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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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6 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Hes got the right idea & seems pretty awake.

Just hope hes a strong enough character & they dont make an example & target him for ridicule.



I agree. Though I’m sure his downfall will be a cause for great delight amongst the influencers and filth, who hurriedly spread their cancelling disinformation!

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5 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Fauci was fanning those flames with galeforce winds. Again, as with kovid the more fear the more profit and control. Key was the falsification of the case numbers back then too. The contagion model appears flawed. Too many people that should have got it did not even after deep exchanges of bodily fluids. The contagion strategy if unwarranted was another control mechanism limiting movement. 




Covid will have its day too. Art like this commemerating man's epic battle and victory over the fiercest monster ever.


Happy Coviday!

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Oh dear, quarantine hotels don't work. Boris, Hanncock, anybody in governament taking notice???


"The virus has now escaped hotel quarantine arrangements in most states, and we are incredibly lucky to have not yet seen a mass outbreak," Dr Khorshid said."



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1 hour ago, Liberty said:

All that should be enough. Just wondering where you would stand if you said it was causing anxiety ( which it probably is)  If they were to make that a condition of working and it effected your health then if you were to get anxiety from it it could technically be an accident at work. 

The reasonable measures should be PPE. If you can’t have the test the PPE should be protecting you and them and they have a duty to provide it. 


Been using PPE throughout. I put in my notice it would cause me stress n anxiety, took back my notice day after. I'm still considering that route, I can live off the sick pay. Had both LFD and PCR today. There's a positive case in the home now so LFD will be daily😡

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These creeps don't lie. But few want to hear the truth. So the millions are just a giant test lab.


Mr Shapps said in an interview that there is no way of telling when the country “will be able to unlock.”

“The truth is we just don’t know how the virus will respond both to the vaccines 



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The ever shifting sands of the covid mirage


Throughout this whole covid-hysteria I've heard a lot of truthers saying 'there's nothing actually going on, there's no virus and there are no major die-offs' but I've always been a little more cautious than that because I have been EXPECTING something to happen.


For years I was warning about the roll out of 5G and about how those frequencies of microwaves can cause harm and that industry heads, when asked by the US senate if they have conducted research into the safety of 5G have had to admit on record that they have not. So before the roll out of a technology expected to cause a radical shift in our society we are told that no research has been carried out into the potential harms caused by the new technology which is frankly INSANE!


So when a 'pandemic' was declared in Wuhan and it transpired that Wuhan was one of the cities in the Hubei province that was being used as a pilot city for the full roll out of 5G I naturally became very suspicious. It was very much looking like the much anticipated health problems of 5G were beginning to manifest and that we could expect them to widen and deepen as 5G was rolled out across the world and that the idea of a 'virus' was being used by the globalist elites as a cover story to hide the damage caused by their new tech. All very logical and rational i think you'll agree...


However as the situation developed we also heard theories about the worst hit places such as north italy correlating with large scale roll outs of flu vaccinations, particularly in the elderly who were encouraged to get the vaccine prior to the winter time. This theory seemed plausible especially in the light of studies that have shown problems caused by the flu vaccine due to a little understood phenomenon called 'molecular mimicry'. So the possibility arose that the symptoms that were being labelled 'covid 19' were in fact not the cause of a new coronavirus they were calling 'sars cov 2' but in fact just a manifestation of the health problems caused by large scale flu vaccine roll outs where once again the idea of a new virus could be used as a cover story to cover their tracks over the adverse reactions that we know to exist from flu vaccines (they still contain thimerosol for goodness sake!)


Now that the experimental, gene therapy injections that supposedly combat an alleged virus have been rolled out the plot thickens even further because now we have the spectre of the adverse reactions from these covid injections being rolled up under the catch all umbrella term of 'covid 19' which seems to be an ever increasing raft of symptoms that appear to have swallowed up all the flu deaths and pneumonia deaths that we usually get every winter into its own death statistics. So once again the cabal can cover its tracks of the damage they have caused through their experimental mRNA injections by labelling any adverse effects or deaths 'covid' thereby flying under the radar of public suspicion.


But now we have a further worrying development which is the 'noise' we are now hearing in the british press about the history of germ warfare experiments carried out by the british government on their own citizens alongside warnings from the government themselves about the dangers of germwarfare from third parties. With the government announcing the arrival of 'mutant strains' of the alleged virus we now face the very real possibility that our own government might be releasing biological agents against us to create deaths and illness in order to support their narrative of an ever mutating and lethal virus sweeping the earth so that they can justify their continued lockdowns and social engineering of our society as part of the 'great reset' of the davos elite.


Some might say we can look to the overall death figures for all causes and compare them to previous years to see if a pandemic exists but it is not even that simple because we know that the lockdowns themselves are killing people which would create a spike of excess deaths compared to previous years that would give the impression of something unusual happening such as an outbreak of a new virus. On top of that there is the increased risk of death and harm caused by the aforementioned flu vaccine roll outs that have seen the highest ever uptake in this last year and now the expanding roll out of the covid injections which we know are already causing deaths and adverse reactions. So even if there are no excess deaths this year the actions of the government are sure as heck going to create them.



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2 hours ago, Illmatic said:


Jesus Christ. Makes Mengele look pretty tame. And this guy is still alive, influential and highly-regarded

Here's the full 9 hours. Hideous stuff. How vaccine militants can call so-called "anti-vaxxers" ignorant when they probably have no knowledge of this type of crime makes me shake my head.


Attorney Aaron Siri destroys the world’s top vaccinologist, Dr. Stanley Plotkin, in a deposition in which, Dr. Plotkin describes how he and his colleagues harvested organs, hearts, eyes, tongues, etc. from hundreds of fully formed aborted fetuses for use in making their vaccines. He also admits experimenting on children in woman's prisons, orphans and the mentally disabled.





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