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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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Read, inwardly digest and show to friends (if they haven't got the blinkers on as well as the face nappies):


“The so-called ‘vaccine’ is n mRNA cocktail that transfect people’s cells to use their own cellular machinery to produce the spike protein of coronaviruses. The spike protein is what helps the virus defeat the body’s first line of immune defense – cellular immunity. With this spike protein being pumped into people’s bloodstreams, the body’s second line of immune defense kicks in – antibody production. The body is now primed so that the next time the person catches a cold, or any coronavirus, the body’s first line of defense has already been compromised by the mRNA cocktail, which means the body’s second line of defense will kick in hard. This produces a cytokine storm in the body and the person gets very sick, and maybe dies.


This, of course, is the beauty of the plan. It will be the virus that is blamed for the sickness and not the mRNA cocktail, which means that every year people will be desperately lining up to take the very poison that is the root cause of the problem – the mRNA cocktail euphemistically called a vaccine. We will then have a situation where large parts of the population will be culled and the remainder will be held in thrall. Alongside this, of course, will the steady implementation of even more draconian totalitarianism, all in the name of fighting the common cold.”


This process has actually taken place in animal tests (ferrets) that were given mRNA injections. The ferrets died. All of them.


So the question is: Have our ruling elites degenerated to the point where they would actually prescribe vaccines to millions of people knowing that these same vaccines will cause significant bodily harm or death to the recipients?

In my mind, the answer to that question is “Yes”

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11 hours ago, Outsider said:

Do you know which type they had? from my experience the Oxford one causes obvious flu type symptoms very quickly in a lot of people. The Pfizer one doesn't seem to have such immediate effects?

I'm curious as to how the NHS are deciding on which one they give to people, is it pure random chance or are they selecting people on basis of their medical history?

At the care home where I work the staff all had the Oxford one and about half were ill for 1-2 days. 4 rang in sick the following morning. I don't know which the residents had but would guess the same, they seem to have been fine. My Dad aged 74 had the Oxford one 2 weeks ago and was ill, flu like for 2 days and now has a chest infection. 

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8 hours ago, mike hunt said:

I think HIV was discussed earlier on this thread. And the conclusion was like Cov-Sars-2 there is no evidence for its existence. Also the PCR test is used to identify HIV in a person? And Fauci was one of the main drivers into the investigation into HIV in the 1980s.


These points were brought up earlier.

Well that's another argument that makes you look daft then. How do you explain the symptoms and then ultimately people dying of AIDS? And you can't claim it's the antiretrovirals killing people because the data shows that those who don't take antiretrovirals develop AIDS and die sooner.


Just because you can't see these things separated from a cell under a microscope doesn't make them not real. 


My guess is that the cabal are going to use your exact argument to deny the existence of nefarious mRNA strands in the vaccines - they've bound to the cells in the body, can't be isolated, so therefore don't exist.

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5 hours ago, BossCrow said:

The quote reminds me of the self-service checkouts at the supermarket - won't be long before they're weaponized I'll bet. And the employee monitoring the checkouts will look like this -


You have five seconds to comply!

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My GP has invited me via text to get my first dose. Here's what it says verbatim...


"Dear Mr Wingwang,


We are pleased to invite you to book your FIRST DOSE COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment via the on-line link below.

Please book now.

If you are on warfarin, please bring your latest INR readings.

If you have had COVID recently, come into contact with COVID or have symptoms of COVID, please contact the practice before booking an appointment.


Yours Sincerely,


Doctor Shipman.


Please click the link to book your vaccination times:


accurx.thirdparty.nhs.uk "


Of course, I will politely tell them to go suck on Bill Gates' balls. It's interesting, though, how they are "pleased to invite" me. They don't use that language when inviting me for the flu jab. It's also interesting how they capitalised 'FIRST DOSE COVID' and 'COVID'. They don't do that with 'INFLUENZA'!


By the way, I'm in my forties so am wondering if a whole load of people who were meant to be in front of me have swerved the vax?






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6 hours ago, Macnamara said:



A number of things were going on but one problem is the SQUALENE that was in the injections.


I believe that squalene (shark oil) was the component which caused my son's eczema. I can't prove it and it's too late now anyway, but my theory is that the immune system attacks and destroys this alien oil and the body's natural oils as well.

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