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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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5 minutes ago, Sexpistol50 said:

I can't wait for this man to meet his maker and suffer in Hell .

Should be locked up in a padded cell, evil and sick man, you can see it in his eyes .



I'm sure Satan and Saddam are waiting for little Tony. Two is fun, but three is better.



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Guest Gone Fishing...

While reading another website I found this character and his comment underneath an article about Piers Corbyn and the vaxxine. 

A normie with non normie views about the Pharmaceutical business and the use of the Con19 vaxxine. 


First his 'Bio'.. 

And then his 'expert opinion'. 

Very interesting in my opinion;


1) I have a degree in Biochemistry from Cambridge (3 years highly intensive study), a PhD in molecular virology from Glasgow (studying viruses which infect whole populations, causing cancer in a small subset of infected people and being more likely to cause disease in those with immunocompromise) and 4 years working on developing viral vectors for gene therapy.


I wrote published reviews of gene therapy in learned monographs, published original research in peer-reviewed journals and passed on my technical knowledge to the next generation of students.


In my next life, quite a bit of my work involved engaging with Universities, professors, lecturers and other researchers to determine whether their research could be turned into commercial value. That meant I did not defer to authority, I was DULY DILIGENT in determining whether or not the assertions made by very senior Professors etc stood up to rigorous professional scrutiny. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.


First lesson to learn from that is that academics are often entirely ignorant of the patent filing space, thinking that ‘peer reviewed publication’ is all that matters. Industry of course tends not to publish nearly as much, as they prefer to obtain IP protection for their discoveries or simply retain secret know-how in-house. So you should be very careful before assigning all-knowing expertise to academics, since they often have not reviewed the patent filing space adequately.


The second thing to understand about academics is that they are interested in ‘high impact publications’, which are arbitrarily defined by how many times they are quoted in the academic literature. That is a very very questionable basis for ‘quality’, it is a far better basis for ‘being top of the pops charts’. Getting buzzwords into the title of your paper is very important there. It’s a bit like looking at the quality of journalists…


The third thing you should learn is quite how top-down and authoritarian the medical culture is in the West. The concept of ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ is used by Big Pharma to shape narratives; they get the KOLs on board (sometimes with financial inducements) who then pass down dictums to the sheep below. You would be amazed quite how few doctors actually think independently. I learned all about this when doing consultancy for a big pharma company…..


The fourth thing you should learn is how utterly lacking in objectivity the medical community is about exposing misconduct.


There is no question that Peter Horby’s ‘study’ on hydroxychloroquine, deliberately designed to quash HCQ usage, was the work of an utterly corrupt and biddable tool of the pharmaceutical industry. His work was just as bad, if not worse, than that of Andrew Wakefield concerning MMR. But Wakefield was raising issues antithetical to Big Pharma interests, whereas Horby was doing their bidding. Either both or neither should have been thrown out. We all know what actually happened…..and it wasn’t Peter Horby being sacked by the University of Oxford, was it??


So I guess I can speak with some ‘authority’ too.

I can speak with the authority of not having to brown-nose committee members who dole out multimillion pound grant funding. No academic seeking that sort of funding can ever step out of line, even once. Career over if they do. So never consider what they say without first considering what they NEED to say….


I can speak with the authority of being both educated to the cutting edge of medical technology and having worked with senior business and government officials. I don’t belong to any trades union and I’m not trying to climb any greasy poles.


I can speak with the authority of knowing how the Security Services use doctors to spy on the general population (my sister is a spook and a medical consultant to boot).


And I can speak with absolute authority about the fact that none of the Government Ministers, advisors nor media sirens have seen a single penny drop in their generous salaries since March 2020, which renders all their holier-than-thou behaviour absolutely disgusting. There are no Labour nor SNP MPs who behave any better, it’s nothing to do with Conservatives, it’s to do with being on the public sector gravy train. I am not on that gravy train and I could only join it if I committed to betraying the people I was purportedly employed to represent.


I am sure Mr Murray prefers grand titles like Professor, Minister, CEO and the like. It’s what the Establishment uses to establish controllable narratives.

But if you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you need people who got off the gravy train, put truth before prestige and educated themselves sufficiently to be able to use a scythe through the mangrove swamps of propaganda that the Establishment always uses to ensure that getting out to the truthful blue yonder is a feat beyond the vast majority of honest and humble souls...


2) Comments to Craig Murray 


As to this particular opinion of Piers Corbyn, I have no qualification that makes my view any more authoritative than yours. But it seems to me probable that the massive advances in knowledge of how vaccines work within the body at the level both of incredibly small structures and of atoms, better enable theoretical constructs to underpin the discoveries of the vaccine testing process, and thus vaccine safety can indeed be established sooner than in earlier years, when the testing of empirical effects of a vaccine proved efficacy and safety or otherwise, without knowledge of precise mechanisms being entirely essential to the process.


