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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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1 hour ago, SimonTV said:

Cuomo aide admits they hid nursing home data so feds wouldn’t find out




The care home deaths scandal is starting to unravel. 

this is how they are attacking the court system/political proceedure (like UK handforth council )

apparently Howard Zucker and Cuomo are up -the -creek







Skoufis then slammed O’Mara for what he called an “ambush” because he did not give him notice beforehand of the motion.

The chief lawyer for the investigations panel then claimed the motion was procedurally out out of order because it had not been submitted in writing.



democrat or republican .. doesnt matter, the procedure must be adhered to otherwise 'loophole larry' would squash any legal action later on.


there has been a growing (more recently from the Freeman-ON-land movement ) discontent for the court system caused by deliberate ignorance and concealment of rules and procedures.


the Handforth Council zoom was mocked on social media and mainstream


protest to irregularities and bad practice is being ridiculed as fuddy duddy or protecting the guilty


more will come

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1 hour ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

Noble tradition. Wisdom of ages. 

Here is a philosophic outlook I agree with and maybe you will enjoy too.



Nice one  . 


I will watch that tonight . 


The Tao of Pooh , Yogic Philosophy gave heavily influenced my ways of thinking the past 20 odd years or so.

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Just been to Wickes.


Try not to piss yourself laughing.


At checkout, I went to hand checkout gal a £10 note.  She said  "I'm sorry I can't take that from you, you need to put it in this tray."  Holds up a tray. I put the note in the tray. Then with her other hand, she picks up the fucking note from the tray.






It was like something out of Faulty Towers between Basil and Manuel.

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Big pharma is big business. They invest heavily creating conditions that will lead to repeat business. Societal tensions had to be manipulated to sell more antidepressants, our very lifestyles were manipulated to land us in the er or gp's consultation clinics. These witches and warlocks bought up supermarket chains to start applying the vax mentality to food additives.

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2 hours ago, Basket Case said:








What gets me is when they ask you in for the flu jab they give you the option to say no... There's not that option with the covid vax!. I wonder how this will play out and if we will get hounded for not having the jab. The website that you book the jab on is a national database and is separate from the NHS and therein lays a whole can of worms... Will we have people from Serco knocking on our doors? 😬

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11 minutes ago, SimonTV said:


No problem!


I don't use any social media and have developed a fairly laissez-faire attitude to all the blank space in this thread but the teacher is right about those units : ludicrously expensive to make, time consuming to clean and impractical in operation particular  to sight and sound between teacher and pupils.


Classroom teaching is a communication artform.

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2 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



The energy is palpable. Recalling several rock concerts I saw at the Montreal Forum where 17000 surrounded us. I felt like I was ascended to another dimension. Oh yes, do I understand the social distincing concerns of the elites. There is energy to knock down walls in those masses.

Often watch acdc live at River plate concert just to remind me what we were like before, now all our togetherness and energy has been diminished...very depressing.

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3 hours ago, zArk said:

talkradio has gone total vaccine

court system and procedure is being attacked (another great reset/nwo target)

sage say indefinate face coverings and social distancing

talk of 'no jab no pay' getting louder

cases dropping due to (PCR cycling reduced) the vaccine of course


looking for a nice cottage in the middle of nowhere atm


Sadly Zark, a cottage in the middle of anywhere is of no use in trying to escape these cunts.

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1 minute ago, Outsider said:

Often watch acdc live at River plate concert just to remind me what we were like before, now all our togetherness and energy has been diminished...very depressing.

How can we restore our vital humanity? I need some practical solutions as thinking can only take you so far.

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3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

head down until the sheep start dropping like flies next winter


As i'm sure has been mentioned before, there has got to be more to this.


Why would the Cabal use vaccines to kill off all those who happily comply to their insanity, and leave behind all of us who would rather die than be complicit in bringing in their long planned agenda for humanity?


There is a pretty decent chance they release a real bioweapon which kills virtually all the unvaccinated, leaving behind those who were 'protected' by their vaccines but those same people are now technologically, modified humans.


I fear we can't win.


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5 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Like sitting in the kitchen wondering if the doorbell is the covid ghouls come to forcibly dispatch you.

In fact the torture is a 100 times more intense for people like us as we know the truth. For the 2+2=5 people they seem to have accepted the torture and have built it into their day to day existence, they shrug "it is what it is"

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