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Wednesday 10th July 2024

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Israeli airstrikes target a car on the Damascus-Beirut road near the Saboura checkpoint in Syria


Mask Mandates Return in NHS Hospitals. Here’s How to Complain


After meeting with the police at the station today, Lucas Gage came home to several more odd deliveries, including KY jelly. Elon Musk banned him from X for six months


Air Force insider: Chemtrails are REAL and they are manipulating the weather and delivering health-destroying toxins into the air, water, and earth


The ANTI-HUMAN agenda by a NON-HUMAN force. Scarcity = dependency = control


The Rockefellers Created 990 “Climate Change” Institutions, Foundations, And Activist Groups


Make no mistake this will be official government policy eventually. Why does an organisation claiming to represent 0.2% of the global population have so much power?


What a ‘coincidence’ that the Ukraine children’s hospital strike happened just before the NATO summit designed to demonise Russia on the road to all-out war


UN Cybercrime Draft Convention Dangerously Expands State Surveillance Powers Without Robust Privacy, Data Protection Safeguards


Israeli killing of Palestinian people & children in a school


‘X Payments’ – Coming Soon? – David Icke


Join Ickonic live on Aug 18th @ 5:00 pm (UK time) for an exclusive Q&A with David Icke, discussing his upcoming book ‘The Reveal’! Bring your questions, get ready to dive deep into fascinating insights before its release on Sept 1st


Join Ickonic live on Aug 18th @ 5:00 pm (UK time) for an exclusive Q&A with David Icke, discussing his upcoming book ‘The Reveal’! Bring your questions, get ready to dive deep into fascinating insights before its release on Sept 1st


New housing minister who will lead charge to bulldoze Britain’s greenbelt moaned high-rise plans in his own constituency were ‘wholly inappropriate’


Business Bankruptcies Jump 34% In First Half Of 2024


Oh, be very careful about the ‘we’re winning’ stuff, Mr Martin. We are nowhere near ‘winning’ and if complacency kicks in we’re done. The UK has just fraudulently elected with a minority vote a bloke who will roll out the Cult agenda so fast. He’s already started


I wrote long ago: If you can put a name to what you believe you are in a mind prison. That’s how ‘ism’ control works. You have an unquestioning belief with a label on the door and your mind circles the wagons and says here-and-no-further. Never consider the blatant truth that there is always more to know


Next level info, Alex? See my books for 20 years describing how we ALREADY live in a simulation doing exactly this – it’s been doing it for what we perceive as thousands of years and more. What Musk is describing here is just another layer being added to ‘the Matrix’ – a simulation WITHIN a simulation.



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