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Hollywood's most Perverted Evil Creation ever which Shirley Temple was forced to Star In.

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Warning ⚠️ this stuff is Literally Unsettling. Tread lightly. 




Shirley Temple was sexualized in many of her Child Star roles. But this will sicken you,  because she was sexualized when she three.


Enter the Baby Burlesks — a series of comedic shorts that featured a cast of toddlers performing satires of major Hollywood films and current events. Though the film appears to be a seemingly innocuous concept upon first discovery, the Baby Burlesks were anything but.


They literally dressed her like a prostitute and had her make-out with other toddlers.


It gets worse... if Shirley Temple and the others did not do the things the director wanted they were tortured.  They were placed in a sound proof box in which they were made sit on a block of ice. 


When black children were brought in to play African Jungle Cannibals the director decided to make the scene more, "realistic," by having the black toddlers actually trip using a wire on the ground. 


He later admitted he did this because he thought black toddlers falling on their faces was funny. 


It was stuff like this which made the Hay's Code necessary.

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