I shall myself take the vaccine when offered and urge everybody else to do so, despite myself tending to the view that the risk of death from covid-19, other than to clearly defined vulnerable groups, is extremely small.


The risk to those vulnerable groups is acute, so for their sake I hope everybody vaccinates.’


Mr Murray, whilst what you say about scientific advances is indeed true, what is also unfortunately also true is that the technology underpinning the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, namely mRNA ‘vaccines’, is as yet a completely untested platform technology for the vaccination process.


This makes their use without significant amounts of clinical trials more hazardous than, say, the Sputnik vaccines, since that vaccine uses vaccine technology that has been used several times in other vaccination systems. Every new vaccine has unknown unknowns, but the Sputnik one probably has less than the Pfizer/Moderna ones.


Because the Pfizer/Moderna systems have not yet been through the ‘teething processes’, which may involve manufacturing challenges, unexpected responses by small subsets of people to the vaccine etc etc, there is per se a greater set of ‘known unknowns’, not to mention ‘unknown unknowns’ about that technology.


One of the enduring lessons of the thalidomide episode 60 years ago is that something which simply was not detected during animal testing turned out to have grave effects on pregnant women’s foetuses. When tested on non-pregnant adults, thalidomide was one of the ‘safest’ drugs around. It simply didn’t have any side effects. One of the ‘assumptions’ of animal testing back then was that the compound would interact in the same way with analagous human proteins as it did with the animal ones. That is a fallacy in some cases, which the pharmaceuticals industry learned about the hard way.


That can now be overcome using technology to insert the human version of a particular gene into the animals on which trials will be carried out, just to be sure that no unpleasant surprises occur when the transition from animal testing to human testing occurs.


Now, it may very well be that the Pfizer/Moderna technology does not have any drawbacks to it. We simply don’t know yet. Until you have put it through at least 1 million people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, sex and other genetic variables, you probably won’t know what those potential drawbacks might actually be. What you absolutely don’t want to be doing, however, is to be risking infertility to just the groups of people who don’t have any significant risk from exposure to SARS-CoV2. The 18-40 age group of both sexes have miniscule risks from the virus and so I wouldn’t be telling them to get vaccinated if they have not already completed their planned breeding.


It’s not saying there is any risk, it’s saying we don’t know whether there could be, and it is simply far too important to take a chance when the risks from disease are so incredibly low.


One of the great dangers of the way vaccination programmes are reported by the media is simply equating ‘raising of antibodies’ with success. That is successful in terms of generating the response you wanted (it’s not what a natural immune response involves, since that also involves T cell activation, memory cell creation, retention and possible triggering upon challenge etc), what it does not in any way address is whether you also caused certain unwanted effects too. You don’t necessarily see those showing up in the first 7 days, maybe not even in the first 7 weeks. Only by doing long-term follow up studies do you ever find that sort of thing out.


Do you think the pharma industry would do such work without government regulatons? Of course they wouldn’t. It’s just costs and no upside, just potential downside for them. However, for those taking vaccines, it is essential work to establish the long-term safety of vaccination protocols not just for this generation but for future ones too.


There are all kinds of wild claims out there as to what vaccines might be being used for. Some involve insertion of nano-chips into human beings without their informed consent. You know, putting a little nano-chip into the vaccine formulation and then being able to track humans at will forevermore without their knowledge nor consent. I’m not saying this is happening with these vaccines, but it is definitely the case that discussions about such programmes have taken place in the sorts of elitist get-togethers that always have contempt for democratic due process. It’s definitely the case that such technology is being developed and is of interest to Bill Gates the investor, just to mention one.


A more realistic worry is the historical evidence of trying to generate vaccines against Respiratory Syncitial Virus back in the 1960s. The virus is a known cause of paediatric pneumonia and a cause of death in children at a level of 200,000 per year in those under 6 months

(see  https://cvi.asm.org/content/23/3/186 ) 


The result of attempts in the 1960s to develop a vaccine caused a new syndrome to emerge, namely ‘Enhanced Respiratory Syncitial Virus Disease’. When exposed to challenge by the wild virus after having been vaccinated, a few young children died. Research on what was happening to cause such tragedies led to the understanding that what had occurred was a malfunction in the normal immune response leading to only a subset of immune response activities occurring, which led to very serious effects in the lungs.


The relevance of RSV to coronaviruses is that RSV is also an RNA virus, it is also associated with respiratory disease. So it is somewhat similar to Coronaviruses.

Do we yet know whether there might be an ‘Enhanced Covid19’ response in vaccinated people if they subsequently encounter SARS-CoV2? No, we don’t. It’s not saying it will happen, it’s saying it is a known unknown to consider going forward.


To put it mildly, there is an awful lot we don’t yet know about SARS-CoV2 and the human immune response to it.

There’s an awful lot we don’t yet know about how mRNA vaccines may play out in humans.


