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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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2 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:







The degree of competance of the agent performing the injections will determine whether the dose goes into the fat layer or muscle tissue. Surely those brewing these potions made provisions for the sake that the formula festering in the fat won't take on a life of it's own and run roughshod through the organs.


 I never understood injecting chemicals directly in to the muscle vs in to the blood stream. Always seems a bit weird to me as all those chemicals are going to have to find a way to move through the body and they enter a muscle. Weird. 

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33 minutes ago, campanar said:

My point was...


there was BBC TV programme last year filmed at the Royal Free, and I'm sure a Dr was holding up an X-Ray pointing out the "distinctive" pattern in the lungs caused by Covid-19.


Now, if the images are editable.....

Point taken. Yeah, that darn fraud element. Perhaps the doc decided to interpret TB as covid. You heard the latest buzz, "its all covid now"?

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6 hours ago, oddsnsods said:


Hes got the right idea & seems pretty awake.

Just hope hes a strong enough character & they dont make an example & target him for ridicule.



I agree. Though I’m sure his downfall will be a cause for great delight amongst the influencers and filth, who hurriedly spread their cancelling disinformation!

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5 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



Fauci was fanning those flames with galeforce winds. Again, as with kovid the more fear the more profit and control. Key was the falsification of the case numbers back then too. The contagion model appears flawed. Too many people that should have got it did not even after deep exchanges of bodily fluids. The contagion strategy if unwarranted was another control mechanism limiting movement. 




Covid will have its day too. Art like this commemerating man's epic battle and victory over the fiercest monster ever.


Happy Coviday!

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Oh dear, quarantine hotels don't work. Boris, Hanncock, anybody in governament taking notice???


"The virus has now escaped hotel quarantine arrangements in most states, and we are incredibly lucky to have not yet seen a mass outbreak," Dr Khorshid said."



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1 hour ago, Liberty said:

All that should be enough. Just wondering where you would stand if you said it was causing anxiety ( which it probably is)  If they were to make that a condition of working and it effected your health then if you were to get anxiety from it it could technically be an accident at work. 

The reasonable measures should be PPE. If you can’t have the test the PPE should be protecting you and them and they have a duty to provide it. 


Been using PPE throughout. I put in my notice it would cause me stress n anxiety, took back my notice day after. I'm still considering that route, I can live off the sick pay. Had both LFD and PCR today. There's a positive case in the home now so LFD will be daily😡

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These creeps don't lie. But few want to hear the truth. So the millions are just a giant test lab.


Mr Shapps said in an interview that there is no way of telling when the country “will be able to unlock.”

“The truth is we just don’t know how the virus will respond both to the vaccines 



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