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Coronavirus Mega-Thread.


Message added by Grumpy Owl,

This topic is for all general discussion regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are of course numerous other related topics for discussing specific aspects of this pandemic in more detail. And there are other parts of this forum for more 'off-topic' discussions.

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45 minutes ago, Silent Bob said:


I've already decided not to have the test regardless of the consequences to me, have to draw a line somewhere. After all, we know the test is random, just ask the president of Tanzania who got positive results for goats and papaya fruit. I will, of course, decline the vaccine too. It may well cost me my job, it is what it is.


Good for you. I've a son who is dependent on me though, otherwise, I would also refuse the test regardless of the consequences. ?

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1 hour ago, Noctua said:


And the thing is, the Twitterati are calling everyone who protests the lockdown an anti-vaxxer or far right.  There were even news articles trending yesterday calling the Hyde Park protest an 'anti-vaxxer protest'.  They also under report the numbers.  The Evening Standard said there were only 60 people protesting.  If that was the case, there were far more police.


Twitter is just the same ten people posting .? lol

Nearly every comment was a variation of the theme "IF THEY GET SICK THEY'D BETTER NOT USE THE NHS."

i mean come on if you're doing this have some better phrases not the same thing.

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25 minutes ago, Edgecrusher said:



Partners sister gets tested at work and takes peoples temperature. I have to avoid her. She works for a big grocery delivery place.


It's off topic but I know (through a friends of course) of two people that "died" from "COVID-19". I don't know the context of one but have a feeling they fucked him up on a ventilator.


The other person though felt really ill and went A&E three times. They tested her and sent her home each time as she failed the "test". She ended up dying of kidney failure in the end. Don't need to tell you what went on the death certificate...


I have no doubt both were messed up by the ventilators from what I can tell. I think both were pretty young, 40's at the most.


See, and there is no excuse for the ventilator thing whatsoever, because the unsuitability and dangers of their use was established in China, before anything even got a grip (or was portrayed as having done) over here. It's unforgivable.

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39 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


I dont usually buy into the left right paradigm but see the left are most definitely more the problem right now. The perceived left anyway.

They are authoritarian control freaks. In truth there is no left or right only freedom vs slavery. Its the Remainer, Woke weirdos always pushing this shit who represent the corpocracy that is killing Britain.

I guess you could just label them all champagne socialist.



The lockdown left is no friend of the working class


agreed mate but i find Spiked to be a shitty center right gatekeeping shill fest.:)

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6 minutes ago, Metaspiral said:


I'm tempted to apply and advise anyone who tests postive not to worry. I'll explain the poitive results for goats, birds, fruits etc and then explain that the virus most likely doesn't even exist. So, relax and look after your immune system and all will be well! I wonder how long I would last?

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3 hours ago, Tinfoil Hat said:



Chinese ambassador to Israel found dead at home.


I wonder why he was offed. Did he possibly have a contact giving him info?


2 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Twitter is run by trolls, which most probably know already. I am new but have noticed always the so called trending is certain posters attacking anti lockdown or anyone who go's against the narrative. They capitalise on anything they can to try & ridicule or DEHUMANISE. #HydePark


As the U.K. mass media well know too, on top of all other forms of social media, yet they say nothing about it. The Israeli mafia infiltrating regular U.K. internet forums, unbeknown to virtually all of the U.K. citizens posting on such forums, is of no concern to them apparently. :classic_smile:


2 hours ago, Metaspiral said:

The attack on that mans sign is an excellent example of what I just mentioned. It reads perfectly well to me. Its amazing that your allowed to call people fucking wankers and cunts and that's not viewed as abusive. What a pit of lost souls.


I am certainly no shrinking violet, but it also disgusts me how ordinary U.K. citizens, who are just surfing online, can get abused like that. The motive is to obviously drive them away from any meaningful debate, but such gross behaviour must be outlawed in my view.


2 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

are we being told the virus was chemtrailed around the world. seeding clouds, rain, gales.




Yes, Donal Trump stirring for World War III in his ongoing 5D chess marathon with the PTB. Perhaps he is really saying Israel; not China? Look at his lips very closely. Can 'Chi-nar' really be 'Is-rail'?


