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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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1 minute ago, BossCrow said:

The quote reminds me of the self-service checkouts at the supermarket - won't be long before they're weaponized I'll bet. And the employee monitoring the checkouts will look like this -


This new world order is cold and impersonal. Offend, you pay. No ifs or buts. Sentence effective immediately.

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You wont believe this.   I just went down Lidls to get some steak.   Security guard calls me out as I walk past & I ignore him. Gets my steak walks to the credit only till

Some images of today's demonstration in London (not taken by me personally).                

Fuck the fuck off.

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2 hours ago, Nemuri Kyoshiro said:

Some of the worst murderers in history have been medical doctors. The CIA recruited German doctors after WWII to gain knowledge obtained from human vivisection. Japanese doctors performed vivisection on captured American flyers. American doctors infected black men with syphilis just for shits and giggles. Now look at the medics who are pushing the latest witch's brew from big pharma. Sorry mate, there are some good caring, compassionate doctors, that's for sure, but there's a hell of a lot who are downright wicked. 


'When a doctor goes wrong, he is the first of criminals. He has nerve. He has knowledge. Palmer and Pritchard were among the heads of their profession' 


Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle - who was himself a doctor!



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3 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

This new world order is cold and impersonal. Offend, you pay. No ifs or buts. Sentence effective immediately.

Robocop's a great satire. I think a lot of people avoid watching it expecting a typical action movie. It's more of a dark comedy.

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8 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

You recognized the Predator quote 🤣

Actually no until you mentioned it and I've seen that film several times! 😀 (it seemed vaguely familiar though)

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The 1958 Asian Flu outbreak was far deadlier than the covid seasonal flu rebrand. It was over in 3 months. No curfew, no masks, no social distancing or glass barriers and roadblocks. Covid is a disease of the mind. It only exists in the imaginations of those transgenerational affiliates of persons united in their belief that the best of us are cattle and those not useful be put down. Humanity is deeply infected with the manifestations of the talmudic mindsets in our midst.









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6 hours ago, Shining-one said:

Could very well come to pass billions of people could die of the common cold. The old saying of those the gods seek to destroy, first drive mad. Funny thing is so many appointed experts continue to insist social distancing doesn't damage the immune system. Yet, in all history no species has ever attempted to isolate from all bacteria. It's an incredibly foolish step to take. Makes homo sapiens probably the dumbest species on the planet. Who knows, the common could could evolve to be quite devastating.


Wasn't it the common cold that killed all the Aliens in 'The war of the worlds' by H G Wells ? This is Just a thought, maybe the Aliens are coming & they want the Common cold eradicated from earth first.🤔


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"It kept people apart. . . . It took away all your community life, you had no community life, you had no school life, you had no church life, you had nothing. . . . It completely destroyed all family and community life. People were afraid to kiss one another, people were afraid to eat with one another, they were afraid to have anything that made contact because that’s how you got the flu. . . . It destroyed those contacts and destroyed the intimacy that existed amongst people. . . . You were constantly afraid, you were afraid because you saw so much death around you, you were surrounded by death. . . . When each day dawned you didn’t know whether you would be there when the sun set that day. It wiped out entire families from the time that the day began in the morning to bedtime at night—entire families were gone completely, there wasn’t any single soul left, and that didn’t happen just intermittently, it happened all the way across the neighborhoods, it was a terrifying experience. It justifiably should be called a plague because that’s what it was. . . . You were quarantined, is what you were, from fear, it was so quick, so sudden. . . . There was an aura of a constant fear that you lived through from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night".


Compare with covid and find the discrepancies. The bodies everywhere. Covid is a cheap 1918 pandemic knockoff.


special note: could there have been food supply poisonings to raise the numbers higher?

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Read, inwardly digest and show to friends (if they haven't got the blinkers on as well as the face nappies):


“The so-called ‘vaccine’ is n mRNA cocktail that transfect people’s cells to use their own cellular machinery to produce the spike protein of coronaviruses. The spike protein is what helps the virus defeat the body’s first line of immune defense – cellular immunity. With this spike protein being pumped into people’s bloodstreams, the body’s second line of immune defense kicks in – antibody production. The body is now primed so that the next time the person catches a cold, or any coronavirus, the body’s first line of defense has already been compromised by the mRNA cocktail, which means the body’s second line of defense will kick in hard. This produces a cytokine storm in the body and the person gets very sick, and maybe dies.


This, of course, is the beauty of the plan. It will be the virus that is blamed for the sickness and not the mRNA cocktail, which means that every year people will be desperately lining up to take the very poison that is the root cause of the problem – the mRNA cocktail euphemistically called a vaccine. We will then have a situation where large parts of the population will be culled and the remainder will be held in thrall. Alongside this, of course, will the steady implementation of even more draconian totalitarianism, all in the name of fighting the common cold.”


This process has actually taken place in animal tests (ferrets) that were given mRNA injections. The ferrets died. All of them.


So the question is: Have our ruling elites degenerated to the point where they would actually prescribe vaccines to millions of people knowing that these same vaccines will cause significant bodily harm or death to the recipients?

In my mind, the answer to that question is “Yes”

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