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Are archons really reptilians & greys?


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Or are they beings that are like AI, which rule over this reality making them beings even higher than reps?

John Lamb Lash pointed out that they are and said that info came from the Nag Hammadi scriptures, yet i read them and didn't find enough proof. 

Yehova is described as a lion-faced serpent, but nothing of the word dragon/draco/lizard appears in them. Thoughts?


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Human experience with the other side is flawed. The modern ancient world is not really in a position to be right about anything. Humans have superimposed primitive representations on the real phenomenon. NDEer/OBE can just project something known. It means that the phenomenon uses nothing more than the patterns inherent in humans. It modulates to everything that is known. What humans actually see are translucent shapes that shimmer like billions of particles. 

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