2 hours ago, Quixotina said:

Yes last November for me too. From a shifty GP (they get £250 a throw for each jab) I could be your Mum but I was fit.


G.P.'s shouldn't earn a single penny, when it comes to what drugs or vaccines etc. they are doling out. The current system is diabolical.

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2 hours ago, Velma said:

Truthers are now at war, literally, with this "paeodophile gang" called government and armed Americans won't take this lying down. A prepper did a poll asking who will take the vaccine, result: 93% - HELL NO! George Soros thinks that at this "revolutionary" moment, the Cabal can now achieve the "inconceivable." Game, Set & Match. I beg to differ...


The PTB tried so hard, over the past 10 years or so, to take their guns away.


2 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

No more likes Meta, but yes its all so obvious on there, a losing battle. Its tedious as they are all to easy to own anyway with their arguments like the covid1984 are severely flawed. I would be a much better paid poster than these HASBARA types. They all tried to attack Piers Corbyn rabidly also & claim hes anti Semitic.?What kind of society has no issue with its government sending out armies of propagandist trolls trying to derail free speech.


To be fair, I would say a society that isn't fully aware. A society with a bunch of total C**TS masquerading as a free press.


2 hours ago, Velma said:

There is no "coronavirus" it is a ruse.


So, do you totally dismiss this story? Before Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi, Hugo Chavez and some top Taliban boys went down, then were they all in on it too? On the night of 9/11, the infamous 'Israeli Crew' were on BBC Newnight, with their hit list of countries to attack. Iran was on that list, along with the countries I have just mentioned (at one juncture or another), and they also named North Korea and Syria. They were very close to taking down Assad, before Putin intervened, and we have seen them trying hard to engage North Korea. Iran is not PTB, for me, even if some freemasons have been active over there. :classic_laugh:   




Coronavirus: Iran’s leader suggests US cooked up ‘special version’ of virus to target country.




2 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

If Wi-Fi is a concern, there is no need to put the router inside a Faraday cage, just go into its settings and turn the Wi-Fi functionality off. ?


You couldn't do this with a recent version of the BT modem/router, which is why I dumped it. I don't know about the latest version. Best thing I ever did anyway. All of the mainstream gratis ones are in backdoor heaven. I recommend everyone gets a solely wired modem/router, preferably non-Western PTB (I got a Draytek), for their main home set-up. Just use your phones separately for wireless stuff, if you have to. If anyone needs any help setting up their new modem/router, then just find someone on Checkatrade to sort it out for you. It shouldn't take any more than 10 minutes really. :classic_smile: 


2 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Apparently, the march gathering was organised by Britain First Jayda (((Judah))) so all the leftie Guardian readers have jumped in on the trollfest.


It should have been a loose march, in my view.


2 hours ago, KillBill said:

The Daily Mail referred to the gatherings as 'hard-left demos'.




The formula is simply to use a strong word, then to just add 'left' or 'right' on to the end of it, so as to get your 'term of the day'. I am still waiting patiently to be called an 'intense rightist'. :classic_laugh:     

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How widespread it is I don't know, but in one instance someone was not allowed to take out cash in person over the counter.

It was under the daily amount needed to give notice.

They were asked what it was for!

And refused.


Remember serfs, its not really your money and we'd prefer it if you used contactless payment, alongside your contactless life...

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16 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:






bucking hell man. seems you just want to screech TDS at everything to shut down debate like zionists do with anti-semitism.


i'd say 90% of this forum would post trumpist-like material even though he bes exposed as a wrongun so many times on certain issues.

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2 hours ago, numnuts said:

Yes, Donal Trump stirring for World War III in his ongoing 5D chess marathon with the PTB. Perhaps he is really saying Israel; not China? Look at his lips very closely. Can 'Chi-nar' really be 'Is-rail'?


Man, get with the times, it's gotta be 7D chess by now!

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Just caught a little part of an interview with Jonathan Sumption on the BBC...... 

“90% of covid19 registered deaths have multiple causes.


Lockdown should be voluntary .

This is a very mild epidemic.


This lockdown is destroying livelihoods on a massive scale, it is doing enormous damage”.



It’s great to hear the truth finding it’s way onto the MSM.



As for the BBC (mouthpiece) interviewer?....... what a joke!.





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