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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


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3 hours ago, Liberty said:

My dad wants the jab. But he’s a narcissist. Has got some good ways too but he’s very narcissistic  I’ve told him lots of stuff but it’s gone in one ear and out the other.  He told me I should I have it too! 

Tell him to get his will in order and that you’ll have fun on his dime when he’s gone.... narcissists loathe the idea of people having fun at their expense, literally😂..... or it could help him see the light and refuse the shot.

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7 hours ago, alexa said:










Cheshire showdown with the Covid Marshal! From the manner and speech of the 'Marshal' I'd guess ex police or ex Army?


Someone said that this was a nice area, but I don't think so - like most of Britain it's drab and has a depressing air of  quiet despair.


While I applaud the guy's courage, his message might have been just too direct for the shuffling line of BBC addicts.


He could have tried something like:


Covid is a con, there is no plague. It's smoke and mirrors,a creation of the media, designed to scare you so they can do what they want.


So the vaccine is unnecessary.


Unknown concoction pumped into you. Makers are not liable if it harms you..why is that?


Think about it...


It might even kill you. Or make you permanently sick.


Think about it..


Healthy you make zero for the drugs companies, unhealthy you mean big money..


Think about it..


Are the government and big business really worried about your good health?


Or are you being conned?


Don't tell them they're sheep, plant the seeds of doubt.






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4 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

I am not sure I interpreted the intent of the scriptures when they allude to the waters above but wouldn't the sky cracking open dampen the excitement?


Good point @Avoiceinthecrowd I'm not sure what happenes to the waters above, but in this passage it talks about the sky rolling back like a scroll & in another passage it talks of giant hail stones falling down from the heavens, maybe the waters above turn to ice?🧊


Revelation 6:14

And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.



Revelation 16:21

There was a terrible hailstorm, and hailstones weighing as much as seventy-five pounds fell from the sky onto the people below. They cursed God because of the terrible plague of the hailstorm.


When the world record hail stone smashed its way down in Vivian South Dakota . It was a 1.93 pound (8 inch in diameter) hail stone in. During that storm hail stones penetrated roofs, car windshields and put coffee can size dents in the ground! (See pictures.) 


Imagine hail stones 50 times that size crashing down on buildings and roads, and especially on people! 100 pound hail stones will be like mini bombs, which rip and pulverize whatever they hit.



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5 hours ago, Diesel said:

I'm not so sure. Anyone who tries to do good for the world ends up murdered. Greed and Evil is rewarded. One thing you can be certain of is you will loose everything you love here. Even clear water turns stagnant. I think this is Satan's realm.



Out of likes 👍

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3 hours ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:


Dwight Eisenhower


Could be what arrests covid and it's accessory measures. The minority ready to push back are small by comparison but chock full of fight. 


Or cat, my cat saw off a dog the other day, which was 3 times the size of my cat 😾:classic_biggrin:

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It will take SEVEN YEARS to end the coronavirus pandemic across the world by getting shots in the arms of 75% of the global population

Daily Mail today


What a coincidence, Gods tribulation in the end times will end after seven years too. 🤔

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Anyone in a similar position that can help me please? I work in a care home and have refused the testing so far. My boss told me Thursday its now mandatory for all staff, quoting H&S for the reason. If staff refuse they'll be sent away without pay and forwarded to HR. I handed in my resignation with immediate after my shift ended, stating the reasons for not wanting to be tested. My boss rang me yesterday to ask me to reconsider. I don't want to lose my job and asked how many times do I need to be tested and its 3 times a week unless someone tests positive and then its daily! I told him my concerns for my own health using these tests but I don't have a choice in the matter. I told him this is coercion and carries a jail term, he said he understood my feelings but that's how it is! I'm due back to work Wednesday and I'm genuinely stressed and pissed off about this. I don't want to contribute to the numbers but want to carry on working. One of the three tests can be done in private so effectively reduces the tests to two. Advice anyone? 

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12 hours ago, mike hunt said:

How can we have antibodies to C19 when the virus has never been isolated!

