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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

I see there is alot of upset online about a Twitter post about sir tom,and a guy has been arrested under hate laws.

Does anyone know what the twitter post was,as i cant find it anywhere. Im just interested in what was said to cause so much upset.


i believe he said something that could be interpreted as wishing all british soldiers to be dead

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Guest Gone Fishing...
9 minutes ago, mike hunt said:

The virus has never been isolated and the mRna vaccine changes your DNA. And the Oxford one doesnt even work according to numerous countries around the plane.


Would you like to back up a little and respond to the responses given to you by Macnamara and myself to your earlier post about the virus being real.. 



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18 minutes ago, Liam3880 said:


Yeah i have to put why I don’t want it, have tried ignoring it for weeks but they won’t leave, I work in care, I’m no 100% but I know they’re gonna make it difficult and it’ll make me unpopular 

Maybe read this, print it out, and send it to your employer? 


It's a detailed letter, written by an alliance of lawyers, explaining the risks if employers try going down the route of either trying to force employees to be vaccinated, or discriminating against those who choose not to be. From the UkColumn website.



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9 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


yeah that will go down like a shit sandwich


3 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


Would you like to back up a little and respond to the responses given to you by Macnamara and myself to your earlier post about the virus being real.. 




Macnamara and yourself think the virus is real?

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Guest Gone Fishing...
1 hour ago, belltowerblues said:

It's world wide for a start. Sweden isn't extreme, but still counts covid deaths. Belarus, Tanzania... any other doubters?


I don't think you'd get enough people in the health services buying into it if it was totally faked. They're not stupid. Although massively closing down the hospitals would provide a good cover. It could be "compartmentalised" like defence projects are.


Also went to a crematorium June last year and the chap working there said that cremations had peaked at 120 a week in April then suddenly dropped of cliff. 


1 hour ago, Basket Case said:


And so is the reach of the WORLD Health Organization. 

Who (no pun intended) do you think is dictating to all the different countries Health Services ? 

You need to have a better look around the forum. 

Event 201.

The Great Reset. 

The World Economic Forum.. 

Etc etc.. 

Read. Read. And when you think you've read enough, then read some more. 

It's all here on this very forum. 



1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


bare in mind there are two other factors to consider. Firstly there is the fact that the lockdowns are killing people. This was even told to the government by Edge who advise the NHS


Then there is the harm caused by the flu vaccine roll out that causes 'molecular mimicry'. I believe that those symptoms will then be wrapped up by the government under the title of 'covid 19' which is now a catch all phrase for almost any symptoms going


In the same way the victims who die or suffer adverse reactions from the covid injections will be said to have the 'mutant variant'


58 minutes ago, belltowerblues said:

I've read the lot thanks. Here and elsewhere, including official stats etc

Sorry, real virus that's more deadly to 80+ than the flu, dumbed down populations spoon MSM headlines and unable or unwilling to look at the real data, which is published but in a way the dumbed down won't find it, hijacked to make money for whoever. Or whatever else they want. 


56 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


they pulled off the 2008 banking crisis and the theft of the public purse to reliquidify the zombie banks through the 'bail outs'


they pulled off the war in iraq when there were no WMD's and even murdered Dr kelly to achieve it


they pulled off the gulf of tonkin incident to start the vietnam war


they pulled off telling people smoking was safe


they pulled off putting toxic fluoride in the drinking water supply


they pulled off 911


they pulled off making 1 in 50 kids autistic without any backlash from the public


they can pull it off for as long as people don't pay attention....easy-peasy


53 minutes ago, Velma said:


The only evidence of any “pandemic” is in the media. Period. Go to a local hospital and see if it is overwhelmed with sick and dying patients. Oh wait, you can’t, it’s out-of-bounds. Visit a care home and ask if their fatalities have sky-rocketed, ah.. no visitors allowed. Go to a crematorium and see if they are inundated with corpses, no wait, that’s against the regulations. Listen to the whistle-blowers, oh dear, you can’t because they have been silenced as fake news. Top scientists who dispute the narrative are accused of “disinformation” and businesses who don’t comply are shut down, for being “superspreaders and “endangering the public.” Everyone else who questions the statistics or science is called a “conspiracy theorists” or some other derogatory term. And since the majority of people still believe “the news” and that our governments care about us, they are brainwashed into swallowing the whole charade. People have been gagged, literally. Which makes it entirely possible to sell this shit-show scenario to a world-wide audience.




51 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


Would you like to explain the differences between Flu and Con19? 

Would you like to explain how Flu has almost disappeared? 

Would you like to explain how Pneumonia has almost disappeared? 

Would you like to explain how deaths from Heart problems have almost disappeared? 

Would you like to explain how the overall death figures are not anomalous? 

.... if there is actually a virus,where is your evidence? 




46 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


one other factor to consider which is the roll out of 5G


So in the US we have senator blumenthal asking industry people if any safety studies have been carried out into the effects of 5G microwaves on humans and the industry people have to admit they have not


We then have the regulators saying that they are going to rush out 5G without doing safety checks so clearly there is a massive risk here which is why some scientists have written to the UN for a moratorium on the roll out of 5G until safety research has been carried out


Consider that a virus that has not been isolated and proven to exist with an ever expanding list of symptoms that it supposedly causes could be the perfect cover for the damage caused by microwave radiation as 5G is rolled out


Joe Bloggs becomes sick living next to a 5G substation and dies. The authorities just list his death as 'covid' and no one looks any deeper into the issue of the harmful effects of microwaves


Wuhan was actually the test bed for full roll out of 5G coverage in china and then just happened to be the epicentre of the pandemic. Bit of a coincidence dontcha think? Who had even heard of wuhan before that?


38 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


everything is now 'covid'


any death they can get away with reporting as 'covid' they will report as covid even if it is flu or pneumonia or heart disease etc


with an ever expanding list of covid symptoms more and more conditions can be re-labelled 'covid'


They did the same thing with polio which they re-labelled 'acute flaccid myelitis' so that they could claim that they had eradicated polio when in fact kids were still getting paralysed


26 minutes ago, Basket Case said:


Would you like to back up a little and respond to the responses given to you by Macnamara and myself to your earlier post about the virus being real.. 




21 minutes ago, mike hunt said:



19 minutes ago, Basket Case said:



16 minutes ago, mike hunt said:



There you go @belltowerblues

I've made it nice and easy for you. 

Isn't that nice of me  :0)


(edited to remove my confusion and mistaken use of Mi'Kunts comments) 


Over to you @belltowerblues 



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