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How to separate yourself from thought

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Thought is very sticky. And it is easy to confuse thought transmissions with oneself. Thoughts are not YOU. It is more like a radio that is constantly being transmitted, and you can change the dial or switch it off.


Here I discuss ways of switching it off or toning it down so you can experience without thought if you so wish.


1. Is mantras. Personally I enjoy ohm Mani padmi ohm, but can be anything of your choosing. This is the easiest method I found to quiet the radio noise.


2. Go to pure sensing. If you find yourself stuck in thoughts, one method I have successfully used is to go to pure sensing. i.e. smell, sight, touch taste. And to do so in its purest form, without any interpretation. You do this by placing all of your attention on sensing. 


3. The most difficult one. To remain present in the place that arises prior to thought. To do this you must already know yourself in this form and you simply return to this place when you are stuck in thoughts.


Please feel free any methods that were successful for you. 🙏

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