Because once we are exposed to any virus anywhere that isn't actually fatal our bodies remain in a state of potential preparedness should we encounter that (or a similar) virus again.  Living beings are exposed all the time to evolving and new viron pathogens, living in a sea of them.  Threat is often cyclic, one year it's bad then for several not too much of a risk for any individual. For example if you get a bad flu say in 2015, in 2016 when a new variant comes around your immune system recognizes this as sufficiently similar to respond immediately and effectively and adapts to this new variant, and you may well have no symptoms this time or mild ones.  This continues year on year.  Sometimes a variant is something your body struggles with depending on origin or strain and you will again have a nastier dose, if you didn't get any of these flus, say for 20 years, odds are the one you got on the 21st year would kill you because your body's immune system wouldn't have been primed sufficiently to defeat it, everyday exposure matters for a healthy immune system.  You don't have to isolate based on these pcr tests, even their inventor urged caution; you cannot isolate anything from them, all you are picking up is a mass of viral genetic dna from all the viruses present in a body.  As for c19 you may be able to claim that because this or that is present that a person has this or that, but it is phenomenally hit and miss!  There is a virus, that I do believe, originating from Wuhan (natural or biolab?  I have no idea, nothing would surprise me anymore!).  A virus, left to it's own course, eventually infects the majority of humanity (and all other mammals actually, which is even more important in nature) and in a year or few, most will have had it and developed at least some level of immunity.  Sadly some will die, as they do with all flu/SARS type viruses, the vaccines though, the mRNA type, that's a real wild card. Not a clue how well they will pan out.  Protection from c19 v risks of vaccines, as yet unknown longer term. Until there is far more DATA, personally, I'd say - avoid!  Each to their own.

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10 hours ago, Macnamara said:


how do you measure that?

The Concept2 Rowing machine is good for an estimate, you can  plug in your 2 K time in here:




or you can use this for other activities




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34 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:

Bill is tinkering with mosquito dna while a plague of locusts should be this philantro-farmer's most pressing concern. Maybe he thinks he can repel them with a well balanced media campaign of propaganda as he does with all his other shortsighted extravaganzas..



Humans at around 8 billion now, 10 by mid century, 2 x that by century's end, maybe 50 or even 100 billion by 2500, are the locusts, the planet earth has never before had such a massive number of humans alive upon it as it does now.  Can this continue without mass misery? destruction of the oceans, nature, awful.  I'd say no, but without free, reliable contraception for all (steries and vasectomies too) WHO funded, I don't see much slow down in breeding, especially in the developing world) Outcomes - famines, wars. So, question - is the Wuhan virus a natural cull as nature tries to rid itself of the human pests?  In all animal populations once they exceed a certain number, then famine or in-fighting kicks in and if this doesn't reduce populations to a more ecologically balanced number then in come the diseases.  I'm not sure  but I think that the so called zoonotic leap from the bats (etc.) was inevitable considering the disgusting way humans have abused nature  and the way those animals are treated in these markets, alive, dead, blood al over the floor!  However, many scientists fear that the c19 is a breakout from a bio-weapons lab.  The truth will never be revealed to the public -= ever! Released from a few miles away either by chance or deliberately.  Many theorists will not admit this openly (although some academics have on the quiet!) and the government/military never will, as this would be construed as an ACT OF WAR.  Truly interesting times.  The mozzie problem is nature, the solution, man made.  C19 and it's consequences and 'solutions' ....oh the plans of mice and men!  Interesting times.

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21 hours ago, Sexpistol50 said:

Is this legal can they refuse travel to those who haven't had the vaccine?

I'm fucking pissed off really pissed off , I had to cancel two holidays to France and  Florida last year which I saved up for and had to get a new passport which was a fucking waste of time, now it looks like I will never be going abroad because I won't get their fucking vaccine , I had Sarcoidosis  similar to Lupus years ago which is a autoimmune condition which attacks the body's organs , lungs , skin and other organs , I have been fine since 2014 I'm not taking medicine and I have been going to the gym when it was open and lifting weights bodybuilding , now I have to workout in my bedroom , I am healthy  and the last thing I want to do is get a vaccine that could trigger the Sarcoidosis and fuck up my body and make me sick , but the stupid GPs , Doctors say oh it's okay it's safe , bollocks , it's not , and to make matters worse my wife has went and got the Pfizer RNa vaccine because because of her work , I'm watching her to see how her body reacts, im really pissed off and down, feel like getting drunk , was looking forward to a holiday like many people but i will be treated like I have a criminal record and will be banned from traveling. 

Bastard's ! Bastard's !



