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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, Sexpistol50 said:

Just heard some guy on BBC news saying that people who spread false information on Covid should be given a prison sentence, I think this will happen next the government will say false Covid information is dangerous and a threat .They will do anything to stop the Truth and shut down what they call conspiracy sites.


There wont be enough prisons to hold us allūü§Ē

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58 minutes ago, Foggy Dewhurst said:

Are we being punished for voting to leave Europe?

They regard us as their property via the Birth Certificate fraud,to do with us as they please.



Yes, I have long suspected this. All of Europe is going through different degrees of shit but at the moment the UK seems to be head and shoulders above the rest. I'm thinking the idea may be for future leaders of other European nations to point towards Britain and say, "Well our society may be broken but at least we're not as bad as the Brits, that's what you'll get if we leave the EU"

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3 minutes ago, Bombadil said:

This on Rt about blood disorders after vaccine.


My mom (bless her heart) has total opposite beliefs as me so we never talk about Covid, but she got one of those vaccines last week and now she has been in the hospital for 2 days. The doctors keep telling her all sorts of different diagnoses then they change it. I am so afraid she will pass in there and those POS will seriously try and say she succumbed to that fake ass virus shit and I am so upset.

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50 minutes ago, trappedmystic33 said:

My dad took the vaccines a week ago now he’s laid up with muscle pain all over his body. Why won’t anybody listen to me I told him not to do it. 

What vaccine did he get? 

I told my my in-laws and they didn't listen , Mother-in-law had the cheek to say it should be mandatory.

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2 hours ago, campanar said:

Is this for real? Threatening us with "imprisonment" if we all don't take their juice? How the hell do we stop these nutters?



Personally I think this is just another method of scaring people into the jab. Always remember the Nuremberg code when you see or read shite like this......If push comes to shove this would end in court surely. But even then who can say how a judge would rule nowadays? Especially ones who are compromised!

It would seem to me the take up of this jab in the elderly is no-where near what¬†we are being told by MSM and bollockticians. Come on .......two old has-beens Caine and that cretin Elton-John roped in to ‚Äėconvince‚Äô people.....who are they aiming to convince? Has to be the elderly who are refusing now right? Younger generation will not know who these sad f@ckers are!

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1 hour ago, wingwang said:


This was posted on here the other day:




https://corporatewatch.org/newprisons/#:~:text=Where will the new prisons,2019 despite thousands of objections.


While they drone about human rights in Russia or China or Myanmar,  it's the US and Britain that (already) imprisons a greater percentage of their population than almost anywhere else.

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21 hours ago, Captain Falcon said:


I've just typed Prophecy Gym Liverpool into google maps, and weirdly enough the gym is right next to Astrazeneca and Seqirus Vaccines.


It's also next to the Liverpool Trampoline Company and an Arriva Bus Depot. 



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1 hour ago, Foggy Dewhurst said:

I have poa for an elderly relative and have told the "carers" no vax under any circs.

Even had to threaten some lackey (who said the council shitbags can overrule)that any individual person who does so will be held responsible for any consequences and sued for murder/injury.

Sue the PERSON and see who wants to risk it rather than hiding behind some office.

Absolute scum abound,had to keep declining phone/texts to book the deathstab as they are persistent if you give the 'wrong' answer.

They try it on....the whole approach of their letter and their website, is an attempt to bully you into accepting what's best, based on their opinions/"facts". Glad you stood your ground; I will bear this in mind when the next attempt to get my mother vaccinated comes along.

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10 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:

What tattoos have you got?

A right side up large triangle chest piece with an eye in the middle with the words "Do not allow the eye to fool the mind", a small upside down triangle on my left arm with the water symbol inside, a medium sized upside triangle on my right arm with a full color Monarch butterfly inside it.   Then I have some other misc tats. 

edit-I have been called a "Satanist" many times...

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forgot to add something
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2 minutes ago, Pwr2us1 said:



It is building my friend. People are realising the time for talk is done. Hopefully brave gym owners and small business owners will start the ball rolling. As Mr Icke says ......when people have NOTHING left to loose. 

When the shite hits the fan for these lying b@strds and gym owners etc make a stand it is up to the rest of us to get out there and support them The sleepers are of no use to us anymore!

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