2008/9 financial crisis. The banks and shadow banks wanted a massive bailout, but this time they couldn’t ask for it in that way as the last one was just 10-11 years ago.

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21 hours ago, rideforever said:

Join Parler or some alternative social media forum.

FB, Twitter, Google are only able to bend reality because they have a monopoly.

People would move if there were alternatives.

Although having said that I seem to have problems signing up for Parler.

Parler is a mass doxing event just waiting to happen?


I heard you have to upload a photo of yourself or scan your driving licence  etc just to join...

Any site that asks  for that...  no f$#$%ing way, I left Facebook because they wanted my phone number..

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Just now, shadowmoon said:

I heard you have to upload a photo of yourself or scan your driving licence  etc just to join...


No you don't. That's probably just for verified accounts. I do think it may turn out to be a honeypot though.


This bit of the TOS is concerning, although not surprising:





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The latest in the hidden hands favourite fake reporting newspaper (of course the: dailymail) is this:  (for those not in the uk - Leicester just happens to be a big city in the midlands in the UK -  - that has a large Asian population) - coronavirus favourite target audience -apparently.

Leicester could become first city to suffer second lockdown within days after fresh spike in coronavirus cases

  • There have been at least 271 Covid-19 deaths in Leicester since outbreak began 
  • Midlands is one of England's worst-hit regions, with second highest death count
  • Boris Johnson has warned he will reimpose lockdowns if the virus rebounds 
  • Mayor of Leicester said warnings were 'speculative' and no plans for a lockdown

Leicester could be the first British city to go into a local lockdown after a spike in coronavirus cases there in June. 

The city could face stricter lockdown rules as soon as next week if the Covid-19 situation does not come under control.

There have reportedly been a surge in cases in the East Midlands city, which is home to around 340,000 people. The city had 271 Covid-19 deaths up to June 12.

The Sunday Times reported Health Secretary Matt Handcock had been examining legal aspects of the shutdown after 658 new cases were recorded in the Leicester area in the two weeks to June 16.

The Department of Health and Social Care on Sunday stopped short of saying a local lockdown was likely for the area.

But it acknowledged the city was an area of concern and urged residents in the city to be vigilant against the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week announced the biggest relaxation in lockdown rules since March but said he will bring them back if the virus starts to surge out of control.  

'Wherever there is a local outbreak, whether in Ashfield or Angelsea, we will empower the local authorities to quarantine everyone who has got it, test back to the moment of infection and make the necessary closures,' he told the Mail on Sunday.

The Mayor of Leicester, Sir Peter Soulsby, has said there was no immediate threat of a lockdown and that suggestions it was on the cards were 'speculative'.



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