Is it legal to refuse travel for those who have not been vaccinated, I expect governments can.  We now live in a blatant dictatorship and there are no legal protections set in stone or remedies in a dictatorship.  Saga Cruises, for example, has said it will require all passengers to be fully vaccinated atleast 14 days prior to sailing and there will be no exceptions, even those who cannot take the vaccine on medical grounds.  In Europe, Greece and Spain are front running vaccine passports, not to mention the UK's inital steps to such a system, in my opinion there will be a small and final window of opportunity this Summer to holiday outside the UK without the vaccine.    However, to take a holiday abroad could be bureaucratic and with possible costly complications.  Pre and post arrival COVID tests could be required this Summer, with the worse case scenario of testing positive in a foreign country and being unable to leave until you have had a negative test.


I really appreciate your reply and I can understand you feeling pissed off with what has happened over the last year and now with your wife taking the vaccine. You said, your wife had to take the vaccine because of work, if I can ask, is it because she works in the prioritised care sector?  How much pressure was applied to take the vaccine? There are many other people who are also pissed off, not just those of the David Icke Appreciation Society, with the forced imprisonment and physical activites & socialising being stripped away.  Your vigilance in monitoring your wife's health since her taking the vaccine is a credit to you.


Yes, being treated like a criminal when going on holiday, which has been very much so since 9/11 and increases as every year passes.


I wish you the very best!




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1 minute ago, Clare Wise said:

Humans at around 8 billion now, 10 by mid century, 2 x that by century's end, maybe 50 or even 100 billion by 2500, are the locusts, the planet earth has never before had such a massive number of humans alive upon it as it does now.  Can this continue without mass misery?

Absolutely. Actually a textbook case of "where there is a will there is a way". People can voluntarily decide to forego parenthood. Financial incentive grants could be set up to encourage limits on conception. At least until the desired numbers are reached. As it stands the financial incentives are directed at limitless procreation. Foetal tissue requirements demand a healthy flow of abortions.


The technology exists to grow food in the oceans and establish colonies there. These oceans surpass surface mass and have a depth element making population growth nearly limitless. The shortages, the pollution and mismanagement is the result of humanity having parasites on their backs.


People that purchase up the clean cheap alternatives to conserve their monopolies on the dirty tech and keep us boxed into their illusory paradigm. But when its time to own up to this monopolistic greed they blame grandma's carbon footprint or some made up pandemic.


The tribal kudzu vines growing over our biodiversity is blocking out the light and choking the life under it. Population reduction a-la-Gates is mass murder not a remedy.

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13 hours ago, Macnamara said:


what about T cells?

I'm not an immunologist Mac, I'm a wildlife photographer and an astronomer.  I really don't know enough about the t-cell and other immunity factors at work here.  All I know from my own travels (into jungles, out into deserts, savannah plains and sometimes shit-filled cities full of humans and their trash (the most dangerous places of all by far), my body's own immune system has coped.  As for vaxes I've had typhoid (thank god, as I had a reaction to that and was ill for a couple of days with the 'disease') but when faced with it out in the field I remained immune.  It swept though the area, infecting loads of people, i would have died, I'm sure of that.  I've had diptheria and cholera vaxes (similar risks out in the wild, killers - could floor me!), heps a/b.  Yellow fever (not sure about the effectiveness of that vax but the illness is a f....ker!  Polio, Mumps, Measels and Rubella (separately in the early 70s, wouldn't chance them with a child all at the same time MMR, I think separately is safer, less trauma for the child, say a month apart at least (no expert though).  All tried and tested more or less.  New zoonotics are very different kettles of virus! C19 is a nasty especially if a person is weak, has underlying conditions, is very old (although fit oldsters I know have had it and are now well). worst of all, post surgery with a person's immune system under post operative strain, probably a killer, especially with transplant surgery. (No expert though).  Vax or not to vax, that is the question many now face.  My (non professional opinion):   The dangers of the viral vector vaxes should be minimal this is fairly trusted technology. The virus is disabled /you won't catch that and the pathogen eg c19, injected into you, won't replicate itself.  These vaxes do not change a person's DNA, they don't get anywhere near breaching the cell's nucleus. worst outcome, they don't work at all. Hence the 60/70 percent protection, better than nothing I guess. Oxford Zeneca, not a bad bet.  I will have  this if it is mandatory for a vax passport to travel abroad c. 2022.  We had to cancel a trip to Sri Lanka's wildlife parks 3 times so far'.  Providing that by this time next year (now booked for October 2022) no people have had significant bad reactions of died from the Oxford type.   As for the mRNA, nope, too risky, you don't try to kill a mouse with a machine gun, risks (to me, others must make up their own minds) of gun, way worse than risk of (c19 variant) mouse!  Sorry I can't explain the t4 cell aspects, not a clue. Thank you for your interest and support.  Appreciated, stay safe. x

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