My current working position is that the dangers from SARS-CoV2 are highest amongst:
1. The elderly
2. The immunocompromised and generally unhealthy.

Those people have a far greater risk from SARS-CoV2 than they do from any potential dangers from a relatively untested vaccine (until any new evidence changes that position), so they should get themselves vaccinated if they don’t have objections.


However, the healthy U65s, the U50s with the exception of any unfortunates whose health status is abnormally poor and children absolutely don’t need a vaccination against a disease that will affect almost none of them.


The long-term unknowns of untested technology should be considered when the downside risk of not being vaccinated is almost zero.


I am also absolutely not in favour of the taxpayer funding Phase III clinical trials and then having to pay sky high prices so to do. If Pfizer want to cut $1bn off their R+D costs through accelerated ‘licensing’, then the price they charge for their products should be commensurately lower. They don’t have any need to put aside for litigation costs after all (as all vaccines are exempt from litigation and the taxpayer funds it).


If we are going to push such untried technology onto the populace then we should be pretty clear that the cost of it should not be extreme, the safety testing and follow-up has to be to our satisfaction and the ridiculous economic costs of lockdown should not be exacerbated by funding ridiculously expensive vaccines if Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Tonic Water and plenty of other cheap as chips compounds get shown to be totally efficacious in treating the small population who actually fall ill with Covid19.  



Interesting, huh ? 

BC :0)


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12 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


AGAIN that same mistake with those numbers in this table - The death totals are for England + Wales BUT the Population figures are for England + Wales AND SCOTLAND + IRELAND.

I made the same mistake some time back and have commented on here in various other posts with the same sort of table errors.

THE point still remains of course in that the death total in 2020 is NOT a particularly high number as a percentage of population.



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5 hours ago, Mr H said:

I love your biblical knowledge Alexa. If one wanted to study the bible, would you suggest a particular order? Or from front to back? Thanks.


Thanks Mr H :classic_biggrin: firstly I would recommend reading the KJV as this version cross references. Then being as the times we are living in I would suggest trying to to get your head around the book of revelation, Jude, and Peter 1 & 2, there is no easy way to learn Gods word. Before I read the bible I always ask the Lord for his guidance to understanding it.

Hope this helps Mr H.

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Guest Gone Fishing...
34 minutes ago, Concerned Citizen said:

AGAIN that same mistake with those numbers in this table - The death totals are for England + Wales BUT the Population figures are for England + Wales AND SCOTLAND + IRELAND.

I made the same mistake some time back and have commented on here in various other posts with the same sort of table errors.

THE point still remains of course in that the death total in 2020 is NOT a particularly high number as a percentage of population.




Can you explain further. 

And have you got the figures with either death toll for all 4 or the figures including the other 2. 

Either way around would be good. 



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30 minutes ago, Freddie505 said:

this is fucking madness. The bystanders should have just all waded in on the filth. Unbelievable. 

of course, there will be no charges to answer...



Out of likes. Yeah the IPCC/CPS very rarely deem it necessary to charge one of their own. Seems like privately prosecuting cops is the best/only way to go these days.

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34 minutes ago, Steve341 said:

So I've just watched Contagion which was made in 2011....it's a blueprint for current events, even down to the virus coming from bat's, except in the film it is in Hong Kong not China, unbelievable...


Remember this 1995 movie? Looking back now, these were all just mind fck tricks to prime us for Covid. As we know, these people plans decades in advance.



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1 hour ago, Concerned Citizen said:

AGAIN that same mistake with those numbers in this table - The death totals are for England + Wales BUT the Population figures are for England + Wales AND SCOTLAND + IRELAND.

I made the same mistake some time back and have commented on here in various other posts with the same sort of table errors.

THE point still remains of course in that the death total in 2020 is NOT a particularly high number as a percentage of population.




I feel ya Concerned & is precisely the kind of sloppiness ZeroCovidians will try & capitalise on, I just post.

Still maybe you could make your own with correct figures & I will gladly spam for you.

I know they are pretty on point still.


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16 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

My guess is most of us never consciously realized how subtly we many have been altered by vaccines in the 60s for example. I see evidence they were tinkering with vaxx as a weapon as far back as the late 1800s/early 1900s. By the time I was born they had been brewing that shit a long time.

I subjected my infant to vaccines in the late 1980's when they were produced using bovine material from mad-cows. It was a known fact at the time that cattle had spongiform encephalopathy from eating ground animals in feed, but no safeguards were put in place until 1992. I want to sue them for deception and the subsequent harm to my baby son. Chronic eczema.

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1 hour ago, Freddie505 said:

this is fucking madness. The bystanders should have just all waded in on the filth. Unbelievable. 

of course, there will be no charges to answer...



That's the same filth in the high viz that was told where to go with the guy out the window the other day.

The guy who sent them packing asking if they swore an oath.sure of it

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